Wednesday, 24 August 2016

*#ShareTheLove with Carex

carex fun editions share the love

Maybe it’s a sign of getting older, but I feel like I need to be injecting more fun, more love, and less seriousness into my life in any given way possible - so if that means Swizzles sweet scented hand washes, Carex has got a girl covered with their newest scent-sational addition; Carex Love Hearts

As someone who lives in a Neverland in her head, but works in a laboratory by day, if there’s one thing you need to know about my job, it’s that I am constantly washing my hands - and this is no diss on the good ol’ NHS, but hospital soap is friggin horrid! Sure it kills off the germs and keeps my hands clean but it dries them out to the point of splits, pains, and constant shedding, not exactly a hand you want to use when you reach for your drink on the bar, is it? Not only do my hands smell great, but they feel great too, and with Carex killing 99.9% of germs, they're squeaky clean too!

carex fun editions share the love

I always keep a hand sanitizer in my lab coat, and we usually end up buying our own hand wash to look after our delicate and dainty digits but like I said, I want more fun in my life. Bubble Gum, Strawberry Laces, and now Love Hearts, all scents that take me back to the good ol’ days when I didn’t have to pay bills and deal with strangers bodily fluids on a daily basis. My Mum used to always take us to the sweet shop a couple of times a week after school, back when a 10p mix actually cost 10p, and I would always stock up on Love Hearts, Parma Violets, and Rainbow Drops! 

carex fun editions share the love

carex fun editions share the love

Do you remember when you’d get a pack of Love Hearts and hand them out to your friends? It was always a little tetchy, I mean, what if you gave I Love You to the wrong one? Or someone took Kiss Me the wrong way? Don’t even get me started on what went down if someone got I’m Yours! I don’t care how old I get, I still play this game every time I have a some, there’s just some things you don’t grow out of and scents are the easiest way of bringing back a memory! 

Injecting a little fun into your every day doesn’t have to cost the earth, it can be as simple as a fun and funky hand wash scent to perk you up, bring back happy memories and put a smile on your face as you go about your day!

carex fun editions share the love

What scents bring back good memories for you?

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  1. Parma Violets were my fav! I bought loads from amazon a few years ago, haha. They need to make one with that flavour!

    Corinne x

    1. A family friend used to give me almost a years supply of Parma Violets every Christmas, she was the BEST!

      Sarah :)