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*Afternoon Tea in the Blackpool Tower Ballroom

blackpool tower ballroom afternoon tea

I remember going to Blackpool when I was a much smaller Saloca. We’d get happy meals in McDonalds, walk down the front, staring at the lights, the trams going by, and always stop at the Blackpool Tower, back before it had a huge heart on it and just a few twinkling lights. I remember being in awe of this British Eiffel Tower, it’s intricate mass of metal towering above me into the night sky - I always wanted to take a trip to the top, and hey, it only took twenty years for me to finally step inside.

blackpool tower ballroom afternoon tea

The Blackpool Tower plays home to several special locations, but one of it’s most magical inhabitants is the Tower Ballroom. Dating back to the 1800’s, this enchanting ballroom quite literally sweeps your off your feet. I’m a huge fan of period dramas and stepping foot into the ballroom was like walking onto a Downton Abbey set! Crystal chandeliers, parquet flooring, the infamous Wurlitzer; Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear and enchant it did.

blackpool tower ballroom afternoon tea

The Tower Ballroom offers a traditional *afternoon tea, seated around the edge of the dance floor. Bone china tea cups, finger sandwiches, scones, cakes, all accompanied by the traditional Wurlitzer and even more traditional ballroom dancing. Mum and I decided we needed a girly afternoon getaway to the seaside, and the Ballroom afternoon tea sounded like the perfect fuel for shopping! 

After checking in downstairs, we took the lift up to the third floor and headed into the ballroom. I was instantly blown away by its grandeur and decor! It really is such a beautiful place, and the dancing, oh the dancing. We were promptly seated on a table practically on the dance floor itself, and within minutes a huge pot of tea had arrived, shortly followed by our very traditional feast!

blackpool tower ballroom afternoon tea

10 sandwiches or varying fillings including; egg and cress, salmon, ham, cheese, tuna, beef, ploughman's, all on a mixture of white and wholemeal bread. Our server did ask beforehand if there was anything we didn’t like and they’d be happy to swap it out for another filling. The sandwiches also came with some ready salted crisp, ok, not so traditional but nothing quite beats a couple of crisp with your butties does it? All the sandwiches were clearly freshly made, the bread was soft and everything tasted great, especially the salmon! 

blackpool tower ballroom afternoon tea

After munching our body weight in sandwiches, we moved onto the scones, two freshly baked fruit scones served with jam and cream. I’m a sucker for anything cute and the Ballroom labelled jam jars with their positive pants quotes inside the lids were just too darn cute. The scones were pretty good as well! Filled with fruit and very crumbly, I smothered mine in lashings of jam and cream, that’s just how I scone!

With stomachs already bulging and several cups of tea downed, we took a mini food break before tackling our top tier of cakes. Throughout our entire afternoon tea, locals had taken to the dance floor and kept us mesmerised with their dancing! It was like watching Strictly! 

Now, I’m not one to be defeated by food, and I take it as a personal insult if I can’t finish something, and with a full plate of cakes left, we dived right in, filling whatever space we had left - and boy was it worth it!

blackpool tower ballroom afternoon tea

The millionaire shortbread and the meringue were undoubtedly my favourite! The meringue especially, it just fell apart and melted on the tongue. Mum loved the chunky slab of rocky road, I was lucky to even get a look in! The fruit tart was delectable and although I’m not a huge mousse fan, the blueberry mousse was really rather nice! 

Covered in crumbs and not a crust left in sight, we demolished our afternoon tea - and every bite was well worth it. I’ve got to say, as good as the food was, you can’t put a price on the atmosphere in the ballroom. Everything was so just so decadent, we had such a perfect afternoon. 

Afternoon Tea in the Ballroom comes in at £25pp, which includes your admission to the Ballroom and surrounding areas. The Wurlitzer is played live throughout the day and there always seems to be someone taking to the dance floor. If afternoon tea isn’t your thing, you can still take in the majestic Ballroom, grabbing a brew or a panini from the bar at the back.

blackpool tower ballroom afternoon tea

Now, if you don’t mind, I really need to go practice my quick step!

What’s your favourite part of an afternoon tea?

Until next time,

*The Blackpool Tower kindly provided me with a complimentary afternoon tea in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are 110% my own :) For more information, see my disclaimer here.

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