Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Revolucion De Cuba - Liverpool

rev de cuba liverpool review

Cuba has come to Liverpool. Revolucion De Cuba has opened it’s doors and is ready to show our city how Cuba does it, and boy oh boy does it do it well. From tapas to cocktails, music, salsa, rum and more,I was lucky enough to be invited down last week before the doors officially open to get a sneaky peek at the Cuban fiesta coming to the waterfront.

Greeted on the door and immediately handed a mojito, we started as we meant to go on! Mojito in hand, we took a tour of the lavishly redecorated space. Previously Blue Bar, for anyone who remembers how it looked then, you won’t believe how much better it looks now. The space itself has been split into 4 sections; city side, dock-side, bar Havanna, and Casa de la Musica. Each space is unique, but oozing Cuban flare! Bar Havanna was easily my favourite space, all dark woods, dark leathers, intimate and with a fully stocked rum bar, what more could I ask for? Casa de la Musica is going to play host to weekly salsa lessons, for those looking to blow off a little mid-week steam to the more seriously salsa dancers looking to hone their skills. I can’t wait to check out the salsa sessions! 

rev de cuba liverpool review

After our tour, we grabbed another cocktail at the bar then headed upstairs to check out what Cuban culinary delights that are going to be on offer. Jamie, the head chef was on hand to talk us through each dish. We started with a chicken quesadilla;  basically, a chicken and cheese butty as Jamie put it! followed by mojito battered prawns, which were amazing - and I don’t even like prawns! Honey glazed veg; a mixture of peppers, sweet potato and carrots covered in a sticky sweet honey glaze, patatas bravas; brave potatoes! I was almost fighting for the last one on our table these were that good, with a slight kick to them that really set them apart from others I’ve had. Finally, we finished on albondigas; meatballs made with beef, chorizo and pork, smothered in a rich tomato sauce. We got just a sample of what the Cuban cantina has to offer and my mouth is still watering just thinking about everything else on the menu! 

rev de cuba food liverpool

Another cocktail, another activity. This time, we were split into groups and had three sessions coming up! Our group started with a burrito making masterclass which was fantastic! We each made burritos under Jamies guidance, each of us competing with one another to be crowned the  burrito champion! With the salsa flying all over the show, it was a good job we were only three cocktails in at this point or things could have gotten really messy!

With our burritos wrapped up and ready to take home to be devoured later, we headed into the Casa de la Musica for a cocktail making masterclass with Alex and David where we learnt to slap it, rim it and shove it to make the perfect mojito! I also discovered that cocktails have two straws because you're supposed to share them (bent for the ladies, straight for the men) - but sharing? I don’t think so! You're also supposed to always pour your bottles by holding the neck of the bottle! We had a ball making and drinking our very own cocktails!

rev de cuba liverpool

But then, came what was the icing on the cake for me. I have always wanted to try a spirits masterclass. I’m a gin girl at heart and I’ve never been a huge fan of rum but Coco, our rum master for the evening, was setting out to change that! Rum, the rogue spirit, has such a fascinating history to it that I could probably do a separate post on everything I learnt! From how the colour gives, it’s age away, to what's the best rum to use in cocktails and why, and what rums you should never spoil by adding coke to them! Coco was so knowledgeable and passionate about all things rum, there wasn’t a question he couldn’t answer or a drink he couldn’t suggest. We sampled 4 rums personally chosen by him; Goslings, Appleton Estate, Santa Teresa, and Pussers Rum. All had amazing backstories, take Pussers for example, also known as gunpowder rum, it was originally used by the British Navy who would give their sailors a pint a day to fend off scurvy - the original booze cruise! They also donate a portion of their profits to veterans charities that help to get veterans homes and build a life when they come home! Amazing!

rev de cuba liverpool

Everything about Revolucion de Cuba is right up my street, from the fantastic food to the kick ass cocktails. They’ve thought of everything, even the little things like plug sockets for every table so you could easily come and chill in the afternoon, working on your laptop with a very highly rated coffee, or keep your phone going on a night out! One thing that really stood out to me all night long was the staff. There’s such a fantastic atmosphere amongst the crew, they’re more than colleagues, they’re like family and I cannot thank each and every one of them enough for how well they looked after us all on the night. A huge shoutout and thanks to Jack for organising the event, he did a brilliant job!

So grab your taste buds and your dancing shoes folks, Cuba has come to Liverpool and the fiesta is about to start - don’t miss out!

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  1. I've been to 2 of their events in Leeds and loved them! They had this cauliflower steak which was amazing!

    Corinne x

    1. I'm really hoping they do more events in Liverpool then because it was brilliant!

      Sarah :)