Thursday, 8 September 2016

MicroBar Box

microbar box review

Hands up if you love a good cocktail? I see you, I see them hands raised high, hell if I didn’t have to type this my hands would be right up there with yours. See, I love a good cocktail, and I’ve tried making them at home but it’s never been as successful as my evening with the MicroBar Box - where any night becomes a Friday night and you become the bartender…in your pj's, whilst watching Netflix.

The MicroBar Box could possibly be one of the best subscription service ideas I’ve come across. I was lucky enough to win a MicroBar box at NW Meet 2.0 - after all, I had it on good authority that there was gin inside and well, we all know how much I love a good gin! MicroBar Box is all about bringing that Friday night feelin' to you any night of the week (though, from personal experience a school night might not be the best idea you’ve ever had!). MicroBar offers two different subscription services; the Cocktail tasting club, a collection of cocktails and snacks to really get the party started, and the Gin tasting club, beautifully packaged artisan gins sourced from across the globe, complete with accompanying tonics. My box was one of the cocktail tasting boxes, so let’s dive in shall we?

Inside the box I found; 

  • Quibbles chilli honey peanuts
  • Greenalls London dry Gin
  • Qcumber sparkling spring water
  • Cawston Press apple and rhubarb
  • Laber Rhubarber
  • English Spirit Distillery - limoncello
  • English Spirit Distillery - raspberry liquor
  • Absolut Vanilla Vodka

There was also a card that gave easy to follow cocktail making instruction to make, in total, 6 cocktails. Yup. We’re having a party in this beautiful little box!

Qcumber & Greenalls London Dry Gin

I started with the simplest on the menu, 1 full can of Qcumber and half the bottle of Greenalls Gin. Super light, super refreshing, with a very strong cucumber taste that I loved. The Qcumber sparkling water was lovely, and I genuinely preferred it to having tonic as it was way less fizzy!

microbar box review

Rhubarb & Raspberry Martini

Now, we’re getting into the fancy pants, bar-like cocktails. I whipped up the martini with half the Raspberry liquor, half the Cawston Press, half Absolut Vanilla, and a splash of the Labar Rhubarber. If you love rhubarb, you’ll love this one. I’m not a huge rhubarb fan but it was nice enough and the vanilla vodka was gorgeous!

microbar box review

Limoncello Gin Martini

WOAH. Ok, so this one pretty much blew my head off. There was so much alcohol in this one that well, it was starting to make me feel a little tipsy. The last half of the Greenalls Gin, with half the limoncello. This needed a lot of ice to make it more drinkable!

microbar box review

Absolut Pink Vanilla

Possibly my favourite of the box, and hands down, the strongest drink on offer; half raspberry liquor, half Absolut vanilla vodka. This is so sweet and the vanilla comes through so strong, it was delicious! It could have done with a little more raspberry but at this point, my measurements were slightly off shall we say?

Limoncello Shot

To cleanse the palette! It was extremely sweet and made my face contort in all kinds of weird and wonderful ways, oh the things we do for a blog post!

Rhubarb Rhubarb

Half Cawston Press, half Labar Rhubarbar, one final hoorah for the MicroBar Box! Like I said, I’m not a huge rhubarb fan but this was a nice one to finish on, not too strong, but pleasant enough!

microbar box review

I’ve got to say, this was probably the most exciting night I’ve ever had watching Netflix on the couch.  Those chilli honey peanuts were more than moorish and didn't last past the first two drinks! I absolutely love the MicroBar Box, it’s such a cool idea and the drinks are ones I would have never have thought to make. I don’t know about you, I mean I’ve made a couple of cocktails at home but usually find I’m missing some vital ingredient, or it never tastes quite right. The MicroBar box takes all the trouble out of it, with 6 exciting new cocktails to try, instruction and nibbles, I mean what more could you ask for? 

This would make an ideal gift, hostess gift or something to crack out when the girls come round for pre-drinks before a night on the town! My gin loving heart really wants to try out their Gin box, so that might have to be a little birthday present to myself in the coming weeks!

What’s your go-to cocktail?

Until next time,

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