Monday, 6 June 2016

Early morning gym sessions!

how to be a morning gym person

The past few weeks I’ve really been trying to get back into the habit of going to the gym on a more regular basis. I was doing well at the start of the year but one thing I really struggled with was the tiredness and the lateness of going to the gym after work. So, I took the plunge, set a ridiculously early alarm and got there one morning before the doors even opened. Over the last few weeks I’ve been heading out, come rain or shine, at hours only the milkman knows. As ungodly as that might sound to some of you who would rather get back under the covers for a couple of snoozes than squat your way to 7am, I’ve discovered that it’s the best time of day to workout for me - and maybe it will be for you too! Here’s how I get my ass out of bed and into the gym for 6am!

Prep the night before!

Right before I go to bed I grab my gym clothes, trainers, deodorant, micellar water, anything I’m going to need in the morning that I don’t want to fumble around bleary eyed for in. I’ll even put my keys, headphones and trainers in the pile too, so when I head downstairs I know I will have everything on me and I’ll be good to go. With everything already out and waiting for me, it takes me less than 5 minutes to change and get going! It also means if I have a falling out with my alarm and wake up a little later, I don’t lose too much time!

Pre-gym snack

This one took a while to get right. I point blank refuse to go the gym on an empty stomach, I’m too worried I will pass out, especially first thing in the morning when I already haven’t eaten for a good 10+ hours. I tried peanut butter on a whole grain bread but the consistency was impossible to chew at such an early hour! I’ve found a banana or a cereal bar is about all I can handle and it’s enough to get me through my morning workout! I’ve tried having smoothies but again, I just can’t handle it so early on! 

Post gym prep

While I’m working my way through my banana, I’ll get my protein shake ready, as well as put water in the kettle and a tea bag in my cup. Again, it’s all time saving when I get home and need to start getting ready for work. It’s the little time-savers that make such a huge difference. 

Know before you go

I always have in mind exactly what workout I’ll be doing before I head to the gym. I’ll usually plan it out after a previous session or the night before. I tend to follow a lot of Pinterest workouts, so I’ll save them to my camera roll for quick and easy access. If I’m going to be following a YouTube video, I’ll get it loaded up on my phone before I leave, so I don’t have to hang around the gym looking for one I want to follow. 

Stop for nothing

Don’t start scrolling through Facebook or Instagram as you try and will yourself to get changed, or start checking your emails before prepping your post gym protein. Cut out any and all distractions! I struggled with this for such a long time but have found if I look at my phone as little as possible whilst I’m getting ready, I can easily get myself sorted out and out the door much faster! And let’s face it, that’s what this is all about! Getting out, getting to the gym and getting it over with before the warmth and comfort of your bed can lure you back under the covers!

I’ve found these morning workouts give me so much energy throughout the day and, bonus, they give me my evenings back too! I used to sit around after my tea for an hour or more, unable to really start anything because I knew I would have to go get ready to go to the gym. Getting home late meant late showers, late hair drying, and feeling wide awake when I really needed to be getting into bed. 

I really did think getting up early, hitting the gym for an hour then slaving away at the day job for a further 8+ hours would leave me feeling exhausted during the evening but 9/10 I don’t! I’m still awake as late as usual, working on the blog, catching up with friends, Netflixing and chilling with the Mr, if anything I’m getting more out of my day just by getting up 80 minutes earlier than usual!

What time of day do you prefer to workout?

Until next time, 


  1. It's as if you wrote this for me Sarah! Wish me luck tomorrow, I need to get all my stuff sorted especially because I got to change there to go straight to work, but i'm just too whacked right now, i'm working myself up to it! x
    Amy at Amy & More

  2. Kudos to you, girl! I've never step foot in a gym before however I feel this post has given me some tips on running which is what I've recently taken up. I don't tend to have something to eat before but think I should have a banana or an apple!


  3. Go you! My son gets me up at an ungodly hour, so that's my excuse can't go the gym haha! Xx

  4. I definitely prefer early morning if I can, to get it out of the way! Unfortunately lately, I've been up at 6 for work so it isn't going to happen but one day!!

    Jasmin Charlotte

  5. I don't know how you do it. I used to get up early to work out last year but it made me so exhausted. I'm the queen of being distracted. Yarp.

    Corinne x