Wednesday, 16 November 2016

20 Christmas Blog Post Ideas!

christmas blog post ideas

This is as much as a Christmas blog post ideas post as it is a reminder for myself that I really need to not only come up with a whole bunch of Blogmas content ideas, but that I really need to get my ass into gear and get working on said posts as soon as I have the titles! So here it is, all wrapped up in a digital bow for you - 20 Christmas Blogmas post ideas!

  1. Gift Guides - because you can never read too many!
  2. Christmas food haul - be it your must have pre-Christmas dinner snacks to a run down of your favourite snowman shaped delights.
  3. Oh Christmas-Tea - because who doesn’t love a festive brew?
  4. Christmas styling - from the perfect party dress to the comfiest Christmas Eve pyjamas, what’s your Christmas style?
  5. Tv picks - do you always buy the Christmas special TV guide? Share what you circled!
  6. Tales of Christmas past - got any memorable Christmas tales? Crackers gone wrong or an overdone Turkey? Share!
  7. Snow day - just incase you’re dreaming of or even having a white Christmas, what’s on the snow day bucket list?
  8. Boardgame bedlam - what are the best boardgames to bring the family together after too much turkey?
  9. Festive films - what are your favourite festive films? 
  10. Seasonal skincare - everyone knows the Christmas pamper is a pretty special one, so what makes yours so special?
  11. A day in the life -  pick a day over the festive period and share it in photo form one hour at a time. 
  12. A crafty Christmas - DIY wrapping paper, glitter covered cards, how did you get your craft on this Christmas?
  13. Plan with me - the festive edition. If you’re into all things planner, how are you planning for the holidays?
  14. Deck the halls tour - show off your Christmas home decor, from nutcrackers to front door bows!
  15. Boxing day sales survival guide - If you’re brave enough to tackle the Boxing day sales, how the hell do you do it??
  16. What’s in my bag - the holiday edition! From the overnight at the in-laws to the office party clutch, let’s av a look!
  17. Not so Secret Santa - what are your top picks for the office Secret Santa? Or do you do something a little different? Share!
  18. Top chocolate - a rundown of your top festive hot chocolates (perfect excuse to try them all!)
  19. Walking in a Winter Wonderland - where are your top places to visit during the holidays?
  20. And if all else fails, why not share your own Christmas Blog post ideas!

What will you be posting this Christmas?

Until next time, 



  1. Yay I've started working on mine already :)

    Corinne x

    1. I got as far as making this list haha!

      Sarah :)