Monday, 18 July 2016

Mix and Mask with Origins

mix and mask box origins

Open your purse. Go do it now. Opened? Good. Is there £20 in there? No? Ok, go check down the back of the couch, the jean pockets about to go in the washing machine, the bottom of your bag. Find £20 because it’s going to be the best £20 you’ve spent on beauty products in a while. 

When Jane, British Beauty Blogger, partners with Latest in Beauty, you know you’re in for a treat, but when that partnership involves Origins…seriously, just take my money right NOW.

Ok, Ok, I’ve had caffeine, it was a good idea at the time. let me calm down for a….



Nope. There will be no keeping calm. 

It’s been forever and a day since I last bought a subscription box of the beauty kind, I’d gotten fed up of repeats, sachets, perfume samples and a lifetime's supply of hand-creams. I love un-boxings, I love seeing what I could have won but nothing has ever caught my eye enough to make me want to take up my subscription again. Now, one off boxes, they can be a whole different story. You usually know what you’re getting before it arrives (OK, I miss the mystery a little bit), and you can work out if it’s worth the pennies you’ve scrimped together. The problem usually is, by the time you’ve done the sums to see if it really is that good a value for money, chances are it was limited edition, it’s sold out and well, here’s what you could have won. Swings and roundabouts people!

Jumping right into the box, I knew it was going to be worth the money, let’s face it, £20 doesn’t get you a whole lot at Origins, so a box full of goodies was going to really give you bang for your buck, but let’s have a look inside shall we, the proof is in the mud mask. 

mix and mask box origins

Vitazing spf15 moisturiser full size, worth £29. I’ve been wanting to try this for a while, I have zero luck when it comes to tinted moisturisers but this is supposed to be all kinds of different, more sheer and matte with skin energising and mineral boosting ingredients. 

Maximiser full size, worth £18.50. This. This I almost bought the other day but I ran out of time to hit the counter to grab one. Gimmick or saving grace? That’s what I want to know. Self-confessed mask-addict, even face masks need an accessory and the maximizer is suppose to prep your skin, allowing your face mask to work even more miracles than it was already promising. Watch this space!

mix and mask box origins

By All Greens 25ml. This is a foaming, deep cleansing green tea based face mask. Tea. Green tea. It’s like they knew I would be getting my hands on this box. It foams up on contact with the skin, then when mixed with water, doubles up as a cleanser too - sounds perfect for an in-bath pamper session, don’t you think?

Drink-Up Intensive 30ml. I have the full sized one of these and was all ready to decant a little off for when I go travelling later in the year…but decant I shall not! With a long haul flight coming up this little facemask is my best friend. I won’t be landing long-haul looking like my face has been used as sandpaper for 9 hours, oh no! Plump, hydrated skin, ready to holiday like no-one has holidayed before. 

GinZing Peel off mask 15ml. Because who doesn’t want their face mask to look like a Snapchat filter? I’ve never had much luck with peel off masks but if this makes me look like a sexy rose-gold terminator, who am I to judge? I’ll just upload the Instagram picture and let you guys decide!

mix and mask box origins

A Quad of Pods 10ml each. I have been wanting to try the mask pods forever and a day but they don’t seem to be that easy to get hold of! Damn lucrative beauty products! They’re the perfect way to try to a mask on a more luxury sample size basis, ideal for travelling, and for experimenting with multi-masking! Each pod will easily give me two full face masks, and bonus I was lucky enough to receive a super-sized 30ml of the Original Skin mask over a 10ml pod - winner! 

And that’s it. That IS IT. 

£20 well spent if I do say so myself, I won’t be needing to buy a face mask anytime soon that’s for sure, and with so many new toys to play with you can guarantee I’ll be getting a couple of snazzy new reviews out of this one box too!

At the time of rapidly writing up this un-boxing, the Mix and Mask box was still in stock but at the time of publishing…well…sorry guys, I guess it’s one of those here’s what you could have won posts. Oops!

What’s your desert island face mask?

Until next time,


  1. Haha, I guess you liked this :D I've never tried origins myself but it's something I've always wanted to give a go!

    Corinne x

    1. You should do! I'm obsessed...can you tell? The Origins counters are usually great for getting mask samples, you should go see what you can get!

      Sarah :)