Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Toad Diaries - Fitness Journal

toad diaries fitness planner

Way back when, if you fancy going back that far, I went to NWMeet 2.0, had a fabulous day, met some fabulous people and went home with some pretty fabulous goodies, one of which was a Toad Diary.

I’m a notebook whore.

There, I said it.

I literally have notebooks for days but one thing I really struggle with is finding a more structured journal that actually has everything I want. I’ve tried to make my own in the past but once you’ve drawn a load of boxes, page numbers and effed up your contents page twice, well it get’s boring, the notebook is ruined and to the back of the drawer it goes. 

toad diaries fitness planner

I admire people who can get their entire life, trials, tribulations and dentist appointments in one Pinterest worthy notebook - I, however, am certainly not one of those people. I have notebooks for anything and everything. I actually prefer to split things up this way, so I have personal diaries, blog planners, life planners, and now, a fitness planner thanks, Toad. Ribbit. (Do toads ribbit or is that frogs?)

I’m a list maker, box ticker, challenge taker, and I’ve noticed that if I set myself a fitness challenge, I’m much more likely to keep up with it if I can tick it off at the end of the day. It’s like being back in primary school, desperately trying to fill your rewards chart with as many ‘I am good’ stickers, seeing fewer boxes to fill as you go, one step closer to that star of the week award. 

toad diaries fitness planner

As soon as I started to flick through my Toad Diary I knew it would make the perfect fitness journal. You know how you see those squat challenges? Daily plank challenges? Get flexible in 30 days? I love them, but I don’t have a printer and I detest having to take a screenshot on my phone, forever having to scroll back through my camera roll each day, forgetting which day I’m up to, urgh. Frustrating aka, an excuse to not workout! 

So, this is where the fitness journal comes in. I can simply copy the challenge by hand into the diary, with specific challenges for each day, and draw a cute little tick box next to it. I have my challenge, I have my tick box, I will have an ass to remember, or so the theory goes. 

toad diaries fitness planner

With one week to a page, I can see the coming weeks goals, and each day has plenty of space to fill in. Every week comes with a notes pages next to it too - which I’ve found is perfect for either taking notes on moves (so I don’t fall on my face), checking off milestones, reflecting, meal planning, general scribbling etc. This comes in so handy, and I don’t have to scrawl excessively in the daily boxes, so it keeps everything a little neater too. 

toad diaries fitness planner

There’s a handy dandy clear pocket at the back, just in case I do manage to print something off one day, and a business card sized pocket too - because bloggers keep their business card everywhere (seriously, I find mine in all my bags and books!)

Toad Diaries offer a huge variety of customisable diaries, that can be started year-round if you like to go against the grain and start somewhere outside of January 1st! They also have dateless ones, for the real rebels amongst you!

toad diaries fitness planner

How do you plan your fitness routines or other life functions?

Until next time, 


  1. Toad dairy. Random name but I love it, haha. I can never fill in diaries. I do it for a week and then stop.

    Corinne x

  2. I got this as well, I need to actually use it! This is a good idea, I may have to use mine for something similar otherwise I wont use it x