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*For the love of tea - We Are Tea

we are tea review

Oh, tea, you beautiful, magical, brew you. I physically cannot function through any given day without multiple trips to the kettle and a ridiculous amount of brews to keep me fuelled. I’m pretty sure that I drink enough tea that it actually runs through my veins. So, when the folks over at *We Are Tea got in touch asking if I fancied a brew, well, who am I to say no? Let’s get the kettle on!

We Are Tea; London-based, ethical, award-winning, independent business and tea connoisseurs to boot - these guys know their tea leaves!  We Are Tea have set out to prove that tea isn’t just your builder's brew, nor is it something weird with unpronounceable ingredients and mind boggling benefits. They want to make creative, hand packed artisan tea to the masses, where there’s a journey in every cup that makes even your afternoon tea and cakes a real adventure. 

For the love of their customers and their health, We Are Tea set out to help you discover the everyday good. A trio of teas with specific health benefits. I know tea is already amazingly good for me, jam packed with those magical antioxidants we all know and love, but could a pot of tea really help to clear my skin? Reduce bloat? Or even become a part of my fitness regime? Challenge accepted!

we are tea review

Svelte for body balance

Yerba mate, nettle, dandelion, ginger, fennel and seaweed! It’s all about kick starting your insides and getting everything going for the day ahead. It’s a huge energy boost without the downside of caffeine. I’ve been having a cup of this with breakfast after my morning workouts, it’s great for reducing inflammation and muscle spasms and is jam packed with nutrients. Coupled with an HIIT workout and I’m full of energy for the day! It tastes amazing too, the fennel and ginger are probably the strongest flavours you taste and it’s tea-lightful!

we are tea review

Soothe for tummy relief

Fennel, chamomile, lemon verbena, holy basil, mint and ginger. I’ll be honest, this one I was worried about! Whenever I have these stomach-soothing teas, well, let's just say they have a pretty adverse effect on me! The things I do for this blog! I took several tentative sips after one carb-o-licious meal and waited to see what would happen. I love verbena tea, it’s so delicate and tasty, and though the mint comes through strong, the delicateness isn’t overpowered and it’s actually really refreshing without tasting like warm mouthwash. About 30 minutes after finishing my cup o Soothe I felt much more comfortable, less bloated, and didn’t get hit with a gas attack! This tea was super relaxing, total tranquili-tea!

we are tea review

Glow for skin radiance

Echinacea, dandelion, nettle, mixed red berries and calendula petals. Everything in this tea is full of skin brightening, clearing, boosting properties, so mixing them all together and brewing them up makes perfect sense. I’m all for lotions and potions, but when it comes to healthy, glowing skin, it’s more about what you do on the inside that shows on the outside, overall the creams and oils you can slather on.  Calendula particularly is wonderful at keeping skin moisturised and helps broken skin heal too (for when you’ve picked those spots you know you shouldn’t have!). Out of the three, when it comes to taste, this is by far my favourite - and tastes the least tea like. The berries really come through and it has a really delicate, fruity taste. It was brew-tea-full!

Overall, I’m really impressed with the We Are Tea every day good range, each tea targets something different, and all taste amazing. Loose leaf really does make a difference when it comes to really tasting what’s brewing in that little bag, and all of We Are Tea teas are a loose leaf for that very reason. Don’t get me wrong, I love a traditional pot of tea as much as the next Brit, but when the tea is as varied, as flavoursome and as good for you as these little beauties, how could you not put the kettle on?

we are tea review

Are you a traditional tea drinker or an adventurous steeper?

Until next time, 

*We Are Tea kindly provided me these teas in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are 110% my own :) For more information, see my disclaimer here.

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