Friday, 8 April 2016

Treatwell - Voodou - Liverpool

Treatwell, formally known as Wahanda (won’t lie, wasn’t a huge fan of that name) has relaunched, rebranded, restyled and it ready and waiting to give instant access to spa and beauty appointments across the UK and Europe right from your phone. Think about it, you’ve had the worst week in work, you’re on the bus home on a Friday night feeling like crap, looking a little worse for wear and in desperate need of some TLC - you whip out your phone, pop in your postcode and before you know it, you’ve got an appointment for a hot stone massage the next day before you’ve even got off the bus. 

Treatwell has been taking over salons up and down the UK of late as part of their big re-launch and this past week, the took over Voodou, Liverpool. I was lucky enough to be invited down for an evening of pampering, prosecco, and catching up with all my local blogging ladies - who could pass up that offer on a Tuesday night? I met up with HannahLeanne, and Beth for some fun times and fizz.

Voodou is just one of those places in Liverpool that everyone knows. It’s been around for over 30 years now, training some of Liverpool's finest hairdressers and barbers. From hairdressing to hair removal, beauty and of course, brows (it is Liverpool after all), it’s no wonder they’re taking full advantage of Treatwells services to reach out to new and existing clients. 

As part of the pampering evening, we had the option of three treatments; manicure, hair styling or a neck and head massages. I didn’t need asking twice and instantly went for the massage. The very talented hands from Aurora worked on my knots and niggles for a good 10 minutes and even though I was in a salon jam packed, I felt myself drifting off to that special place only a massage can take you. I got talking to the owner who said Treatwell has made a huge difference to their salon, allowing people to book last minute treatments on the fly and has brought in a whole horde of new clients, simply because they found them scrolling through their phone on their lunch break. 

We spend more time than I’d care to admit on out phone, everything is instant, everything is done with a few clicks and bam, you’re pictures are uploaded to the world or your Amazon order is already on its way, so it makes sense for beauty appointments to be just as accessible and easy to book. Just scrolling through the app I’ve found a bunch of salons nearby that I never even knew existed. I have instant access to treatments, prices and reviews from other users. I love how you can buy gift cards too, letting the recipient choose where and how they spend it, instead of tying them to just one particular service or salon. 

Throughout the evening, Liz Hambleton, former beauty editor of Grazia, and Armand Beasley, make-up guru to the stars, where on hand downstairs in the Hippy Hangout hair extensions lounge talking all things beauty. It was a fantastic, informal set up where we got to ask all our questions, from holy grail products to high street wonders and high-end must-haves. Both had some fantastic advice when it came to looking after your skin from the outside in (it’s all about the zinc and b12!) and we’re an absolute joy to listen to. 

As soon as I got home I downloaded the app, found a spa that is practically next door to my house and have decided to go ahead and treat myself well with a cheeky little spa day - because why the hell not? I deserve a little pampering and TLC. If you go on over to the website right now…go on…I’ll wait…


Done? Yay! As a reward, here's a Treatwell discount code for a whopping £10 off your first booking!

Enter APPL at the checkout! 
(valid until July 2016)

What will your first appointment be?

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  1. Not entirely convinced on the new name but a heck of a lot better than the old one like you say! Weirdly i've only ever thought to look on this site when in London or a big city, never for my own town. I just presumed my salons weren't on it but I shall now check in future as it would make booking easier!
    Amy at Amy & More