Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Christmas with Kilner

kilner christmas gifts

Last week Rex played host to Kilner, and their amazingly fun and festive pop up Christmas shop. Kilner has been around for a whopping 170 years, and you’ll be hard pushed to find a household that doesn’t have at least one Kilner jar in it! I don’t know about you, but I get excited about glass jars, especially when they have that signature pop up lid or a handle on the side. Blame Pinterest, blame Instagram, blame Good Housekeeping, but there’s something about the style and design of a Kilner that makes me want to fill my home with everything they create.

kilner christmas gifts

And Kilner is not just about the jazzy jar with the screw top lid. From drinks barrels to cocktail kits, butter churners, spiralizers, who knew that little glass jar had so much potential?  Kilner set out to show us what kind of magic it could work this Christmas, from freakshakes to GIN (yes, there was gin), Kilner had us covered.

Rex, located on Liverpools Bold Street is a kick ass store that houses some of the top independent designers and retailers the city has to offer. Artwork, crafts, clothing, food, homeware, you name it, someone makes it and they sell it here. It’s such a quirky and cool place that half reminds me of the old Quiggins. After being thoroughly Kilnered out for Rex-mas, I ventured in from the cold to see how the night would unfold. 

kilner christmas gifts

First up - drinks up! Two stations, 6 drinks, hello on a school night. Cranberry Gin, peppermint Vodka, and rosemary and grapefruit vodka, all home made, all jarred up, samples at the ready - it would have been rude not to try them all! Of course, the cranberry gin intrigued me the most - and turns out the be very simple to make at home! It tasted like Christmas, all it needed was a little edible gold to make it really shine! 

Then, the oh so pretty and Pinterest worthy Kilner drinks dispensers, these are the stuff an outdoor wedding is themed on! We had cucumber and mint water, Pimms punch and a christmas cocktail to choose from - and I went with the Pimms. Served up in a Kilner handled mason jar, it was delicious, wintery and very warming! 

kilner christmas gifts

With bloggers bounding around all over the show, I managed to grab one of the team and get a pretty in-depth tour of their offerings this Christmas. Two things really caught my eye. The Kilner Cocktail shaker for Two set would make for an amazing gift, with everything the budding at home bartender requires. The shaker features a leak proof screw cap top so no mater how vigerous your shake, you’re safe, and a clip on cap that doubles up as a measuring cup (single and double!). You also get two handled mason jars and a wooden muddler! 

The second beauty was this stunning Kilner Barrel Dispenser that, let’s get real, paired with a bottle of something, or oh I don’t know, some homemade cranberry gin, would be the perfect gift! It comes complete with a stand and stopper, and the stopper doubles up as a measure too! I swear, if I actually had a little bar area at home this would have gone straight under the tree for the Mr - I mean why pour out of a bottle when you can pour out of a barrel?

kilner christmas gifts

And then came the freakshakes. We each got to make our own mini freakshake in the words tiniest and cutest mini handled mason jar! I went for a chocolate milkshake topped with chocolate squirty cream, mini Oreos and some sprinkles to make the most magical freakshake you ever did see!

kilner christmas gifts

The Chocolate Celler came by on the night too with some very tantalising treats on offer - their chocolate dipped Turkish Delight was….delghtful! I forgot how much I loved Turkish Delight and now I’ve got some serious cravings! I also had my Instagram name put on chocolate! Can we just stop for a minute and appreciate how freakin cute that is? And also note how quickly I devoured it!

Backich provided food on the night and boy were we in for a treat! Avocado, salad and a yoghut/parfait, all individually potted up in various clip top jars with mountains of Arabic bread on the side - I won’t lie, I had one of everything on offer and it was all amazing - especially the avocado! It was also at this point we discovered how durable these clip top glass jars really are! I don’t know if the parfait moutain was a test or just a pretty set up but as is the case with bloggers and alcohol and camera bags bigger than a carry on…you see where this is going? Several jars came a’tumblin down and not one cracked or even popped open! 

kilner christmas gifts

Overall the night was a huge success. Cute glass tupperware really is something to get excited about and everyone is going to be getting a Kilner jar for Christmas this year!

How do you fill your jar?

Until next time, 


Monday, 28 November 2016

Currently Watching #6

what to watch on netflix

Ooooh it feels like it’s been a while since I did a round-up of what’s been on the box lately! You know, I never really feel like I watch much television until I write these posts! *insert eye covered monkey emoji*. Do I watch too much tv? Surely not?

Gilmore Girls

I’m annoyed. I’m annoyed that I started watching this back in September and still, I’m no further than the early episodes of season 2…what’s wrong with me? I can’t seem to get through it quick enough and everyone else is already onto the revival! Would it be wrong to take a week off work just to try and catch up?

Designated Survivor 

When the guy least likely to become the President becomes the President…no, not that guy, this guy; Tom Kirkman. Former Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, aka, Kiefer Sutherland. Literally about to be kicked out and sent to far far away, he’s there all chill in his sweatsuit and popcorn when the State of the Union blows up, killing the President and forcing Kirkman to his place, whether he wants to or not. It’s got promise though is somewhat of a slow burner but I seem to love a good political drama these days!


This show never ceases to amaze me. How it weaves the fairytales we know in amongst each other and takes them down deeper and darker paths than we could have ever imagined. How this show was ever dropped from TV is beyond me but YAY for Netflix for keeping it alive and more magical with every new season! This one just never gets old!


Oh, we binged our way right through this from start to finish and I’m beyond hooked! I never knew there was a film originally and I’m really tempted to give it a watch. I love how the characters have developed and it took a couple of twists I didn’t see coming which is always good! I haven’t checked but I hope it gets picked up for the second season!

The Apprentice

Most of this season I have just sat there shaking my head and wondering why? By far it has been one of my least favourite seasons. Every single candidate annoys the hell out of me, I’m rooting for no-one. I would love this seasons to be the season where during the final, instead of hiring someone, Lord Sugar actually fires them all and donates the money to charity instead. As far as I’m concerned that would be the best investment he could make!

Black Mirror

I freakin love this show and am terrified of it at the same time. I also have a theory that Charlie Brooker has a time machine and so already knows where our social media obsessed future is taking us, thus he is warning us to stop now and turn back before it’s too late and we end up with a 3.5 rating. I can’t binge watch these at all, I have to take them slowly, they end up playing on my mind so much!

Vampire Diaries

I go through phases and the earlier it gets darker, the more I seem to be watching Vampire Diaries again. I’m nowhere near as hooked as I once was but once I’ve got an episode on I can’t seem to do anything else!

Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them

Could this film have been any more amazing? Someone actually said they preferred it to Harry Potter and I was like no way, impossible but after seeing it….I can see where they’re coming from. I love the Harry Potter films, don’t get me wrong, but Fantastic Beasts was just on a whole other level! I loved the nods to the HP universe, to Dumbledore and Hogwarts, his house scarf at the end and I can’t wait to see what the next two films bring! Cash cow or not, just take my money and keep me in this magical world!

What have you been watching lately?

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Lush Lock In - Christmas 2016

lush christmas guide

Tis the season to get your Lush on, fa la la la la, la la la laaaaa

Ok, ok, I love anything and everything Christmas related but if your really want to see me get Christmassy, lock me in Lush, surrounded by mince pies, festive tunes and all the Christmas bath bombs, melts and glitter you can imagine - and Lush Christmas 2016 is setting out to be something pretty special this year!

Bloggers and Lush, has there ever been a bigger cliche? Oh but doesn’t it work so well? After meeting up outside, the lovely Lushies quickly pulled us in out of the cold, thrust a warming mulled wine in our hands and set about to get down and festive with us behind locked doors.

I’ve been to one Lush event a couple of months back, the first the Liverpool store had thrown - bloggers prayers answered! It was a cracking event but this time around, everything was on a much more personal level which was amazing! We split off into groups and worked our way around each station that had been set up to share all the festive offerings for 2016. 

lush christmas guide

Stop one, mulled wine in one hand, mince pie in the other, making taking pictures a little difficult but not impossible, our little group headed upstairs to the Lush Spa to have a wander around the treatment rooms and see a Planets treatment get underway - OH if I’ve said it a million times before I’ll quickly say it again - I need more Lush massages in my life! The Planets and Tales of Bath are high up on my list of must-try treatments and seeing the rooms, it just makes me want them even more! We also had some fun with dry ice, watched a worry burn away and had a chat about Lush values and what they mean. The whole Spa area is so quaint, homely and warm, it was so easy to forget we had a whole event going on downstairs waiting for us!

lush christmas guide

Next up - make up! I’ve dabbled in Lush make-up every time I pop in store, swatching this and that but I’ve never really committed to anything. I’ve got to say, their make-up line seems to grow every time I take a look, well that, or I’m just finally noticing all the goodies on offer. The Lush Feeling Younger is BAM in a pot. If you’re a girl who loves her highlighter, then this is beyond up your ally, it’s out of this world! The pigmentation is striking, with a cream to powder finish, it’s just OH - go swatch for yourself and see!

Now, when it comes to gifts, I’m a pop it in a bag with a bow and some tissue paper kinda girl - it’s cute, it’s easy, it’s efficient…but it’s not the most eco-friendly, reusable packaging is it? I have never looked at the Lush Knot Wraps before, ranging from £3.75 - £20 per wrap, it could actually work out cheaper to wrap my Christmas gifts up in these little reusable silky little beauties than my old bag and bow trick! 

lush christmas guide

More tricks with dry ice, live music, mince pies, glitter quite literally flying everywhere, I managed to grab a gander at a couple of bath bombs on offer this year too, I mean how could I not? Shoot for the Stars, Golden Wonder, Santasaurus, Satsuma, Butterbear and Little Sprout all caught my eye - so if anyone is looking for some ideas about what to pop into my stocking this year, well, any of these would be much appreciated! (Hey, a girls gotta try!)

lush christmas guide

Lush know how to throw a mini Yule ball, and this festive lock in was fantastic! I loved the intimacy of the whole night, I really got a chance to chat with the staff, learn more about the products, and of course, catch up with all my lovely local bloggers - sometimes these things get a little loud and it can make networking and chatting a very lip reading experience!

lush christmas guide

Lush did a fantastic job on the night and I really can’t wait until their next event! Not only did they spoil us rotten in-store, but they sent us home with an adorable bag of generous goodies that have really started to put my pampering routines into a much more festive spirit! 

lush christmas guide

What have you got your eye on from Lush’s Christmas 2016 collection?

Until next time,

Monday, 21 November 2016

Clarins Spa, John Lewis - Liverpool One

clarins skin spa liverpool review

I bet you’re probably popping into town most week nights, scrambling around for presents, gift sets, a hot chocolate with extra marshmallows on top, blimey, your poor skin is taking a battering - and that’s after spending all day in an office with the heating cranked up high! Wouldn’t you love to just sit back, relax, and let Clarins take care of you, you could think of it as a reward for finding that perfect gift, or simply, a gift for you from you. The Clarins Spa in John Lewis, Liverpool One, is a real hidden gem that I went along to explore…and let me tell you, there’s magic up on the third floor between the board games and the suitcases!

The Clarins Spa has been nestled away up on the third floor, right next to the toy department for as long as the store has been open, around 7 years now! I can’t actually believe I didn’t even know it existed! I clearly am not buying enough board games it seems, as hidden against the back wall are two glass doors that open up to a world where science, touch and nature are fused together. 

clarins skin spa liverpool review

I’ve always thought of facials and massages as top dollar treats, something I’m unlikely to buy for myself but would always encourage friends to treat themselves to when they’re in need of a little pampering. They're a luxury, but I’m starting to come round to the idea that they are, in fact, a necessity. After all, looking good is all about feeling good, and to feel good, well, you have to take care of yourself to begin with. 

The Clarins treatments are in a league of their own, with specially formulated products that you will only find in the spa itself, and a team of beauty therapists, trained to perform the Clarins Touch, a specialised and skilful massage, adapted to your individual needs and desires. Precise, targeted movements deliver instant and visible results - and you’ll never get the same treatment twice!

After a glass of bubbles and a mooch around the waiting room, I was whisked into a treatment room where my beauty therapist Lisa told me all about the Tri Active Facials. Each facial is totally unique to you. After a skin consultation, involving a chat about how I was feeling about my skin that day, to a quick hands on test looking at toxin build up, puffiness and dehydration, Lisa recommended the Skin Soother, one of five Tri Active Treatments available. So I popped under the heated blanket and waited for the magic to begin.

The Skin Soother is a calming treatment to soothe and comfort sensitised and irritated skin. During my consultation Lisa noted how I had some really dry and stressed out patches of skin, and could tell I had been sleeping on my left because there was a pretty big build up there of toxins and puffiness along that side of my jaw. We started with some relaxation rituals, deep breathing as she moved and manipulated my neck and shoulders, drawing the tension up and out of my body. We then used the Clarins Anti Pollution Professional Method to remove my make-up, pushing down on the pressure points around my face as she went. 

clarins skin spa liverpool review

As if I wasn’t relaxed enough already, I was also treated to a double exfoliation before having my facial massage, then finishing with a face mask. The entire time the lights were dimmed, soft instrumental music played and I seriously had to concentrate on staying awake! I felt like I was melting into the bed itself. Before I knew it, Lisa was bringing me back down to Earth, and boy was I floating! I’d only been on the bed for 25 minutes, a taster session if you will, but the full session? It's a whopping 85 minutes. If that’s how 25 minutes made me feel, imagine what the full 85 minutes could do?

My skin felt amazing, so soft and supple, and stress? What stress? I couldn’t stop touching my face and had to take a minute or two before I felt like I could walk a little more confident than Bambi out of the treatment room. I was glowing, my shoulders loose, my head lighter. 

I couldn’t thank Lisa enough, I had never had such an intense yet relaxing experience before - could someone just please take my money and book me in for the full treatment? Thanks! 
Lifes hard enough, and what I’m starting to discover is just how important it is to take time out away from it, from life, to quite literally hit the pause button and let someone else do all the work for a while. We all need to hit reset every now and then, after all, if we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we really take care of the people we love?

clarins skin spa liverpool review

Now, here’s an early little Christmas present from the Clarins Spa and I to you, to encourage you to make time for you, to take a time out over the holiday season and really hit reset. If you pop along to The Clarins Spa in John Lewis, Liverpool One, and quote BEAUTYBLOGGER then you will receive a lovely 10% off purchases. Be it a facial or another treatment they have on offer, there’s a fair few, just take a look. Book yourself in there and then, or apply the discount to a gift card and come back in the New Year. Treat a friend, treat family, but most importantly, treat yourself. (Discount is only availabe 21st - 28th November 2016).

Do you need to take a time out from life and hit the reset button?

Until next time,  

My taster treatment was kindly provided by Clarins Skin Spa in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own, you can find my disclaimer policy here :)

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

20 Christmas Blog Post Ideas!

christmas blog post ideas

This is as much as a Christmas blog post ideas post as it is a reminder for myself that I really need to not only come up with a whole bunch of Blogmas content ideas, but that I really need to get my ass into gear and get working on said posts as soon as I have the titles! So here it is, all wrapped up in a digital bow for you - 20 Christmas Blogmas post ideas!

  1. Gift Guides - because you can never read too many!
  2. Christmas food haul - be it your must have pre-Christmas dinner snacks to a run down of your favourite snowman shaped delights.
  3. Oh Christmas-Tea - because who doesn’t love a festive brew?
  4. Christmas styling - from the perfect party dress to the comfiest Christmas Eve pyjamas, what’s your Christmas style?
  5. Tv picks - do you always buy the Christmas special TV guide? Share what you circled!
  6. Tales of Christmas past - got any memorable Christmas tales? Crackers gone wrong or an overdone Turkey? Share!
  7. Snow day - just incase you’re dreaming of or even having a white Christmas, what’s on the snow day bucket list?
  8. Boardgame bedlam - what are the best boardgames to bring the family together after too much turkey?
  9. Festive films - what are your favourite festive films? 
  10. Seasonal skincare - everyone knows the Christmas pamper is a pretty special one, so what makes yours so special?
  11. A day in the life -  pick a day over the festive period and share it in photo form one hour at a time. 
  12. A crafty Christmas - DIY wrapping paper, glitter covered cards, how did you get your craft on this Christmas?
  13. Plan with me - the festive edition. If you’re into all things planner, how are you planning for the holidays?
  14. Deck the halls tour - show off your Christmas home decor, from nutcrackers to front door bows!
  15. Boxing day sales survival guide - If you’re brave enough to tackle the Boxing day sales, how the hell do you do it??
  16. What’s in my bag - the holiday edition! From the overnight at the in-laws to the office party clutch, let’s av a look!
  17. Not so Secret Santa - what are your top picks for the office Secret Santa? Or do you do something a little different? Share!
  18. Top chocolate - a rundown of your top festive hot chocolates (perfect excuse to try them all!)
  19. Walking in a Winter Wonderland - where are your top places to visit during the holidays?
  20. And if all else fails, why not share your own Christmas Blog post ideas!

What will you be posting this Christmas?

Until next time, 


Monday, 14 November 2016

5 things I REALLY don't like about being a blogger!

things not to like about blogging

I’m going to start by saying I love blogging. If I’ve said it once, I’ll say it once more with feeling. Blogging really is one of the best things I’ve ever started. It’s has opened a million and one doors, given me some amazing opportunities and don’t even get me started on the kick ass, blogging besties that it's brought into my life!

But, let it be said that for every positive there is undoubtedly going to be a negative, it’s what keeps the universe all balanced and shiz. So with that in mind, and wanting to keep the blogging universe all balanced and shiz here’s a few things I don’t like about blogging.

Pictures of ALL the things. All of them, gadgets and gizmos, whoosits and whatsits galore to the point where my phone memory is so full, I have to strategically delete Uber on the way to an event, and then Emoji Blitz on the way home just so I can reinstall Uber to actually get home. I have too many pictures on my phone - and the frustrating thing is that they are of things. Let’s say I go out for a meal with friends. I will take a snap of the awning out-front, the menu, the fancy water jug, the Insta-worthy presented pasta, the funky light fixture and the remnants of my lemon torte. What I don’t have are any pictures of my friends or sober selfies. 

Do me a favour, go through you’re phone and tell me if your’s any different? 

If it didn’t go on social media then it didn’t happen. Maybe this isn’t an entirely blogger thang, but I do think the only reason I feel this way is because I blog. I have actually sat bolt upright in the middle of the night when it’s suddenly dawned on me that I went to a place, did a thing and didn’t share about it on social media. And it actually made me feel bad. Bad? Bad! How ridiculous is that?  Sometimes it really can feel like I’m not doing something for me, I’m just doing it to get a picture or a post out of it…speaking of which…

If it won’t make for a blog post then what’s the point? Why eat at the same restaurant twice when you’ve already blogged about it…unless, could it be? A change in menu? OK - then that justifies a visit…just. I love how blogging justifies every purchase I probably shouldn’t make but then I can’t remember the last time I just bought something without thinking about how many blog posts or Insta shots I can get out of it. And if it wouldn’t make for a semi-decent post? Well, I guess blogging can save me some money too!

Numbers, numbers, everywhere but not a follower in sight! No matter how many times I say I won’t look into the numbers, I have to go and look at the numbers. That feeling when you hit a milestone but feel like you can’t really celebrate because you’re firmly in the ‘it’s not about the numbers’ camp, you really really want to celebrate but you also know the curse of celebrating - and shouting about levelling up is bound to loose you 5-10 followers in 5-10 minutes. Standard. Try it. Works every time. 

You can’t be a nobody even when you’re a nobody. You can’t be a blogger without a zillion plus just one more social media account. You can’t be a nobody, you can’t not share. The less you share, the less interaction you get, and the less interaction you get the fewer followers you have and we all know, followers make the wheels on the blog go round and round. I have, hand on heart, freaked myself out when I’ve realised I haven’t posted anything other than blog promo on Twitter for a day - I don’t want people to think I’m a lifeless self plugging nobody do I? DO I? Which reminds me…I haven't tweeted in a while…

It’s all swings and roundabouts, and whilst this might be a post of downs, there are more than enough up’s of being a blogger that make these little quirks and irks worth putting up with! 

Being a blogger is a funny old thing, innit?

Until next time,  

Friday, 11 November 2016

Walt Disney World 2016 - Part 2 : Day 1

walt disney world trip report

Turns out the big bonus to getting in so late the night before, I beat the jet lag without even trying! Ah, that moment when we opened the hotel door and the early morning October sunshine hit us - that feeling is incredible! We headed down to the Riverside Mill food court in our hotel, to get our first big American breakfast in - pancakes! Nothing beats proper American pancakes - I’ve tried so many times to make them at home but they never taste quite as good!

Bellies full, Magic bands on, we headed on out to get the adventure started! Magic Kingdom here we come!

walt disney world trip report

It felt weird to be starting our trip in Magic Kingdom! I’m a creature of habit and I love my traditions - and traditionally, we’ve always headed to Animal Kingdom on the first day - it’s a much more relaxed park, so if the jet lag’s kicking in, you can take it nice and easy. Magic Kingdom is a, well, little different! I mean, its the Magic Kingdom! 

One of the best things about staying at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside is how close you are to everything! You’re never on the bus for more than 20 minutes - I can’t get anywhere at home on a bus that fast! 

We rocked up, me grinning like an idiot, the Mr not quite sure what he’d let himself in for, put the Mickey to the Mickey, and headed on into the park. Whenever I head into Magic Kingdom I always have to go though the entrance on the far left, and this is why;

walt disney world trip report

Some quotes just stick with you and this is one of my favourites! 

Highlights of the day!

  • Seeing the Mr see the castle for the first time! OK, he was in no means blown away, but there’s something about sharing a place you love so much with someone you care about that just gives me all the feels! Just being able to walk down Main Street USA with him, seeing him and my family enjoying themselves, sharing that, that’s all kinds of special!
walt disney world trip report

  • Lunch at Be Our Guest! And oh did I put their service to the test! We had the quick service dining package and one of the best ways to get the most bang for your buck is by feasting in Beasts Castle! Beasts Castle is split into 3 dining rooms, and for our first meal there, we chose the ballroom! It was amazing, huge chandeliers painted ceilings and it was straight out of the movie - all I needed was the gold dress! I had an amazing steak and horseradish sandwich and I got to try the grey stuff - it really is delicious!
walt disney world trip report

  • The first ride on the TTA! This is just one of those rides that I love, it’s no roller coaster, but it’s perfect for an afternoon chill and a great way to see Tomorrowland and a peak inside Space Mountain. Speaking of which…
  • Taking Mr on Space Mountain for the first time! Easily one of my favourite rides! An indoor, pitch black, run away train that throws your every which way sideways, up down, all around and back again! Poor Mr had no idea what was happening! It’s one you really want to be at the front for to get the full effect of plunging around in total darkness!

We headed back to the hotel after a couple of hours, the jet lag maybe not totally defeated, and chilled out for a bit! 

Another benefit of staying at Port Orleans is the boat you can take to Disney Springs, the shopping, dining and drinking quarter of Walt Disney World, formally known as Downtown Disney! We made a beeline for Cookes of Dublin for a chippy tea! Yes, you can get a proper chippy tea in Disney! I had the best fish and chunky chips with the most chip-shop perfect curry sauce! NOM!

We wandered around for a little, mentally taking note of all the things we were going to come back and buy later in the trip before heading back on the boat and calling it a night! 

walt disney world trip report

As first days go, it was amazing and with almost two weeks ahead of us, it really did feel like we had all the time in the world!

You can find the rest of the Florida trip report series here!

Until next time,

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Sephora, Disney Springs - Haul

sephora disney springs beauty skin care haul

As soon as I heard Disney Springs, the shopping district of Walt Disney World, Florida, was opening a Sephora I got ridiculously excited! With dollars to burn I took a couple of trips to the mothership that is Sephora and this is what ended up coming home with me…

Sephora face-masks

sephora disney springs beauty skin care haul

Everyone raves about the Sephora own-brand products and if there’s anything I simply don’t have enough of, it’s face masks - so I picked up a fair few! These little sleeping mask pods are adorable and I reckon I could easily get 2-3 masks out of each pod. I’m a big fan of overnight masks, they seem to do so much more for my skin. I picked up the algae, pomegranate and green tea overnight sleep masks. 

sephora disney springs beauty skin care haul

I also popped this avocado hand mask and shea butter lip mask into my basket because well, it’s not a run of the mill face mask is it? So I really have to try them! I think the hand one will be great as winter creeps in and destroys my digits and the lip mask just sounds so intriguing! 

sephora disney springs beauty skin care haul

I grabbed two Boscia face masks too and I really fancied a couple of sheet masks. I picked up the green tea and charcoal hydrogel masks. Green tea because, well, it is me we’re talking about here and charcoal because it is seriously amazing for oily skin! 


How could I walk out of Sephora without something Tarte related? I have been eyeballing Tarte for well over a year now - being the mineral make-up girl I am. Yes, I’ve seen the QVC offerings but I really wanted to be able to have a play around, swatch it up and get a proper skin-match too!

sephora disney springs beauty skin care haul

The first thing I picked up was the Tarte Pretty Paint Box collection - a whopping 24 eyeshadows, highlighter, blush, matte bronzer, shimmer bronzer, mascara, liquid eyeliner and a lipgloss. Like really? You thought this was getting left behind? Seen as though this gave me almost everything I needed for a full face, I had to pick up an infamous amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation, which in all honesty was the one thing I knew I was coming home with - everything else was just a bonus! I had a colour match with one of the staff members, a drama when we couldn’t find my shade in stock - then a party when we found the last one. Clearly meant to be!

And as one mascara wasn’t enough, I also picked up the lights, camera, splashes waterproof mascara - which I can already report is a game changer!

sephora disney springs beauty skin care haul


I picked up a full sized Benefit pore-fessional as it’s one of my holy grail products and it was ridiculously cheap! I also grabbed a First Aid Beauty cleanser because like face-masks, I clearly don’t have enough already and again it was really cheap! Last but not least, I picked up a Anastacia brow-wizz (not pictured because well, that’s life and it happens sometimes haha) because I really want to figure out how to up my brow game and this was the best on my face on the day - I played with so many but the Anastacia was the best colour (caramel) and the easiest to use! 

sephora disney springs beauty skin care haul

I might have picked up one or two Christmas presents too and my Mum might have picked up some beauties for me for Christmas….so you might be seeing more of Sephora around here in the coming weeks!

What are your Sephora must-buys?