Friday, 8 July 2016

Help! I need blog post ideas!

blog post inspiration

You need a blog post and you need it now. But the blank page is mocking you, your inner critic is making you delete every word you type. Nothing sound original, or niche. Nothing sounds like it’s going to fly to the top of a Google search, hell, it’s boring you writing it so who in their right mind would read it? Or even leave a comment?

What do you do?

What do you DO?

Go back to the drawing board.

Maybe the post you're trying to write isn't the post you should be writing right now. Sometimes, this just happens, the moment isn't right and the more you try to force it, the more that blank page taunts you - and what you do fill it with tends to be utter tripe. SO get yourself back to the drawing board. Sit down and give yourself an hour to come up with some new blog post ideas - you never know what inspiration they might spark!

Distract yourself.
Head on over to YouTube or Netflix and get lost in something totally unrelated to blogging for a while. Distract yourself with Piper's antics in prison, watch another Louis Theroux documentary, or even pick up a book. Something that isn’t sitting at the keyboard with your eyes bleeding over the blank page. Just because you’re not physically blogging doesn’t mean you’re not mentally blogging. Whilst one part of your brain is all relaxed and chilled out in front of the tv, the other side is mulling over ideas, maybe something that inspired you weeks ago but you never wrote it down so forgot about it, this is the time it makes a comeback! Half way through your programme you’ll suddenly be itching to get back to the computer and write up your kick ass post!

Have a chat.
Head on over to Twitter and take part in a Twitter chat. Trust me, there will be one going on somewhere, there’s so many now you’ll be tripping over them. There’s something for everyone, from blog related to not so blog related. It’s amazing how inspiring it can be just talking things over with others. If you’ve got a bunch of bloggers in a handy Whats App chat, go and have a word with them! See what they’re up to, talk about their latest Tinder finds, you’ll find something to write about.

Go over old posts.
Got an old post that could do with a follow-up or a sequel? Maybe you’ve got a new take on an old idea? Never be afraid about following up older content, just don’t repeat your original thoughts and opinions. If you’re going to do a product review follow up, maybe things have changed, maybe it isn’t working out for you like it did the first time round, or maybe something your once loathed you now love. Maybe you’ve done a kitchen home-ware wish list - fancy following it up with one for the living room or bedroom? 

Go do something NEW!
Find a cafe you’ve never been to before, or visit a part of town you’ve never really explored. Take some Insta-worthy shots and put together a post about your adventure. I love doing this, not only do I usually find a new place to fall in love with, but it gets me out the house and gives me a brand new experience to cherish. 

Write a post about not being able to write a post!
Yup. This was me. This was this posts moment of conception. I’ve been racking my brain all night trying to force something, anything out to make sure I put a post out today and it just wasn’t happening. So, I started to think of ways to make it happen, ways that have worked for me in the past. Voila! This little post of inspiration was born.

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And if all else fails? If still, no post will come? Don’t sweat it. It’s only one post, it’s not the end of the world, contrary to what some blogging help guides will tell you! You will not lose your followers or page ranking, your DA score won’t drastically drop overnight. After all, it’s better to put out quality content over last minute drivel…right?

Until next time,


  1. Haha! I hate that feeling. But every single blogger has it, so makes me feel a little better. Xx

    1. We all have this feeling! I think I get it on a weekly basis! It's all part of being a blogger, we can't be idea machines all the time!

      Sarah :)

  2. I always try to take a break when the blogging inspiration fails, no point in forcing it! I always keep a pinterest board where I pin posts which spark some inspiration, so usually if I have a scroll through there, something will pop up!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Yes! Pinterest gives me so much inspiration, I usually come away with a couple of new ideas after a little (by litre, I'm talking hours of aimless scrolling and pinning) session! It's just like one giant mood board!

      Sarah :)

  3. If all else fails, send nudes.

    Corinne x