Friday, 29 April 2016

Why bloggers make the BEST friends!

bloggers make the best friends

Everybody needs a blogger in their life. I’m starting to see more and more bloggers opening up to friends and family about their blogs, sharing their online lives. Maybe you’re a blogger, about to tell your nearest and dearest about your .com, or maybe a friend has just told you she has a thing called a ‘blog’ and you’re not entirely sure what it means, but you’re happy for her anyway. Well, I’m here to tell you 5 reasons why bloggers make the best friends.

If you need a recommendation…they’ll have one. Looking for somewhere to take the other half for a romantic dinner? Need to impress the in-laws over Sunday brunch? Problem skin? Not sure which shade of red lipstick you could pull off? Your blogger will know - and if she doesn’t, she will have another 5 fellow bloggers on her Whats App that can give you an answer in seconds. 

They always want to try new places. From restaurants to bars, pop-up shops, salons, that mini golf that just opened up in town. A day out with your blogging bestie is sure to never be the same day twice. They know all about what’s new, what’s hot and they’re always on the look out for new content creating opportunities. Just remember, you might have to let them take a few pictures of your food before you dig in!

They always need a plus one. Shop openings, product launches, networking events, menu tasting, if you play your cards right you’ll be in for all expenses paid night out, as long as you offer to take a few dozen #OOTD pictures for their Instagram!

Shop their stash. PR samples piling up, multiples, products that are not just quite right for them but would be perfect for you, you can guarantee that most bloggers, beauty bloggers especially, will have a humongous pile of beauty goodies that just can’t put a dent in! That’s where you come in, from skincare to makeup, you can bet your blogging buddy has something in there that she’ll be more than happy to give to you to make more room in her stash for the next round of blogger mail. 

YOU inspire them. Those conversations you had at 3am about the wonders of life could easily turn into a 3-post series, or your questions about the latest Make Up Geek collections could spark a top 5 countdown, answering all your questions and more.

And if you’re both bloggers?

So many selfies. Your blogging buddy knows the importance of a good selfie and she will be happy to help you out, with lighting, posing, angles, even taking it for you or holding out the selfie stick because her arms are just that little bit longer than yours. 

Creative collabs. Need a catchy title for your latest post? Need to bounce around some ideas for your next monthly favourites round-up? Your blogging buddies have got you covered. Struggling for some inspiration when the blank page strikes? They’ll give you some ideas to get those creative juices flowing again. They might even give you a spot to post on their blog, and vice versa!

You’ll never miss another slice of blogging gossip. If you’re too busy to get on social media to see what the latest storm is going down, you know your blogging bestie will have a play by play ready and waiting for you so you don’t have to scroll through endless tweets!

Endless opportunity. If you get offered a post op that might not be quite right for your blog, or maybe there’s just no space in your posting schedule for it right now, why not pass on your friends contact details? It’s all about sharing the love in the blogosphere (contrary to popular belief!).

Why making friends with bloggers could be the best friends you ever make! What do bloggers get up to when they get together? #blogging #bloggingcommunity #bloggingtips

It’s a win-win situation if your bestie is a blogger, who knows, you might get into it too and you can both reap the benefits of being bloggers together!

Do any of your friends know you blog? Do they blog too?

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  1. Haha, my knowledge of Leeds bars is actually getting to be slightly impressive now! A couple of years ago I didn't know anywhere. Thanks blogging :D

    Corinne x

  2. Loved this post and I completely agree with it! :) Actually some of the best people I met are also bloggers and I always enjoy our times together because it always turns into a great little adventures! Yay for bloggers! :)

  3. Absolutely love it Sarah! It's so true, I love that I have friends that are bloggers and friends that aren't as you can have such great and unique conversations & relationship with each.

    I love that with blogging I have managed to meet some amazing people like you, Jemma and Liv!

    Danielle xx