Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Oasis Spring Sale Picks

oasis spring sale

Having spent nearly all my breaks today killing the battery on my phone by scrolling not so aimlessly for once, I haven't been table to take my eyes off the current Oasis spring sale. Confession time, I haven't bought myself new daytime clothes in I don't know how long - I'm not counting the novelty jumpers at Christmas! My wardrobe is starting to bore me, I feel like I'm just cycling through the same old pieces day in, day out. With most of the sale items coming in at under £30, some dresses even less than £15, there's something for every budget.

The 60s A-Line Shift is so bright, it just screams summer, though could easily carry through to autumn winter with a long sleeved top underneath and some chunky knit tights. I love the slight military feel and it reminds me of Cheryl Coles crazy stupid love military jacket (bet that song is stuck in your head now! You're welcome!)

The Striped Fit n Flare is the perfect go-to for any and all events this summer. From a night with the girls to an all day wedding, this dress does all the talking so you don't need to go all out on shoes and accessories. 

Now, this might just be my favourite pick, the Edie Floral Placement Shift was the first dress I saw on the sale page, and the first to go straight into my basket. There was no way I was not buying this dress. it screams me, from the floral to the cut and the too adorable collar. I can see me getting a lot of wear out of this one for a long time. I'm already picturing tights, ankle boots and my leather jacket. 
oasis spring sale

This Pleated Dress would be my equivalent of a LBD. Cute, comfy, stylish and can be accessorised in about a million different ways, keeping it different everytime you wear it. I always think you should have one 'if I can't find anything new I can wear this' dress in your wardrobe when a last minute night out pops up. 

Not going to lie here, I picked out the Empire Print Top because it looks almost like a Disney castle with fireworks going off behind it. Do I need any other reason?

I've been banging on about creating a capsule wardrobe for I don't know how long, and let's face it, you and me both know it's not going to happen but I am all for some capsule pieces that I can mix and match all year round. You can never have too many cardigans in too many colours and right now, I don't have a grey so the Dakota Drape Cardi...justified purchase. 

Is it navy? Is it beige? It's whichever you want it to be. Versatile, cute, big enough to chuck everything in for a day out in the summer. Need I say more? The Reversible Hobo will go with everything, and I have a feeling it would make a pretty good carry-on bag too. 

I don't know about you, but I take a huge bag to work, and when last minute, let's all hit the beer garden after work suggestions start flying around, I dread having to lug my backpack along. The Poppy Zip Around X Body would live quite happily in my locker and ideal for these last minute outings. 
oasis spring sale

It's a Princess Coat. Princess. Didn't quite catch that, ok, I'll say it one more time...Princess. That's pretty much the only reason why I want it. I'd feel like a slightly more awake Aurora in this little beauty. 

All the accessorising has been done for me with this one. Cute, simple, great with skinnies and flats, I'm instantly put together without even having to try. This Embellished Stripe Necklace just ticks all the boxes. 

Did you spot anything you couldn't leave the site without?

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  1. Love your picks, I literally can't pick a favourite!

    Anika |

  2. DRESSES! GIVE ME. That middle one is so glam. I right like the striped jumper too but I always look like a heffer in tops like that!

    Sounds like it's time to treat yourself!

    Corinne x

  3. Now I'm going to their website to see what I can find. Although I'm starting a diet today, so I'm not sure I should buy clothes :D