Monday, 17 October 2016

My Perfect Cosy Night In

perfect cosy night in

I love this time of year for one thing: cosy. Curling up in front of a crackling fire, wrapped in a blanket with cute pi’s on underneath, with huge fluffy socks and my hair up in a bun. Hands wrapped round a huge cup of tea. I mean does it get any cosier than that? Hygge is the buzz word right now, but it’s a buzz word with a point! I plan on making the most of these autumn into winter evenings and turning cosy into an art, but I’ll need a few things first!

Must have’s for a cosy night in this autumn/winter!

Pjs - I’m all for thick and fluffy but once I get into bed, it’s just too many layers (considering I’ve already put two blankets on the bed too!) so I want my pj's to be cute, comfy and practical. Long pants paired with short sleeved tops are perfect for me, much like these Marylssa ones with the too cute to not Instagram lace razorback design. These would go perfectly under an ultra cosy…

Housecoat - It is not a dressing gown! It’s a hooded, ultra warm, extra thick and fluffy coat you wear in the house. Get me? Good! It’s got to have huge pockets for me to hide snacks and the remote control in, sweeping sleeves so I can pretend I’m the Queen of a dynasty, and a hood when I need to go into my own little world. So the Brently above is kinda perfect don’t ya think? And it just happens to match the pj's too! Winner

Socks - big fluffy slipper socks that go half way up my leg and may or may not have pompoms on them. I did have rabbit themed ones last year that had floppy ears and a bunny tail! Cute ’n’ cosy to boot!

perfect cosy night in

And then comes the fun part - accessorising your living space for ultimate cosies. I’m talking fairy lights, big two handled mugs, candles, candles, more candles, and a few extra just in case, a fire if you’ve got one (If not, there’s actually a cracking crackling fire video on Netflix!), and food!

Cosy night in food is all about the feels, so I’m talking ultimate comfort food; soup, proper Liverpool scouse, warm apple pie and custard, hot chocolate, popcorn, dark chocolate, or even better, Turkish delight! And if you can get your hands on a Turkish delight hot chocolate, well, you can thank me later!

What does your perfect cosy night in look like?

Until next time, 

Friday, 14 October 2016

Walt Disney World - 5 things to do before you go!

what to do before you go to walt disney world

I’m not talking printing off your reservations and boarding passes and making sure anyone staying home has a copy of your passport just incase. I’m kinda hoping you’ve already done all of the pre-trip sensible things? Have you? Good! I’m talking about the fun and creative things you can do before your Walt Disney World trip to make it extra special and extra personal!

Order Magic Band Wraps!

A pimped out more-than-your-average Magic Band is going to set you back close to $50, more if you go for a Limited Edition job - and why would you want something everyone else has got? I’ve seen some amazing tutorials online for blinging out your Magic Band with some glitter and nail polish but if your not in the USA, you won’t get your Magic Band until check-in. So, a quick, easy, and surprisingly cheap way to customise your band is with a vinyl wrap! Magic Your Band is an amazing site with hundreds of vinyl wraps to choose from that are waterproof, sunproof, easy to apply and downright cute to boot!

Create your own luggage tags!

We all want to identify our bags at the airport; suitcase belts, balloons (if only!), ribbon from last year's birthday cake (true story), whatever it takes so you don’t walk off with someone else's undies. Luggage tags can be a bit samey can’t they? Creating your own are so easy, all you need is the Internet and a colour printer! Get creative, make them unique to each persons case - and if you have access to a laminator, they’ll be baggage-handler durable too! You can find some amazing images just by searching on Pinterest and using free software like PicMonkey to resize and add passenger details, you’re sure to create a waiting-at-the-baggage-carousel conversation starter!

Level up lists!

Postcards to send (names and addresses!), gifts to buy (correct spelling of babies names if buying ornaments - you don’t want to bring home Sarah without the H!), snack goals, or the things you absolutely must do come hell or high water. Be it in your travel diary or on your phone, have your lists ready and waiting. This is something I love to do either in the airport prior to departure, or during the flight. 

Costumes (or matching tees!)

If you’re attending any special events, oh I don’t know, say Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party, then make sure you pack costumes for the whole family - it’s all part of the fun, it’s a crackin’ laugh and it makes for some seriously memorable pictures! Likewise, cheesy matching t-shirts are a hit in the parks, get loads of attention and again, make for amazing pictures! (Can you tell I’m all about those pictures?)

Contact your resort!

A tiny bit of a sensible one sneaking onto the list here! If you’re staying at a Walt Disney World resort, then it’s well worth getting in touch around a week before you check-in! That’s when the rooms will be getting allocated so, if there’s a particular mansion at Port Orleans Riverside you want to stay in, or you’d really love a savannah view room without paying the extra $$$ at Animal Kingdom Lodge - let them know! Likewise, if you’re celebrating anything, let them know that too! Disney love a celebration and are usually super helpful, accommodating and full of surprises when it comes to making your celebration something really special! Always be polite, don't demand, and don't expect to get everything you've asked for - but it's always worth a try!

What are the more fun things you do before your Disney trip?

Until next time

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

29 Things On My 29th Birthday

29 things on my 29th birthday

It’s that time of year again around here in Wonderland, where I blow out the birthday candles and reflect back on how far, or how I’ve even managed to get this far in this little thing we call life. Turning 29 is pretty weird. It’s a weird number. Much like 27, maybe it’s an odd number thing, but I don’t like how 29 even sounds. It’s the precipice of 30, of adulthood, of a whole new decade. It’s bloody scary.

  1. My twenties are ending better than they started.
  2. As soon as something scares you, you have to tackle it and get it over with.
  3. Make time for yourself. Everyday. 
  4. Do the things you feel you missed out on in the past. No regrets.
  5. City living is a thing everyone needs to experience.
  6. Everyone else moving forward does not mean you have been left behind.
  7. Challenge yourself. 
  8. Things happen in their own time. 
  9. Blogging is the best idea I ever had. 
  10. Find something you're passionate about, as long as you love it, bugger what anyone else says.
  11. Life is about more than likes
  12. Believe it or not, things really did happen, even if you didn’t Instagram them.
  13. Social media detoxes are a good thing. Do them often.
  14. Whatsapp chats are great - but have a face to face conversation once in a while too.
  15. It’s healthy to have friendships and a life outside of your relationship.
  16. When others want to be alone, that doesn’t mean they’re angry or upset with you.
  17. Saying that, I really don’t like my own company much. 
  18. Leave work at the door.
  19. And always finish when you’re supposed to.
  20. A day on the couch watching Netflix is officially good for the soul.
  21. Keep a journal/diary. Find a way to continue to reflect and record memories. You’ll thank yourself one day.
  22. Tidy room - tidy mind.
  23. Sort things out in advance instead of leaving it to the last minute.
  24. Seasonal decorating is acceptable. 
  25. I really can’t keep houseplants alive.
  26. You can’t look after others if you don’t look after yourself.
  27. Find hobbies that don’t require you to stare at a screen.
  28. Sleep. It really helps.
  29. Walk. It really helps too.

How far have you come in your years so far? Do you often look back and reflect on how you’ve changed or grown? Or do you just roll with it and keep moving forward?

Until next time,

Monday, 10 October 2016

A little Q and A session with Saloca

ultimate bloggers tag questions

Oh, I do love me a good tag post, it’s a nice little filler when you really don’t know what to write and you have to rapidly write and publish a whole bunch of posts weeks in advance…plus who doesn’t love getting to know the blogger behind the blog a little better? My gorgeous blogging buddy Danielle tagged me, so make sure you check out her post too!

Got your brew ready? It’s gonna be a long one!

Apple or Orange juice?
Orange. Easy. Without bits, I don’t mind!

Are you a morning or night person?
Morning! I can get so much more done first thing! Sometimes I actually think if I haven’t gotten everything done by lunchtime then I’ve failed my day. It gives me the sad. 

Which do you prefer, sweet or salty food?
A bit of both. It depends on what mood I’m in! Sweet always puts me in a good mood, so it’s my instant comfort food choice, but salty has it’s place too, especially when I’m on holiday or having a drink!

Ninjas or pirates?
Pirates! Through and through! Aargh!

Autobots or Decepticons?
Autobots. Bumblebee. Need I say more?

What was your favourite childhood TV program?
I remember loving Power Rangers, I think the Pink ranger and the Red ranger were my first OTP!I also loved Care Bears when I was really little!

Are you a collector of anything?
I go through phases but haven’t settled on anything long term! Unless tea and skincare counts?

If you could be any animal, what would you be?
After watching The Lobster this question as a whole new meaning! I think I would be a…bird.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
I would love to have the power of persuasion (because I never see anyone ask for that one!). This isn’t the droid you’re looking for and all that! 

What do you usually think about before falling asleep?
What crazy dream will I be having tonight. My dreams are really vivid and weird sometimes, I’m tempted to do a post on a couple of the strangest ones. I wish I knew what they meant!

Do you believe in E.T's or life on other planets?
Yes. I think it’s daft to think we are alone, it’s practically impossible. But I do genuinely worry about what would happen if ET did come to visit!

Do you believe in ghosts?
Yes. I believe that sometimes, the dead leave something of themselves behind, be it a ghost or an echo, but something and some people can sense or pick up on it from time to time. 

Ever been addicted to a video/computer game?
The Sims. I still am. I go through phases where I will drop every and all responsibility and just play it for days on end. There are just some things you never grow out and it’s such an escape!

You're given a million dollars, what do you spend it on?
I’d finish off Mum and Dads mortgage and send the Mr back to university. I’d buy a house, a car, take all my friends and family on a couple of trips, have a huge 30th blowout Birthday and do some sort of epic travel trek across Europe. 

Do you have any bad habits?
I can be so critical of myself, it's really annoying. I’m the first in line to talk myself out of something that could be amazing and I take failure really personally. 

Which bad habits drive you crazy?
On others? Smoking. It’s a personal choice, but I don’t like when I don’t have a choice. I can easily be around friends who smoke, but when strangers light up in my face it really gets on my nerves. 

List 3 of your best personality traits.
I’m a good listener
I’m encouraging
I’m conscientious

Have you got any celeb crushes?
Right now I don’t think I do! I go through phases! My first celeb crush was Harrison Ford! 

Name one thing you wish you could change about yourself?
I wish I had more interesting hair! No matter what I do it just hangs flat against my head, it’s so boring!

What is the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

What personality traits do you look for in a partner?
A sense of Humour.

What personality traits do you dislike in other people?

Are you mostly a clean or messy person?
Mostly clean, but let’s be honest, I’m sat here facing a bin that really needs emptying and I just can’t be assed right now, and a full set of overflowing Alex drawers that are giving me nightmares!

Do you see yourself getting married in the next 5 years?
Seen as though the Mr and my family all read this blog, you just know one of them will pull me up on this one! I want to say yes because it feels right. No pressure on the Mr like….but you know, if you like then you should put a ring on it!

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
The first place that comes to mind is York! I know it’s not exactly far from me, but I love that place so much, it’s just such a beautiful city!

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
I’d just love to see more of Europe in general! I really want to do some more city breaks and explore!

List 5 goals on your life to-do list?
Travel more.
Own my own home.
Have 2 kids
Have a dog
Publish a book

Name one regret that you have.
Not working away during summers through Uni. I wanted to work abroad and I didn’t. I also wanted to take a gap year between my bachelors and my masters…and didn’t. I really regret that.

Name one thing you love about being an adult.

What is your favourite song at the moment?
Dancing on my own - Calum Scott

What is your favourite song of all time?
Somewhere over the rainbow - Israel Kamakawiwo’ole

What's your favourite thing to do on a Saturday night?
Food. Drinks. Friends or family. Good times!

What is your favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon?
Blog. I love sitting down on Sundays and getting my blog on. I also love going for walks with the Mr, nowhere in particular, just walking. 

Have you got any hidden talents?
I can belly dance my tongue.

You're about to walk the green mile, what do you have as your last meal?
Pizza or Mum’s scouse!

What would be your dream job?
Something that involved writing I think. I don’t want to say blogging because I genuinely love it as a hobby. Possibly something to do with teaching too without actually being a teacher. 

Would you rather have, 100 million pounds or true love?

If you could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be?
I wish I only needed 1 hours sleep to fully function
I wish I didn't have any household bills or rent
I wish I could sing

Ever wish you were born the opposite sex?
Nope. I like being a girl. 

Hot damn if you’ve made it this far then I tag YOU to give this epic get to know me quiz a go!

What was my most surprising answer?

Until next time, 

Friday, 7 October 2016

Walt Disney World 2016 - Snack Goals

walt disney world snack goals

After talking about my Walt Disney World bucket list the other week, it really got me thinking about what I want to do and see during this trip, and of course, me being me, everything seems to come back to food. So, thinking with my belly, I came up with just a couple of must-eat Walt Disney World snacks that I really want to try this year!

Let’s get our snack on!

Dole Whip - There’s a serious cult around these things, and it is on my bucket list too. Ice cream and pineapple, I think they come in a few different styles too, including some sort of smoothie thing that looks downright delicious! 

Mickey Ice cream - I’ve had the Mickey ice cream sandwich and it's nowhere near as good as a Toll House cookie sandwich but I really think I need the Mickey ice cream for the insta-picture alone! Plus, it’s a pretty cute way to cool down!

Sleepy Hollow Waffle - Only to be found in the Magic Kingdom, I’ve got two choices - spicy chicken or Nutella…any guesses on which one will be tickling my tastebuds? I’ve got a feeling my sweet tooth will win here!

Macarons Collection - I swear I’m not picking things purely for the photos but these macarons look so colourful and decadent, and well, anything that comes out of the France pavilion's bakery is just too good so I know these will be a hit!

School Bread - Another cult favourite from the Norway pavilion in Epcot's World Showcase, what can’t be to love about coconut and cardamon? 

The Grey Stuff - I’ll be dining in Beasts castle on my birthday so I think it’s about time I tried the grey stuff…I’ve heard it’s delicious!

Not including all of the amazing offerings from this year's Food and Wine festival that I’ll be sampling too, I’ve got a feeling I’m going to have to request extra baggage on the way back for all these extra pounds I’ll be piling on!

It might sound like a strange thing, to say I’m going to the happiest place on Earth and really looking forward to the food but for me, food has always been family time, where we sit, we chat, we try new things, we catch up with each other, and as I get older, these moments just become even more special, so I’ll stop and eat as many treats as I can to make as many of these moments happen!

How much do you look forward to the food on holiday?

Until next time, 

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Bloggers Blog Awards 2016 - Canal Mills

bloggers blog awards winners 2016

Another year, another fabulous Bloggers Blog Awards event organised by the amazing Hayley. Seriously, for anyone who wasn’t there on the day, you need to know how much this girl outdid herself this year! She put together on her own hands down one of the best events of its kind to date and I can’t stop applauding and admiring what she achieved this weekend! 

So let’s have a hip hip hooray for Hayley

bloggers blog awards winners 2016

Located in an ex-warehouse, Canal Mills in Leeds was the perfect venue, with every inch of the space being beyond Instagrammable. The space was huge, warm, welcoming, and with a very well priced bar. They also had the prettiest port-a-loos a girl ever did see!

The day got off to a cracking start, with my obligatory road trip to Leeds with Jemma and Holly. Once in Leeds, we caught ourselves a whole bunch of bloggers, including Sophie, Kirstie and Sarah (gotta catch em all bloggermon). We headed over to Trinity Kitchen to line our stomachs have some lunch, then tried to make sense of a crazy taxi situation, collecting Kayleigh along the way and then finally we were on our way to the venue!

bloggers blog awards winners 2016

This is where the day starts to fly by in a whirlwind of prosecco, wine, squeals, selfies and hugs. From start to finish I did not stop smiling, catching up with some of my favourite bloggers; Corinne, Sharon, Jess, Amy, Jenna, Carrie, Dee, Kayleigh, Alice, Vix and more. It was just a none stop blogger-loving session. I was completely overwhelmed by not only the amount of people who turned up just to support their fellow nominated bloggers and bloggers but how genuine and approachable everyone was too. It still amazes me how supportive the blogging can be, and how amazing it feels to be in a room filled with people who get what you do without you having to explain a thing. 

bloggers blog awards winners 2016

It’s pretty special.

The atmosphere as the awards ceremony drew near was electric, and before long everyone had took their drinks to their seats and awaited with baited breath to see who would walk away with the crowns this year. 

Best Beauty Blog - Thumbelina Lillie
Best Fashion Blog - Salt & Chic
Best Lifestyle Blog - Little Miss Katy
Best Food Blog - The Bearded Bakery
Best Travel Blog - Pack Your Passport
Best Dating or Relationship Blog - Vix Meldrew
Best New Blogger on the Block - Katy Belle
Best Blogging Pro - Thumbelina Lillie
Best Vlogger - Brogan Tate XO
Girl Gang award - Amie Hayward
Best Use of Photography - Pint Sized Beauty
Best use of Social Media - Miss Katy English

An absolutely huge well done to all of the winners and nominees for this year's awards! It’s amazing to see other bloggers getting such high and well deserved recognition in the community! 

bloggers blog awards winners 2016

With the awards out of the way, and a little more wine flowing, we eventually found ourselves surrounding the epic raffle prize table, tickets clutched in hands, breath held as to just who would walk away with what, especially the Vice Vault from Urban Decay! After some technical difficulties, I was randomly deemed the loudest person in the room (I mean me? Little ol quiet me? Really?) and took to announcing the winning raffle tickets - which included almost missing out on my own prizes because I kept forgetting to check my own tickets! That could have been an epic fail right there! I was lucky enough to win a Magnitone cleansing brush and a huge Urban Veda hamper! Cheddar cheesing right now!

bloggers blog awards winners 2016

Raffle over, a huge sum of money raised for the Allerton Cat Rescue,more selfies, more squeals, the event started to eventually wind down, the amazing cupcakes baked by the beautiful Carrie had been demolished and reduced to crumbs, not a marshmallow was left in site on the sweets table and people started to make their way home, with long hugs and goodbyes being made all over. 

bloggers blog awards winners 2016

I had a bloody brilliant day from start to finish and seriously wish I was doing it all over again sometime soon! Here’s hoping Hayley takes the plunge and puts together another awards event next year! So thanks again Hayley, thanks again to all the amazing bloggers I met on the day, and congratulations to not only the winners, but the nominees too - you all have done an amazing job to come this far and it can only be a sign of amazing things to come!

bloggers blog awards winners 2016

Until next time, 

Monday, 3 October 2016

Lush Spa Liverpool Lock In

lush halloween

If there was one shop I have always wanted to be locked in, it’s Lush. Imagine running amuck amongst the bath bombs, the toothy tabs, the ultrabland and the shower jellies - having the store entirely to yourself? OK, so I didn’t exactly get it to myself but I did get to find out what it’s like to be locked in Lush after hours with dozens of other local blogging lovelies! 

We quite literally piled in on a Thursday night, with random passers-by on the street trying to join the line and get in on the fun! It reminded me of Boxing Day morning, queuing up to get your hands on all the half price Christmas goodies! We were already having a ball in the line and the fun continued inside. After being greeted by the fabulous Lushies and given a goodie bag, we signed up for a spa tour and took to the floor. Inside our goodie bags where several sample pots that we were encouraged to overfill as we explored the store after hours.

lush halloween

From comforter making stations to hand and arm massages, bath bomb demonstrations, glitter attacks, face mask consultations and a walk through the world of Lush skincare, the night was a non-stop Lush-fest! 

We nipped upstairs in groups to explore one of the prettiest spas in the city and explore the different treatments on offer. The Lush spa is like no other, with its country living kitchen inspired decor, you instantly want to kick your shoes off and curl up with a brew, a hardback book, and a face mask! We had a peek inside the treatment rooms and woah, my mind was completely blown away by the Tales of Bath treatment; a dip in a luxurious bathtub, then a full body, and shoulder massage. The room was stunning, the bathtub was as deep as the shallow end in the bath and you pop in a bath bomb bigger than your head. No joke. I was also really taken with the Validation Facial; full facial and neck, shoulder and arm massage. The validation facial really is something special, with a full 60 minutes pampering on the bed, regardless of how long your consultation takes, and each and every product used it tailored specifically to you and how you want to feel by the end of it. Just watching the facial being performed was giving me the tingles and lulling me into relaxation. 

lush halloween

Back downstairs, the madness continued, with a face mask consultation where I picked up some brazened honey to try for oily combination skin in need of a pick me up! The staff at every station and those floating around with drinks and nibbles were fabulous. Each and everyone one couldn’t have done more for us, and it seemed like they were having just as much fun as we were!

One of the focuses of the evening was checking out the Halloween 2016 line which, if you haven’t checked out yet, you really need to! There are some real gems in this years collection, especially Pumpkin Spice; which is too cute for words and smells super citrusy. Then there’s Monster Ball; a mischievous little guy who will turn your bath an assortment of fluorescent colours and lime fragrance! The fruity and refreshing Sparkly Pumpkin is just glitter, glitter, and more glitter, with lime a juniper berry. Lord of Misrule is back and better than ever this year - I’m not a huge fan, but it was a huge hit with the other bloggers on the night!

lush halloween

I missed out on making a comforter bar which was a real shame but I did come home with dozens of samples from toothy tabs to roots treatment, a cheeky ultra bland top up and some lemon fluttery cuticle cream to name just a few! 

The night was a huge hit, everything my little blogging heart wanted and more! I’m so glad Lush Liverpool finally had a big event and I really hope this becomes a thing and we get locked in a helluva lot more - let’s hope we get a festive lock in this Christmas, I’ll bring out the Christmas jumper and everything! 

lush halloween

What’s your favourite Lush product?

Until next time,