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*Breakout Liverpool - Classified and Wanted

breakout liverpool wanted classified

Escape rooms are the place to be this summer, but the question is, can you breakout? When I was younger I loved the Crystal Maze, and always used to imagine how I’d be the one to crack that final lock and lead our team to a confetti dome of victory - now, at Breakout Liverpool my fantasy skills were about to be put to the test…could we work together and break out? Could I breakout?

Breakout Liverpool has five escape rooms to choose from, and so far, I’ve tackled two. When Jemma invited me down to pop my escape room cherry, we opted for the Classified themed room. Acting as secret agents on our final mission to prove our worth as the next 007, Jemma, Gary, Hollie and I teamed together, literally tore the room apart in fits of giggles, rage, confusion, frustration and sheer dumb luck all to the sound of the James Bond theme tune (which I bet is now stuck in your head! Your welcome!). 60 minutes on the clock, we had to find seven clues, put them in order, do the maths and use the answer to unlock the door and escape. 

breakout liverpool wanted classified

From start to finish we couldn’t stop laughing. The room itself didn’t look that complicated when we first walked in, but after being told people had literally got on each other's shoulders and tried to crawl into the ceiling space to get out, we knew there was more to it than meets the eye. Combination locks, lasers, hidden codes, secret messages, you name it, we had to crack it. 

With a difficulty rating of 4/5, we broke out in 50 minutes! Our team was kick ass. Jemma tore the place apart, Holly was like a real life Harriet the spy and I’ve got to hand it to Gary, he was the brains of the operation, and he looked damn fine in that suit we happened to find!

breakout liverpool wanted classified

Another week, another room, another challenge. When I headed for a pre-drinks escape challenge with the Mr and our friends, we went for the Wanted room. This room has two options; cowboys or Indians? Cowboys is the easier of the two so our games master told us, so we went for the challenge that was the Indian side, which started with having to actually lock two of our players in a jail cell. 

Wanted actually consists of two rooms, and you have to breakout of both in order to escape and complete the challenge! It took us close to half an hour just to get out of the first room, so yeah, you could say things weren’t going so well. Riddles, locks, dominoes, pegs and bullet holes are just a few of the challenges that left us stumped, and as the clock ticked down, we started to regret our we can do this show-off attitude we’d arrived with! 

With a difficulty rating of 5/5, we didn't breakout! Our games master came back into the room and talked us through the final 3 puzzles we had to solve in order to get out and we could not stop kicking ourselves! Everything suddenly seemed so obvious!

Shoutout here to the games masters, on both occasions these guys and gals were full of energy and enthusiasm! Honestly, I would love to try their job for a day, they get to sit there watching people try and escape the rooms. See, each room has several cameras, and if you’re looking a little stumped, or on your knees begging for help, they can send you clues to try and help you out. Some of the sights they must see! It must be hilarious!

breakout liverpool wanted classified

5 tips for Breakout Liverpool

  • Tip, touch and flip everything, you never know where you might find a clue!
  • Everything has a purpose, no matter how random it might look!
  • If in doubt, go over everything again. No matter how many times you’ve searched that shelf, give it another feel!
  • Read everything about 10 times.
  • Laugh. Because if you don’t, you might just cry!

Easily two of the funnest hours I’ve had in Liverpool. It was the perfect way to catch up with some faces I haven’t seen for a while and a hilarious way to start a night out! Nearly all of the rooms are family friendly, with a variety of puzzles that keep you thinking long after you’ve escaped! 

Ok, maybe there’s no confetti filled dome at the end, and maybe I’m just a little bit shite at these kinds of things, but I had the best time and I’m already trying to find a time to go back and check out another room! With all 5 being completely different themes and puzzles, it’ll be a new challenge every time!

Do you think you could breakout?

Until next time, 

Breakout Liverpool kindly provided me with the games exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions are 110% my own :) For more information, see my disclaimer here.

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  1. Sounds like fun! I've been to the one in Manchester and it was great, I would like to try other rooms/locations.