Wednesday, 11 May 2016

NWMeet 2.0 - Amerisko

nwmeet 2.0 liverpool blogger event amerisko

Blogger events are some kind of wonderful. All of these like-minded, I don’t have to explain what I do to everyone I meet, snapchat obsessive, can we dim the lights for an Instagram, take a picture before you eat your food kinda people. They’re my people.

I feel so at home and comfortable at blogger events, no issues with whipping out my camera, taking random shots, playing around with face swapping and filters, meeting all these wonderful people who I might have only ever spoken to online but feel I know better than some people I know in real life. The internet is a wonderful thing.

nwmeet 2.0 liverpool blogger event amerisko

The latest and greatest blogger meet up I found myself at was organised by the marvellous Katy, and held at a really cute, American-style bistro, Amerisko, on Bold Street, Liverpool. I found a whole bunch of new and familiar faces on my way, I felt like some sort of blogging Pokemon trainer, gotta catch em all - and seriously, sometimes you are physically catching these guys because bloggers are a hyper, squealing all over Central Station (you know who you are!) kind of bunch!

We headed into the basement of Amerisko to a really trendy function room, complete with pool table, TVs, and way too comfy couches and armchairs. As the afternoon went on we were able to order some food from the cafe upstairs, I was eating out that night so tried not to overindulge too much, but oh, oh bloody hell it was hard! With slices of cake the size of my head, bowels of overflowing sweet potato fries and milkshakes that were so good (so I’m told) they couldn't possibly be legal. I somehow managed to reign in my sweet tooth (promising myself I will be back very shortly to sample that cake) and went with a very simple chicken and chorizo panini that came with a small leaf salad on the side. Simple, satisfying, what more can you ask for?

nwmeet 2.0 liverpool blogger event amerisko

The afternoon flew by in a blaze of chaos, snaps, frolics and giggles. We had a wonderful talk from a Weleda representative, all about their latest product, Skin Food, and the wonderful ingredients in it that have given it a cult status of late. We had a huge charity raffle where we raised a whopping £200 for MIND (yay us!). I had an absolute ball, met some amazing new faces and caught up with some familiar ones from events past. My number did come up in the raffle too and I won this awesome Microbar box which I will be taste testing very soon…for blog purposes…of course!

nwmeet 2.0 liverpool blogger event amerisko

And then came the goodie bags. Oh my.


So I know I usually gush about every and any goodie bag I receive because let’s face it, they’re always gush-worthy, but, this could easily be the goodie bag to end all goodie bags. Katy did an unbelievable job at getting so many wonderful brands on board, from some of my beauty faves, such as L’Oreal, Murad, Make-Up Geek, Blistex and BeeGood, to less familiar brands such as Li’Lash (which I’ve heard amazing things about), Wet Brush, imPress nails, Tropic, MOA, Toad Diaries, and Shiro and many many more!

nwmeet 2.0 liverpool blogger event amerisko

I had a fabulous day from start to finish and really hope Katy organises NWMeet 3.0!

What was the last bloggers meet up you went to? How much fun did you have?

Until next time,


  1. It sounds like it was an amazing event, I'm glad you had a wonderful time.

  2. Haha, love the photo of JIV.

    I feel like it's ages since I've seen you so now I have home sick of you.

    Corinne x

  3. YAAAAAY! This was such a good day, Im so glad I got to go ^__^ The photo of Jiv is amazing hahaha x