Friday, 27 May 2016

Disney Cruise comes to Liverpool 2016

disney cruise ship in liverpool

One of the best things about living in the heart of Liverpool is the magic you get to experience almost on a daily basis. But some days the magic doesn't just happen, it comes by the ship load. Get it? When the Disney Cruise Line announced they would be stopping by out glorious waterfront this year I couldn't not go down and have a look now could I?

Disneys' Magic pulled in first thing this morning on the Mersey waterfront, bringing with it 84,000 tons of pixie dust, over 2000 guests who are travelling on this transatlantic cruise that will make a total of 12 stops - and how flippin lucky is Liverpool to be one of them? Having spent well over 10 years and who knows how much money travelling across the Atlantic to Walt Disney World, Florida, seeing it pull up, quite literally in my own backyard was surreal. I once had to stand outside the gates of Epcot and couldn't go kind of felt like that as I went for a wander along the front to see the ship. 

disney cruise ship in liverpool

Seeing all those guests wandering about the deck, hanging out on their balconies or disembarking to explore the city, the locals who've come down to check it out, and the general tourists who swarm the docks on a daily basis - and this is before the real party kicks off. 

disney cruise ship in liverpool

The Magic leaves Liverpool tonight, but it'll be coming back 12th June for a full day of Disney fun, magic, and celebrations. From an outdoor cinema showing Nemo, Toy Story, Frozen and more, to a full orchestra band outside the old White Star Line offices playing Disney classics, and a grand finale of fireworks later on in the evening, you can guarantee I'll be right in the thick of it! 

Hands up if you think the Disney Cruise Line should invite a few local lovely bloggers down to explore the ship next time it docks? I've got both of mine high up in the air!

Have you ever been on a Disney cruise? Do you plan on coming down to see the Magic next time it pulls up in Liverpool?

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  1. Aww, I missed this. I'll pencil in my schedule 12th June so I'll remember it. I agree with you, they should invite bloggers to see the ship, I have my hand up too :))

  2. Totally amazing that one of the stops is Liverpool. I hope you get the opportunity to explore on board! x

    VanessaVonJames | Fashion Blog

  3. Was this where the cruise started? If it wasn't I find it weird that Liverpool was a stop. No disrespect to the place but you always think of more exotic locations! I bet 12th June will be pretty great, i'd love to hear the music!

    Amy at Amy & More