Monday, 11 January 2016

What to do when your favourite TV show ends?

what do you do when your favourite tv show ends

We’ve all been there. You’ve given it laughs, tears, bitten your nails off at the cliffhangers, shipped two characters so hard you thought your heart would explode if they ever actually got together, shouted at the TV when things didn’t go to your liking and after multiple seasons, character deaths and rebirths, it’s all finally coming to an end. Just what do you do when your favourite tv show comes to an end?


Fire up the Netflix or drag out the DVD’s, set aside a weekend, get under the duvet and relive the experience all over again. I actually really love watching shows back again. You always see something new and you instantly remember just why you fell in love with it in the first place. Pass the tissues, the popcorn and keep the kettle boiling!


Just because the show’s over doesn’t mean the story is for you or your favourite characters. Did you ship a couple that never got together on the show? You can guarantee they did in fan fiction. Convinced there was more about that bit character changing a lightbulb? Fan fiction will satisfy your curiosity and bring back to life the characters you’ve lost. Who knows, you might have a few ideas for an extended story line yourself!

Let’s talk

Find a discussion forum dedicated to your favourite show where you can meet with like-minded fans who are just as upset as you are because it’s over. Talk into the small hours about plot holes, theories, story arcs that never got an ending and questions that never got answers. If forums don’t fill the void, why not write a blog post, get it all off your chest. Why did you love the show so much? What the hell will you do now it’s over? It's another great way to meet fellow fans too.

Wait for the movie

So many shows turn into films these days, so don’t be surprised if a film pops up a couple of years after the show ends to really end the show - and put your through that emotional roller coaster all over again just as you’ve gotten over it ending. 

Read the books

Similar to fan fiction, have a look to see if there are any actual published books based around the show, or maybe the show was originally based off a book itself? Go read it! 

Go with some recommendations

Usually, when you finish watching something, especially on Netflix, it comes up with similar shows, or ‘people who liked this also liked’ recommendations. Have a look through them and see if anything takes your fancy, you never know, you might find your new favourite show! Having something else lined up to binge watch really helps you get over post-show-ending trauma!

If all else fails, you could always start a petition to bring it back!

What was the last show you watched that came to an end? How did you cope?

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  1. This is an awesome post idea Saloca! I always get in a downward funk when my favourite show finishes. As you know though I love a bit of fan-fiction, though I only read it for Vampire Diaries, Twilight and Harry Potter, but there is plenty to be getting through, as you can imagine! xx
    Amy at Amy & More

    1. I hate it when a show I'm really invested in ends for good, I'm never ready to let go so I need to find ways to keep it going for me, to keep my favourite characters alive!

      Sarah :)
      Saloca in Wonderland

  2. One Tree Hill was my favourite show and luckily we got 9 seasons so I feel fulfilled - but there have been other shows I've loved that were cancelled far too soon :(

    Erin |