Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Nair Argan Oil Shower Power Hair Removal Cream Review

Let’s start by saying this, I hate shaving my legs. I hate hair removal. I hate how messy, painful and/or expensive it can be and how it adds an extra 15 minutes onto my ‘I’m already running late’ shower’. I hate it when you have a bare-your-legs situation and your blade has gone dull, or the wax gets in places and just stays there. I ask myself why do I bother, surely the yeti look will come back into fashion?  Until the day comes when there are no circles of shame in the gossip rags, I must find a sure fire way to keep the hair at bay. 

Hello Nair you ol’buddy, my ol’pal. I remember many moons ago when I first picked up a hair removal cream. It smelt vile, it burnt, and it left really awkward to explain stains on Mum’s best towels. That’s going back at least 10 years (I won’t admit to more than that!) now and when it comes to hair removal creams, times have changed. Fancier ingredients like argan oil, jojoba oil and cocoa butter ensure a skin softening finish and a slightly more pleasant smell. The spatulas are less like worn credit cards and are now something that actually works with the contours of your legs and other delicate areas. Special formulas mean it’s even kinder (i.e your skin doesn’t feel like it’s being melted off Heisenberg style) to sensitive and dry skin. 

In theory, the Nair Shower Power Cream sounds like the secret weapon of the war on unwanted body hair. Promising smoother skin for up to 7 days, and the job was done whilst your shower, what could go wrong?

Normally when I use creams like this it’s post-shower, so using it and showering at the same time really intrigued me. The instructions clearly state to apply a thick layer of cream with the provided spatula, wait 1-2 minutes then step in the shower…and avoid excessive exposure to water for at least 3 minutes.

Wait. What?

I don’t know how big your shower is, but as soon as I’m in there, I’m soaked. I admit my yoga is somewhat rusty but I can’t put half of me under the shower and keep my legs even somewhat out of the downpour. In the interest of blogging, I tried, I really did, but the cream just went really patchy and started running off. Attempt number 1 - fail.

Attempt number 2.

I showered sans hair removal cream. I made sure my legs were squeaky clean and super dry before applying the cream, nice and thick and even.

Problem. It states you leave the cream on no longer than 10 minutes but I failed to take into account how long it would take to apply the cream to one leg after the other, so when my right leg started to tingle before the timer went off, things started to get a little uncomfortable. Then I failed to realise how long it would take to take off the cream on my right leg and my left leg started to tingle. Great.

The spatula is curved, almost like a scythe, which makes working on your calves and knees much easier. However, it took going over the same patch rather vigorously for the hair to be removed. Plastic scraping on chemically treated skin is not fun. I managed to knick myself a few times and my legs felt extremely sensitive afterwards. With fresh warm water, I bathed my legs with a flannel which helped to soothe the irritation a little and remove a few stubborn hairs. The instructions state to not rub the skin or use any soaps/products on the treated areas afterwards. 

I ended up bathing my legs twice. I could still smell the cream and it wasn’t all that pleasant anymore. So much for the odour control technology the packaging boasts. I will say this though, my legs were as smooth as a baby’s backside. I have pale skin and dark hair, so when I shave I usually get this strawberry effect, the roots are black so the are pretty visible under the skin. The hair had been dissolved from the root, so no more strawberry fields. I could still feel the very odd prickly hair, but they were few and far between. Though the entire process took close to half an hour, I spent the next several constantly touching my legs. 

Then I decided to put some tights on and go out for the evening. Bad move. The tights rubbed against the skin, and every time I pulled them up it felt like I had filled them with angry stinging bees. Ouch.

As for the regrowth, I didn’t get 7 days, not even close. 2 days later and my legs were noticeably prickly and by the 3rd day, the razor was back out. I’d say at best, it bought me one shave-free day.  Now, this is something that will be different for everyone, my hair grows like one of those Play-Doh spaghetti makers, but I have friends who can literally get away with not shaving for a week and still bare to bare their legs. Lucky sods. 

Given the time it took to actually use the Nair Hair Removal Shower Power Cream vs shaving daily, no time was saved at all, but, this would be ideal to use when I’ve got to have my legs out on show, tight free, all day, i.e something like a wedding or a day at the races. Purely because it get’s rid of the dark roots I find so visibly frustrating and I’m just not a tan-it-yourself kinda girl. 

The war on unwanted body hair goes on. Hair removal creams have never been for me and though I’m happy to give it a go, I’m not surprised it didn’t work out exactly as I’d have hoped. So it’s back to the daily shave.

What’s your preferred method of hair removal? Anything you think I should try?

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  1. This really made me laugh! I'm always looking for a "better" method of hair removal and always end up going back to my trusty razor. The results of this cream sound impressive - just a shame they didn't last longer! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  2. The whole experience was not very nice. I know. I tried a hair removal cream and it was similar. :))

  3. The process makes the legs look graceful, the hair removal hurts just as the razor but it is important to looking great!