Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Côte Bistro - Liverpool - Lunch Menu

Côte Bistro  Liverpool  Lunch Menu review

Côte is fast becoming one of the Mr and I’s favourite places. We’ve had breakfast at Côte Bistro a couple of times now and when we decided to go out for lunch we found our feet taking us in an all too familiar direction. Côte do an amazing lunch deal, 2 courses for £10.95, or 3 courses for £12.95. I love a good lunch deal, you usually get so much more bang for your buck. Knowing how great breakfast was, I was eager to see how well lunch went down.

The Lunch deal is on Mon - Fri 12 till 7pm (that’s a long lunch), we arrived about 12.30pm to an almost empty restaurant but by 1pm it was almost full (this was a Tue afternoon). Good timing or am I actually on the Truman Show?

Côte Bistro  Liverpool  Lunch Menu review

We knew we were going to go the whole hog and get three courses, so for starters, I went for the chicken liver parfait; served with chargrilled baguette and cornichons. The Parfait was delicious, came in the cutest little wax topped mason jar and you got so much parfait I could have easily done with more bread - and I’m no thin spreader let me tell you! Mr went for the frisee aux lardons; light bacon salad with a warm poached egg on top. He said it was really nice, and the poached egg looked perfect. 

Côte Bistro  Liverpool  Lunch Menu review

Onto the mains. I immediately chose the pork belly with celeriac puree, salad and a veal and thyme jus. Oh. OH. The pan roasted pork belly was amazing, with the thinnest layer of perfect crackling right across the top. The piece of pork was huge too, way more than I was expecting for lunch and the meat just fell apart it was cooked so well. Mr chose the haddock parmentier with creamy leek sauce, peas and dill topped with potato and gruyere cheese. It looked and smelt amazing and was so hot he had to wait a good five minutes before he could take a bite! The potato and gruyere cheese topping was so creamy and delicious.

Côte Bistro  Liverpool  Lunch Menu review

I couldn’t not have dessert and before I’d even ordered my starter I knew what I wanted. The crumble aux pommes had my name all over it. Hot apple compote with a Normandy butter crumble topped with vanilla ice cream. It came piping hot in the cutest mini casserole dish which was much deeper than I realised. There was so much apple crumble here, and every bite was perfection. the apples were so soft and full of flavour with a rich cinnamon taste too. I could have easily eaten another it was that good. Mr went for the frozen iced berries which I thought was going to be a bit boring, but, it came with a hot white chocolate sauce that when mixed with the iced berries gave them a whole new look and taste. The chocolate and the berry juices created this psychedelic looking sauce that was delicious and the berries tasted fresh and tangy. 

Considering how busy it got during our meal not once did we struggle to get a servers attention, were constantly checked on and asked if we needed any more drinks and there was nice, but not too long break in between each course. Everything tasted fresh and every plate was sent back clean and clear! 

Guess I’ll have to go back to sample the evening menu now!

Do you have a Côte Bistro near you?

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  1. wow! the food looks delicious!

  2. Looks lovely. Man, I miss pate! I don't know if I could eat a warm egg with salad, even though it does look lovely!

    I sneezed whilst writing this comment. I hope you will bless me.

    Corinne x