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Dying for Christmas - Tammy Cohen

dying for christmas - tammy cohen review

A Christmas book…in May…

Ok, OK, bare with me here. Yes, this book is based around Christmas time, yes it involves some gift giving but there’s no tinsel, no mistletoe, no mulled wine. It’s about as far from Christmas as you can get. So, if you’re in the mood for a little mystery, a little detective work, a mixture of Misery meets Gone Girl, well, then I’ve got something that could be right on your bookshelf.

Jessica Gold is a little odd. She’s a bit of a loner who has never really fitted in anywhere in her life. She has a loving family who thinks she needs therapy to come out of herself, an up and coming doctor boyfriend who is nit picking at everything she does, and these strange periods of time where she totally blacks out and wakes up in unusual places. Oh, she has some serious lapses in judgement too, and that’s where her story begins.

Enter Dominic. Tall, dark, handsome, all the cliches with a whip and fetish for pain thrown in too. Doesn’t he sound…charming? He doesn’t want to spend Christmas alone and she’s looking for a moment, a memory she can make then store away for future musings. Remember that lapse in judgement I was talking about?

And then, there’s Kim. The career-mom-of-two who can’t seem to find the balance between wanting to climb the ladder at work, and being a mom and wife at home. Something’s got to give, she’s starting to realise she can’t have both, but if she could crack her next big case, maybe she can have her cake and eat it too. 

I found Dying for Christmas to be a quick, compelling read. I had to keep turning the pages, from a mixture of both disbelief at what was going on, and wanting to know what was going to happen next. Secrets, lies, double lives, cruelty and manipulation, the first third of the book rushes along, but it comes to a bit of a slump in the middle. Who knew the twelve days of Christmas could be so torturous yet monotonous. The pace finally starts to build again and the story itself starts to get a little tongue in cheek, close to laughable. 

But it’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a really clever narrative, with very well developed, messed up characters and every action executed for a very specific reason. The wilder the tale gets, the more messed up each character and your opinion of them gets. I as literally itching when this book wasn’t in my hands to find out just what the hell was going on because it turned out to be nothing like I had imagined. 

Don’t let it’s Christmas spirit put you off, this would easily make it onto my summer reading list, it would be the perfect poolside companion. A psychological thriller that’s gripping enough to keep your attention but say enough that you don’t have to concentrate all that hard to follow what's going on. 

Do you read books outside of their season?

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  1. I'm a bit wary of any book that says it's 'like' Gone Girl because that's such a big statement to make! I do love these kind of creepy mysteries though so I'll add this to my wishlist :)

    Laura @ What's Hot?