Monday, 25 April 2016

5 - things you need to turn your bathroom into a home spa!

how to turn your bathroom into a spa

If we could all take a trip to the Spa every Sunday, well, I reckon we’d all have a much happier Monday after a little TLC. Unfortunately, I haven’t made my millions yet and can’t go giving up the day job to support a full-time me-time lifestyle (ah, maybe one day!). But, it is entirely possible and financially feasible to bring the spa directly to you! With a few handy bathroom gizmos and gadgets, you can turn the tiniest of tubs into a glamorous, tranquil, at home spa.

Bath Pillow £8
Starting out with the simplest of things - a bath pillow. I’ve tried rolling up a towel to support my head but 9 times out of 10, it ends up in the water or gives me a real pain in the neck. I want to lay back and relax, so popping this waffle cushioned bath pillow behind my head will help me do just that. I prefer the cotton covered ones to the PVC style, so much more comfortable and it won’t stick to you, just the tub!

Bath Caddy £14.99
Ok, you might not be able to convince your other half, the kids or even the dog to bring you a cheeky vino and a bar of Galaxy whilst you soak, but you could have it all to hand with a fancy pants bath caddy. Wine holder, candle holder, book holder and three storage sections for all your lotions and potions. Independent bathing at its finest!

Medisana Spa Bath Mat £79.90
The Medisana is slightly more on the splurgy side of things, but considering how much it would cost to have an actual spa-like whirlpool bath installed, the Mediasana is a fraction of the cost! Quick and easy to install, it sucks water from the bath and pushes it back through the jets, with three different massage levels depending on how relaxed you want to feel. You’re literally turning your bath into a jacuzzi - ah, bliss!

Waterproof Notebook £11.99
I have had some of my best ideas in the bath. Think about it, you’re laying there, breathing deeply, your mind is clear, and ping a lightbulb goes off and you have the best idea for a blog post or a trip out, but you have nowhere to put that idea until you get out of the tub and get dried off. If you’re anything like me, by the time you're able to put pen to paper, the idea has gone, vanished into the abyss of other forgotten tub-time ideas. The waterproof notebook saves the day, with over 80 waterproof pages, you’ll never loose another idea again! And wouldn’t it live perfectly in your bath caddy?

Bath Gem £7.99
Candlelight is great and all that, but it has nothing on the Bath Gem. This little gadget turns your bath water into a serene light show, floating around and projecting changing light colours around the bath. Does life really get any better than this?

Would you turn your bathtub into an at-home spa?

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  1. Awww these ideas are the best! I love the sound of the waterproof notebook :D I just need a shelf for my biscuits haha! xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (doing follow for follow on bloglovin or instagram)

  2. Buy me jacuzzi bath pls. Need it after the gym, ha!

    Corinne x

  3. Well, that bath caddy sounds brilliant!!! I love reading in the bath but the pain of keeping book and hands dry (without constantly having to reach for a towel) is a rat!!

  4. I still need to get a bath caddy like that - would come in SO handy! And that notebook is genius! :)

    Jackie O xo

  5. This is such a fab post, I so want a bath cady and Jacuzzi mat! They would make my Sunday night lush bath chill time so much better!