Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas with Kilner

kilner christmas gifts

Last week Rex played host to Kilner, and their amazingly fun and festive pop up Christmas shop. Kilner has been around for a whopping 170 years, and you’ll be hard pushed to find a household that doesn’t have at least one Kilner jar in it! I don’t know about you, but I get excited about glass jars, especially when they have that signature pop up lid or a handle on the side. Blame Pinterest, blame Instagram, blame Good Housekeeping, but there’s something about the style and design of a Kilner that makes me want to fill my home with everything they create.

kilner christmas gifts

And Kilner is not just about the jazzy jar with the screw top lid. From drinks barrels to cocktail kits, butter churners, spiralizers, who knew that little glass jar had so much potential?  Kilner set out to show us what kind of magic it could work this Christmas, from freakshakes to GIN (yes, there was gin), Kilner had us covered.

Rex, located on Liverpools Bold Street is a kick ass store that houses some of the top independent designers and retailers the city has to offer. Artwork, crafts, clothing, food, homeware, you name it, someone makes it and they sell it here. It’s such a quirky and cool place that half reminds me of the old Quiggins. After being thoroughly Kilnered out for Rex-mas, I ventured in from the cold to see how the night would unfold. 

kilner christmas gifts

First up - drinks up! Two stations, 6 drinks, hello on a school night. Cranberry Gin, peppermint Vodka, and rosemary and grapefruit vodka, all home made, all jarred up, samples at the ready - it would have been rude not to try them all! Of course, the cranberry gin intrigued me the most - and turns out the be very simple to make at home! It tasted like Christmas, all it needed was a little edible gold to make it really shine! 

Then, the oh so pretty and Pinterest worthy Kilner drinks dispensers, these are the stuff an outdoor wedding is themed on! We had cucumber and mint water, Pimms punch and a christmas cocktail to choose from - and I went with the Pimms. Served up in a Kilner handled mason jar, it was delicious, wintery and very warming! 

kilner christmas gifts

With bloggers bounding around all over the show, I managed to grab one of the team and get a pretty in-depth tour of their offerings this Christmas. Two things really caught my eye. The Kilner Cocktail shaker for Two set would make for an amazing gift, with everything the budding at home bartender requires. The shaker features a leak proof screw cap top so no mater how vigerous your shake, you’re safe, and a clip on cap that doubles up as a measuring cup (single and double!). You also get two handled mason jars and a wooden muddler! 

The second beauty was this stunning Kilner Barrel Dispenser that, let’s get real, paired with a bottle of something, or oh I don’t know, some homemade cranberry gin, would be the perfect gift! It comes complete with a stand and stopper, and the stopper doubles up as a measure too! I swear, if I actually had a little bar area at home this would have gone straight under the tree for the Mr - I mean why pour out of a bottle when you can pour out of a barrel?

kilner christmas gifts

And then came the freakshakes. We each got to make our own mini freakshake in the words tiniest and cutest mini handled mason jar! I went for a chocolate milkshake topped with chocolate squirty cream, mini Oreos and some sprinkles to make the most magical freakshake you ever did see!

kilner christmas gifts

The Chocolate Celler came by on the night too with some very tantalising treats on offer - their chocolate dipped Turkish Delight was….delghtful! I forgot how much I loved Turkish Delight and now I’ve got some serious cravings! I also had my Instagram name put on chocolate! Can we just stop for a minute and appreciate how freakin cute that is? And also note how quickly I devoured it!

Backich provided food on the night and boy were we in for a treat! Avocado, salad and a yoghut/parfait, all individually potted up in various clip top jars with mountains of Arabic bread on the side - I won’t lie, I had one of everything on offer and it was all amazing - especially the avocado! It was also at this point we discovered how durable these clip top glass jars really are! I don’t know if the parfait moutain was a test or just a pretty set up but as is the case with bloggers and alcohol and camera bags bigger than a carry on…you see where this is going? Several jars came a’tumblin down and not one cracked or even popped open! 

kilner christmas gifts

Overall the night was a huge success. Cute glass tupperware really is something to get excited about and everyone is going to be getting a Kilner jar for Christmas this year!

How do you fill your jar?

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  1. Give me all the jars thanks :) Also, how amazing would that little barrel be as a gin & bitter lemon dispenser ;)

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  2. Can't believe they've been around that long when it's only become a popular thing recently. We sell them at work.

    So bloggy!

    Corinne x