Monday, 23 May 2016

The Body Shop Liverpool One - Pina Colada Launch

the body shop pina colada range review

Last week I headed to Liverpool One’s The Body Shop to check out their newest line for Summer, the Pina Colada range. If there's one scent that sums up summer for me, it’s sweet pineapple and coconut, mixed with salty seas and sandy beaches, a Pina Colada is Summer in a glass. Who wouldn’t want to slather that all over their skin? Nothing says Summer like a good pamper session, but when you smell like Summer too? Hola Happy Hour!

the body shop pina colada range review

After checking in with Lauren, the lovely store manager, I was taken over to the make-up station for my first pamper of the night. After what’s been a long long week at work, I was in desperate need of some TLC! I had a great chat with the assistant who talked me through all of the latest releases and we reminisced on products of old. Remember when all The Body Shops make-up range consisted of was shimmer cubes? Ah, that takes me back! Their make-up line has come a long way since then, and some of their newest releases show they’re tackling the big beauty must-haves of the season, with their own unique twist and honest ingredients. I was really taken with their Honey Bronze line, especially the tinted leg mist. It’s not a false tan (because let’s face it, tan is like my nemesis!), it’s a shimmery tint that packs a punch. Put away those tan look tights and prep your pins to go bare and glam up! I was really surprised at how pigmented it was for a tint! 

the body shop pina colada range review

After having a very soothing mini facial with their Seaweed range, I got talking make-up and went from having a foundation shade test to a full makeover, well, who am I to say no when someone wants to play wit my face? We tested out the Fresh Nude Foundation, pushing me out of my mineral only comfort zone. The application was smooth and light weight with a light to medium coverage. It also smelled amazing, then again what doesn’t in The Body Shop? After that, we moved on to one of their new products, the InstaGlow CC Cream, which can be used as a brightening base or a cream highlighter. The highlighter was so subtle, accentuating the cheekbones just enough to make it look like I had some! We played around with the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder too. I’m usually pretty put off by super pigmented bronzers but again, it was much more subtle on the skin and gave me a real sun-kissed look, as if I’d spent the day in the park, not slaving away in work!

the body shop pina colada range review

Makeover complete, I headed over to the next station where I was introduced to the brand spanking new Pina Colada range. Scrub, sorbet, moisturiser, and shower gel, even if you’re not jetting off this Summer, you will smell like you’ve spent a week sipping cocktails on the beach! The scrub is divine, enriched with real coconut flakes, giving your a very thorough yet gentle exfoliation. The coconut oil in the scrub moisturises your skin as you buff away dead skin cells and toxins, locking in moisture. We then followed with the sorbet from the collection that was ultra lightweight, absorbed instantly and just smelled like a not so little drink with a tiny umbrella in it! I’ve got to give a huge shoutout to the assistant who was so unbelievably passionate and a fountain of knowledge about everything in the store, we had such a laugh and she looked after me so well. After pampering one hand, she moved on to the next, only this time with the Spa of the World range. I couldn’t decide which hand I was more in love with!

the body shop pina colada range review

I’ve got my eye on the Pina Colada Scrub and Shower Gel. The moisturiser and sorbet are lovely but the scent lingers a long time and I think it could become a little overbearing after a couple of hours. The scrub and shower gel leave a much more subtle scent behind which I could deal with and enjoy!

Have you checked out the Pina Colada range in-store yet? If you could create your own Body Shop range, what would it smell like?

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  1. I heard about their Pina Colada range and it sounds great. I will have to try it.