Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Eat Clean Tea Premium Matcha

eat clean tea matcha detox drink

When I saw the lovely folks over at Eat Clean Tea were looking for bloggers to take part in their #SummerOfMatcha competition I jumped at the chance of getting my hands on a sample of their Matcha with mint powder. Matcha is one of those superfood buzz words that every other pin on Pinterest seems to be about and oddly enough I’ve never tried it before. Being the green tea obsessive that I am, having not already tried match kinda makes me feel a little like a phony. So, time to pop my matcha cherry and see what all the fuss is about.

Matcha, if you don’t know, is basically ground green tea. When it comes to potency, one cup of matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea! 10! I drink a lot of green tea but I don’t even think I manage 10 cups a day! It’s jam packed with more antioxidants, more vitamin c, more protein, more iron and more calcium (to name a few). 

From what my mooch online tells me, some matchas taste better than others and a lot of people talk about it being bitter. Personally, I’ve never found green tea or matcha to be bitter, but it’s all personal taste and I know some people who would rather drink their own pee than down a steaming mug of green tea. I have no idea what’s wrong with these people - green tea is amazing!

So, Eat Clean Tea matcha and mint. This matcha promises to increase energy levels, boost metabolism, detoxify, aid digestion, boost your mood and cleanse your skin from the inside out! That’s a whole lotta good in one little pouch. What amazed me was actually how little they say you need per cup of tea. Two scoops, two tiny scoops - I’ve never seen such a tiny scoop before! I’ve tried drinking the matcha on its own and it’s fine, it tastes really pleasant with a nice minty flavour to it that would disguise any possible bitterness. 

eat clean tea matcha detox drink

Now, here’s how I really like to use my matcha. Every morning for the last 12 months or so I have been starting my day with a cup of warm water, with a teaspoon of honey, cinnamon and a slice of lemon mixed in. I drink this on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and it really gets my body going and ready for the day - it’s the perfect detoxifying drink as it doesn’t give me an upset stomach! I’ve started adding two scoops of my matcha and mint powder to my morning drink and it’s been going down a treat! It tastes great and is such a quick and easy way to get some good stuff into my body before I really start my day. 

Eat Clean Tea asked us to have some fun with our matcha, after all, not everything that is good for you has to be boring! So, I had a root around my fridge and whipped up a very quick, low-calorie mocktail!

eat clean tea matcha cocktail

I filled a flute with ice cubes then poured in low-calorie elderflower tonic water, mixed in one scoop of my matcha and mint powder and a squeeze of lemon juice. I’m not exaggerating here when I say it tasted like a mojito! It was delicious, refreshing and perfect for sipping over the bank holiday weekend! Though a cheeky splash of gin didn’t do it any harm either! 

Have you tried matcha before? Any other ways to use it you could recommend?

Until next time,

saloca in wonderland blog liverpool

Friday, 27 May 2016

Disney Cruise comes to Liverpool 2016

disney cruise ship in liverpool

One of the best things about living in the heart of Liverpool is the magic you get to experience almost on a daily basis. But some days the magic doesn't just happen, it comes by the ship load. Get it? When the Disney Cruise Line announced they would be stopping by out glorious waterfront this year I couldn't not go down and have a look now could I?

Disneys' Magic pulled in first thing this morning on the Mersey waterfront, bringing with it 84,000 tons of pixie dust, over 2000 guests who are travelling on this transatlantic cruise that will make a total of 12 stops - and how flippin lucky is Liverpool to be one of them? Having spent well over 10 years and who knows how much money travelling across the Atlantic to Walt Disney World, Florida, seeing it pull up, quite literally in my own backyard was surreal. I once had to stand outside the gates of Epcot and couldn't go in...it kind of felt like that as I went for a wander along the front to see the ship. 

disney cruise ship in liverpool

Seeing all those guests wandering about the deck, hanging out on their balconies or disembarking to explore the city, the locals who've come down to check it out, and the general tourists who swarm the docks on a daily basis - and this is before the real party kicks off. 

disney cruise ship in liverpool

The Magic leaves Liverpool tonight, but it'll be coming back 12th June for a full day of Disney fun, magic, and celebrations. From an outdoor cinema showing Nemo, Toy Story, Frozen and more, to a full orchestra band outside the old White Star Line offices playing Disney classics, and a grand finale of fireworks later on in the evening, you can guarantee I'll be right in the thick of it! 

Hands up if you think the Disney Cruise Line should invite a few local lovely bloggers down to explore the ship next time it docks? I've got both of mine high up in the air!

Have you ever been on a Disney cruise? Do you plan on coming down to see the Magic next time it pulls up in Liverpool?

Until next time,

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Why I DON'T want to be a full-time blogger

don't be a full time blogger

I love my little corner of the internet, if I could I would hug it, and squeeze it and never let it go. This little space of mine has become such a creative outlet for me and an opportunity creator to boot. From the people I’ve met to the events and experiences I’ve been lucky enough to have thanks to it. So yeah, thanks blog! However…as much as I love my blog, the last thing I could ever imagine doing is becoming a full-time blogger! Don’t judge, don’t hate, this post isn’t a hate on full-time bloggers - I know a few and they’re amazing, lucky, wonderful people, but here are a few reasons why full-time blogging just isn’t for me, and why it might not be for you too.

Events, meet-ups, networking opportunities, they’re all fantastic and I get all the warm fuzzies every time I attend and meet all the amazing people I’ve been chatting to online. Events don’t happen every week, in fact, most are usually during the Spring/Summer, I guess everyone thinks bloggers hibernate come to Autumn/Winter? Ok, I kind of do, but I would make the effort to attend! Let me tell you, blogging can be bloody lonely. As I write this, the only thing keeping me company is a three pack of Reeses and my YouTube subscriptions. Sure, they’re both great in moderation, but if that was my only company 40+ hours a week? I’d be the loneliest little soul!

Money, Money, Money
I love me some security. Favourite hoodie, a nice locked door, a cupboard full of tea bags and a guaranteed wage at the end of every month. Every month I know exactly what will be going into my account and I know exactly how much money I can spend on gin and skater dresses. Money isn’t everything, but it does make everything easier. I can be a right stress head sometimes and the thought of having to account for every penny to make sure my WiFi doesn’t get cut off sends shivers down my spine. I feel much safer knowing if I take a day off, or I’m sick and have to spend the day in bed, my wages won’t suffer. If I can’t work, I’m still ok. The thought of crapping out content just so I can have a few days away from the keyboard doesn’t sound like fun at all . 

Lazy days
I have spent years trying to fight off procrastination. Most days I give in and blink before procrastination does. Before I know it several hours, an entire season of Billions and half a box of Jaffa Cakes have gone by and I’ve yet to write a single blog post. Sometimes it’s just that easy. I go through the motions, the guilt, the sadness, the anger, the must-type-frantically-for-an-hour-before-bed to make myself feel better, only to churn out utter tripe at the end of it and not even hit the save button. It happens. And I’ve learnt to be OK with it. Because my livelihood, my electricity bill and my addiction to eating out don’t depend on me posting. 

Where's the off switch?
You might as well chop off the most unnecessary hand and replace it with your smartphone. When blogging becomes your business, you become the brand. Your home becomes your office - is there ever an escape? Even now, as someone who blogs for fun, I sometimes start panicking I’m going to lose all my followers if I haven’t tweeted in a couple of hours, or haven’t snapped my lunch to Instagram - and that’s just part of a hobby, imagine if it was my job too? I like having the freedom to snap when I want, pick and choose the chats I take part in, be an active part of the community when it suits, and a hermit when I just want to Netflix and chill.

Queen of my castle
Like I said, I love my blog. It’s full of content that I have loved creating, things I am passionate about and want to share with you all. I would never write about something I wouldn’t spend my own money on, and if I’ve not got anything nice to say? Then I’ll tell it like it is and say something not so nice, and nobody can stop me. I can be 110% honest here in my little corner, I don’t have to worry about upsetting anyone, I don’t have to conform to anyone else's do-follow link rules with x amount of keywords in a post if I don’t want to. I have total control and free reign

I would love to be able to spend more time on my blog, and if I could work a little less and blog a little more, I would do it in a heartbeat, but giving up the day job for blogging just isn’t on the cards for me. Maybe things will change, though probably not. I’ve seen so many people lately talking about how they just want to blog full time because yanno Zoella makes it look like so much fun. In reality, it really doesn’t sound like it’s that much fun all of the time, let's face it, no job is that much fun all of the time!

Do you want to be a full-time blogger?

Until next time,

Monday, 23 May 2016

The Body Shop Liverpool One - Pina Colada Launch

the body shop pina colada range review

Last week I headed to Liverpool One’s The Body Shop to check out their newest line for Summer, the Pina Colada range. If there's one scent that sums up summer for me, it’s sweet pineapple and coconut, mixed with salty seas and sandy beaches, a Pina Colada is Summer in a glass. Who wouldn’t want to slather that all over their skin? Nothing says Summer like a good pamper session, but when you smell like Summer too? Hola Happy Hour!

the body shop pina colada range review

After checking in with Lauren, the lovely store manager, I was taken over to the make-up station for my first pamper of the night. After what’s been a long long week at work, I was in desperate need of some TLC! I had a great chat with the assistant who talked me through all of the latest releases and we reminisced on products of old. Remember when all The Body Shops make-up range consisted of was shimmer cubes? Ah, that takes me back! Their make-up line has come a long way since then, and some of their newest releases show they’re tackling the big beauty must-haves of the season, with their own unique twist and honest ingredients. I was really taken with their Honey Bronze line, especially the tinted leg mist. It’s not a false tan (because let’s face it, tan is like my nemesis!), it’s a shimmery tint that packs a punch. Put away those tan look tights and prep your pins to go bare and glam up! I was really surprised at how pigmented it was for a tint! 

the body shop pina colada range review

After having a very soothing mini facial with their Seaweed range, I got talking make-up and went from having a foundation shade test to a full makeover, well, who am I to say no when someone wants to play wit my face? We tested out the Fresh Nude Foundation, pushing me out of my mineral only comfort zone. The application was smooth and light weight with a light to medium coverage. It also smelled amazing, then again what doesn’t in The Body Shop? After that, we moved on to one of their new products, the InstaGlow CC Cream, which can be used as a brightening base or a cream highlighter. The highlighter was so subtle, accentuating the cheekbones just enough to make it look like I had some! We played around with the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder too. I’m usually pretty put off by super pigmented bronzers but again, it was much more subtle on the skin and gave me a real sun-kissed look, as if I’d spent the day in the park, not slaving away in work!

the body shop pina colada range review

Makeover complete, I headed over to the next station where I was introduced to the brand spanking new Pina Colada range. Scrub, sorbet, moisturiser, and shower gel, even if you’re not jetting off this Summer, you will smell like you’ve spent a week sipping cocktails on the beach! The scrub is divine, enriched with real coconut flakes, giving your a very thorough yet gentle exfoliation. The coconut oil in the scrub moisturises your skin as you buff away dead skin cells and toxins, locking in moisture. We then followed with the sorbet from the collection that was ultra lightweight, absorbed instantly and just smelled like a not so little drink with a tiny umbrella in it! I’ve got to give a huge shoutout to the assistant who was so unbelievably passionate and a fountain of knowledge about everything in the store, we had such a laugh and she looked after me so well. After pampering one hand, she moved on to the next, only this time with the Spa of the World range. I couldn’t decide which hand I was more in love with!

the body shop pina colada range review

I’ve got my eye on the Pina Colada Scrub and Shower Gel. The moisturiser and sorbet are lovely but the scent lingers a long time and I think it could become a little overbearing after a couple of hours. The scrub and shower gel leave a much more subtle scent behind which I could deal with and enjoy!

Have you checked out the Pina Colada range in-store yet? If you could create your own Body Shop range, what would it smell like?

Until next time,

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

#LivBloggersBall - May 2016

livbloggersball roxy ball room liverpool

Another week, another meet! I love this time of year, there seem to be more blogging events than you can shake a camera at and more new lovely bloggers to meet each and every time. The latest Liverpool Bloggers meet was held this past weekend at the Roxy Ball Room, Hanover Street. Don’t let its name deceive you, this isn’t all marble floors, sweeping staircases, and Cinderella dresses, but fresh dough pizza, homemade burgers, beer, cocktails and balls, from ping pong to pool - game ON!

livbloggersball roxy ball room liverpool

I met up with Liv and Jiv, and we made out way over to the venue. From the second we got there we went into instant blogger mode, with cameras and phone whipped out to snap the epic graffiti that adorns the entrance and stairwell. Some of us might have even used the very unique backdrop for some OOTD pictures….Liv…! Come on, a blogger never lets an opportunity go to waste. After a few more bloggers turned up we headed inside to the VIP area, (perks of being a blogger don’t ya know!) where Stephanie, creator of the Liverpool Bloggers group, greeted us with wristbands and a bloggers bellini

livbloggersball roxy ball room liverpool

Bloggers piled through the door to a chorus of ‘heyyyy’ ‘hiiiii’ and ‘who are you on Twitter?’ ice breakers as the afternoon got underway. We started off with a brilliant chat from David, one-half of the brains behind Independent Liverpool. It was genuinely fascinating to hear the story of how, after multiple business ideas involving a wheelie bin, over a game of Call of Duty, Independent Liverpool was born. With a passion for local businesses and a need to share that passion, Independent Liverpool started out as nothing more than a blog. Space for the guys to share new finds, foodie favourites and 14 reasons to love cheese. It’s always been about fun, aiming to make even the smallest imprint on the world through words and passion. Fast forward three years down the line and from a humble blog, it’s grown into one of the most well known, respected, discount cards about town, with close to 17,000 cardholders to date! I’m proud to say I’ve been one since the beginning and will continue to stick with the guys as their venture continues to grow, inspire, and of course, feed!

livbloggersball roxy ball room liverpool

Next up, Gemma, founder of The Button Boutique shared her small business story with us. What started as a creative way to keep the memory of her brother alive, and years of study and volunteer work has grown into what’s soon to be a television show for Channel 4 (Aug 2016). Gemma was so passionate about the work she was doing, helping sick and bereaved children express themselves through art that regardless of making zero money, she continued on, up cycling on the side and eventually holding workshops that finally got her noticed in a big way! The Button Boutique specialises in craft parties, including crafty hen do’s that include a butler in the buff who you can legit cover in glitter! As well as crafty baby showers and upcycling workshops. She holds workshops in her studio based above Rex, Bold Street, and I would love to sign up for one and get my craft on!

livbloggersball roxy ball room liverpool

Teardrop Designs, knew full well how easy it is to attract a bunch of bloggers with some very shiny objects. They had some amazing pieces, though I fell particularly in love with the infinity symbol necklace! We also met Rachael, the founder of Rachie B Designs, who creates the most imaginative, bespoke wallpapers designed to free and encourage your child's imagination. Rachael was so so lovely, I'm not going to lie, who wouldn't want a faerie garden on their wall, close to 30 years of age or not, I'll always be a child at heart. 

livbloggersball roxy ball room liverpool

Then it was game, set, match! The pool and ping pong tournaments kicked off. Unsurprisingly by the time it got around to my go at ping pong, I was happily stuffing my face with pizza and ended up missing out! Shame but I had a lot of fun watching some of the other girls play, and calling out and foul play (you know who you are haha!). The afternoon flew by and before I knew it, competitions had been won, goodbyes has been said and it was time to call it a day. I'd had a lovely afternoon at an awesome venue (post coming soon) with lovely people. I was so happy to finally get to sit down and have a chat with Danielle, we've always ended up at the same events and have never managed to get round to speaking properly, so it was lovely to finally get the chance! 

Ping pong or Pool?

Until next time,

Monday, 16 May 2016

Dying for Christmas - Tammy Cohen

dying for christmas - tammy cohen review

A Christmas book…in May…

Ok, OK, bare with me here. Yes, this book is based around Christmas time, yes it involves some gift giving but there’s no tinsel, no mistletoe, no mulled wine. It’s about as far from Christmas as you can get. So, if you’re in the mood for a little mystery, a little detective work, a mixture of Misery meets Gone Girl, well, then I’ve got something that could be right on your bookshelf.

Jessica Gold is a little odd. She’s a bit of a loner who has never really fitted in anywhere in her life. She has a loving family who thinks she needs therapy to come out of herself, an up and coming doctor boyfriend who is nit picking at everything she does, and these strange periods of time where she totally blacks out and wakes up in unusual places. Oh, she has some serious lapses in judgement too, and that’s where her story begins.

Enter Dominic. Tall, dark, handsome, all the cliches with a whip and fetish for pain thrown in too. Doesn’t he sound…charming? He doesn’t want to spend Christmas alone and she’s looking for a moment, a memory she can make then store away for future musings. Remember that lapse in judgement I was talking about?

And then, there’s Kim. The career-mom-of-two who can’t seem to find the balance between wanting to climb the ladder at work, and being a mom and wife at home. Something’s got to give, she’s starting to realise she can’t have both, but if she could crack her next big case, maybe she can have her cake and eat it too. 

I found Dying for Christmas to be a quick, compelling read. I had to keep turning the pages, from a mixture of both disbelief at what was going on, and wanting to know what was going to happen next. Secrets, lies, double lives, cruelty and manipulation, the first third of the book rushes along, but it comes to a bit of a slump in the middle. Who knew the twelve days of Christmas could be so torturous yet monotonous. The pace finally starts to build again and the story itself starts to get a little tongue in cheek, close to laughable. 

But it’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a really clever narrative, with very well developed, messed up characters and every action executed for a very specific reason. The wilder the tale gets, the more messed up each character and your opinion of them gets. I as literally itching when this book wasn’t in my hands to find out just what the hell was going on because it turned out to be nothing like I had imagined. 

Don’t let it’s Christmas spirit put you off, this would easily make it onto my summer reading list, it would be the perfect poolside companion. A psychological thriller that’s gripping enough to keep your attention but say enough that you don’t have to concentrate all that hard to follow what's going on. 

Do you read books outside of their season?

Until next

Friday, 13 May 2016

Red's True BBQ - Liverpool

reds true bbq liverpool review

Thou shalt never go hungry again.

And with a Reds True BBQ on my doorstep, never a truer word has been spoken. Fact, I’ve been back twice before even writing up this review - what can I say, I like my meat slow and smokin’

Quoting that the people must be saved from sad sausages and rodent sized ribs, Reds has opened its doors on Hanover Street, Liverpool, encouraging its Scouse flock to come forth, rest their hand upon the good book and have their meatless souls cleansed with the smoked offerings only a true bbq can offer. 

I’d already heard so many good things about their Manchester branch that I was eager for my meat cleanse, so we grabbed the Mr’s family and headed on down one afternoon to see just how true a believer they could make us. The restaurant itself is huge, going up the floor after floor in a mechanic themed diner, with a full sized truck right above the door as you walk in. Cages of smoking sauces piled atop tyres and tees, I was half expecting the staff to have bbq grease stains on denim overall uniforms (ok, they didn’t but I did end leaving looking pretty much like this!). 

reds true bbq liverpool review

We snagged a table for 6 pretty easily, early on a Friday afternoon but this place gets super busy around tea time and over weekends. We grabbed some drinks then took to drooling over the good book for some time. Everything sounded amazing, with extras, sides, and drink pairings. Ribs, smoked sausage, brisket, steak, create your own meat trays, pulled pork, and their infamous donut burger, yes, it’s exactly how you’re picturing it right now. They have some really great sounding vegetarian options too, including a double bean burger. 

Though I was so so tempted by the donut burger, because, well, come on! It’s a damn double cheeseburger, bacon, onions, all the trimmings, and all wedged between two glazed donuts. I don’t know if I could eat it but I just wanted to bask in all its glory. I eventually decided on the donut-free, brisket Philly cheesesteak sandwich; USDA approved Black Angus brisket, peppers, mushrooms, onions, con queso and beef rub, with two very humble sides, skin on fries and giant onion rings

Oh. Oh. OH.

reds true bbq liverpool review

I couldn’t have made a more perfect choice. It’s been a while since I had a Philly cheesesteak but after Red’s, I don’t think another will ever compare to just how good this was. The bun was so jam-packed with meat and smothered in soo much cheese that I couldn’t even pick it up so it was a cutlery job all the way. Everything was fresh, flavoursome and smokey, I didn’t want it to end! The meat was so juicy, it just fell apart with the lightest touch! The fries were fine, I mostly ordered them because I wanted to try all the sauces they put out on the table, from a vinegar bbq to a smokey bbq mustard and a flaming hell it’s hot sauce. The onion rings really were huge! I could have sported them as edible accessories for the rest of the night!

reds true bbq liverpool review

The Mr went for the current special (which I think changes monthly). It was called the Houston Slopper; and if my poor, meat-addled brain can remember correctly, it was a double patty burger with all the trimmings, covered in a rich beef chilli, served with V cut fries - perfect for scooping up the chilli! I managed to grab a bite and it was amazing, I almost wish I’d ordered it myself! 

Surprisingly after our salvation-by-meat, there was no room left for dessert, but I did have my eye on the homemade deep dish apple pie and the classic chocolate peanut butter cheesecake. I just don’t think I could leave any of my amazing main behind to make room!

My first trip to Reds was amazing, from start to finish, I couldn’t fault the staff, the food or the company, but my second trip, just a few weekends later on an early Saturday evening was a totally different experience.

We knew we would have to wait for a table, we didn’t have a problem with that. We grabbed a drink at the bar, got chatting to some other members of the flock, then before we knew it was being shown to a table…in the corner. The corner to end all corners, we were practically on our own behind a bit of wall. Ok. They’ve sat us here, they know we’re here…right? Wrong. It seemed to take forever to catch someone's eye to order food, the order came out wrong, with things missing, and it wasn’t all that warm. The air con blowing down right above us didn’t help all that much either. I ordered the Pulled pork sandwich; with buttermilk slaw, Unholy bbq sauce and house recipe applesauce on the side. It was good…but not as great at my Philly cheesesteak. We struggled to get another round of drinks and struggled again to get the bill. There were a lot of bigger parties in and the staff seemed stressed and stretched, I felt sorry for them.

I say if you’re going around a quieter time, you will have the greatest bbq experience of your life. Regardless of the more disappointing second visit, I would go back again, and plan to. There are so many other things on the menu I want to try! My first experience was so good that is almost evened out what happened the second time around, and you know what they say, third times a charm!

Have you been to Red’s True BBQ?

Until next time,

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

NWMeet 2.0 - Amerisko

nwmeet 2.0 liverpool blogger event amerisko

Blogger events are some kind of wonderful. All of these like-minded, I don’t have to explain what I do to everyone I meet, snapchat obsessive, can we dim the lights for an Instagram, take a picture before you eat your food kinda people. They’re my people.

I feel so at home and comfortable at blogger events, no issues with whipping out my camera, taking random shots, playing around with face swapping and filters, meeting all these wonderful people who I might have only ever spoken to online but feel I know better than some people I know in real life. The internet is a wonderful thing.

nwmeet 2.0 liverpool blogger event amerisko

The latest and greatest blogger meet up I found myself at was organised by the marvellous Katy, and held at a really cute, American-style bistro, Amerisko, on Bold Street, Liverpool. I found a whole bunch of new and familiar faces on my way, I felt like some sort of blogging Pokemon trainer, gotta catch em all - and seriously, sometimes you are physically catching these guys because bloggers are a hyper, squealing all over Central Station (you know who you are!) kind of bunch!

We headed into the basement of Amerisko to a really trendy function room, complete with pool table, TVs, and way too comfy couches and armchairs. As the afternoon went on we were able to order some food from the cafe upstairs, I was eating out that night so tried not to overindulge too much, but oh, oh bloody hell it was hard! With slices of cake the size of my head, bowels of overflowing sweet potato fries and milkshakes that were so good (so I’m told) they couldn't possibly be legal. I somehow managed to reign in my sweet tooth (promising myself I will be back very shortly to sample that cake) and went with a very simple chicken and chorizo panini that came with a small leaf salad on the side. Simple, satisfying, what more can you ask for?

nwmeet 2.0 liverpool blogger event amerisko

The afternoon flew by in a blaze of chaos, snaps, frolics and giggles. We had a wonderful talk from a Weleda representative, all about their latest product, Skin Food, and the wonderful ingredients in it that have given it a cult status of late. We had a huge charity raffle where we raised a whopping £200 for MIND (yay us!). I had an absolute ball, met some amazing new faces and caught up with some familiar ones from events past. My number did come up in the raffle too and I won this awesome Microbar box which I will be taste testing very soon…for blog purposes…of course!

nwmeet 2.0 liverpool blogger event amerisko

And then came the goodie bags. Oh my.


So I know I usually gush about every and any goodie bag I receive because let’s face it, they’re always gush-worthy, but, this could easily be the goodie bag to end all goodie bags. Katy did an unbelievable job at getting so many wonderful brands on board, from some of my beauty faves, such as L’Oreal, Murad, Make-Up Geek, Blistex and BeeGood, to less familiar brands such as Li’Lash (which I’ve heard amazing things about), Wet Brush, imPress nails, Tropic, MOA, Toad Diaries, and Shiro and many many more!

nwmeet 2.0 liverpool blogger event amerisko

I had a fabulous day from start to finish and really hope Katy organises NWMeet 3.0!

What was the last bloggers meet up you went to? How much fun did you have?

Until next time,

Monday, 9 May 2016

ESPA Detoxifying Salt Scrub

espa detoxifying salt scrub review

Spring has sprung, bringing with it fresh flowers, baby lambs and new beginnings and as with all seasons, it’s time to change up our beauty routines and prep for the season ahead. Out with the old, in with the new, or in this case, out with the old dreary skin and in with bright, refreshed summer ready skin - hello, ESPA Detoxifying Salt Scrub.

Enriched with grapefruit, cypress and eucalyptus, the detoxifying salt scrub gently buffs away dead skin cells, revitalises sluggish circulation and eliminates toxins, leaving your skin smooth and glowing. This is the first body scrub I’ve tried by ESPA, and I’ve got to say I’m impressed, ESPA you never seem to fail me. The scrub is really thick, none of this tiny bead nonsense, just really gritty, summer sand between your toes, thickness. 

espa detoxifying salt scrub review

I half expected my skin to be as dry as the salt I was rubbing all over it afterwards as it’s much harsher that I expected but I was really surprised at how moisturised my skin actually felt. The scrub is enriched with sweet almond oil that keeps the scrub wet between uses (as long as you put the lid on properly!) and I swear, the almond oil scotch guarded my skin. When I’m rinsing it off in the shower the water doesn’t so much as run off my skin, it sort of sits there in droplets. It’s a strange experience but I like it.

One thing about ESPA, if you haven’t used their products before is they are really heavily scented. I actually really like this, it’s a really rich, heady floral scent that just smells like a luxury spa product and it leaves me and my bathroom smelling divine. I’m all for bringing the spa experience home with me as often as possible, it’s good for the soul and even better for my bank balance. Oh, and let's not forget how gorgeous the heavy duty glass jar looks on the side of the bath, swanky!

espa detoxifying salt scrub review

To get the best out of ESPAs detoxifying salt scrub, you’re going to want to body-brush your skin as often as possible (I dry brush on a daily basis), use the scrub twice a week, and always follow with a nourishing body butter or oil. 

How often do you do a total body scrub?

Until next time,

Friday, 6 May 2016

Philosophy Pumpkin Icing

philosophy pumpkin icing review

I can't tell you how many Philosophy shower gels I have bought for people in the past, they make great gifts for anyone who spends as much time in the bathroom as I do, from the range of scents to the pretty packaging, I can’t believe I’ve never actually treated myself to one. For Christmas, I was gifted the Philosophy Pumpkin Icing and was finally able to experience the scent-bomb I’d been gifting others for so long!

Smells invoke memories, and sometimes those memories are so strong they knock you sideways. As soon as I took one whiff of Pumpkin Icing I was instantly taken across the Atlantic to that first every trip I took to Walt Disney World - oh come on, what other memory could it hit me with? Everything takes me back to Disney. It reminds me of the first time we walked into the 365 Days of Christmas Shop, seeing the look of sheer heaven on Earth on my Mums' face. She is, without a doubt, Mrs. Christmas. So yeah, I was feeling all nostalgic as I sudded up. 

philosophy pumpkin icing review

Pumpkin Icing doesn’t just smell great, it feels great too. It suds up beautifully on a shower puff, and gives a really rich, creamy lather that leaves my skin not only smelling like Thanksgiving dinner but soft to the touch too. Ok, it’s probably not the scent for Spring, it’s very warming, cinnamon like, much more Autumn/Winter, but that’s not going to stop me from using it up. I’d love to check out the more Spring appropriate Amazing Grace, or SeƱorita Margarita. If they smell as good as this one, I might never leave my bathroom again. 

philosophy pumpkin icing review

I’m always really skeptical about some multi-use products, especially shower gels that triple up as a bubble bath and a shampoo as well, though for travelling that would come in really handy. All Philosophy shower gels, from what I can see, triple up this way. Pumpkin Icing doesn’t just make an amazing, frothy, nourishing, shower gel, but a very bubbly bubble bath though I wasn’t totally sold on its shampooing properties. My hair didn’t feel all that great afterwards, but hey ho, two out of three ain’t bad.

What’s your favourite shower gel scent?

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