Wednesday, 13 January 2016

What is January really about?

what to do in january

I have a problem with January. January is all about fresh starts, blank slates, new beginnings, goals, resolutions, changes, challenges and more. January is all go, go GO. And I for one, really don't like it.

For most of us, December is the busiest, most stressful time of the year. If you're celebrating the holidays it's a month of going out, seeing people, being sociable, maybe even having to put up with spending time with people you really don't like. Most of your life goes on hold in December as you run around like a crazy person, spending money you don't have on gifts no-one really needs. You stress about table decorations and who should sit by who on the big day. There's the big works night out you might have been dreading for the last few weeks that you still don't have a dress for and you keep finding sellotape and price stickers on the bottom of your socks. 

On top of all of that, chances are the sector you're working in is run off it's feet too. Sometimes I miss working in retail, but not at Christmas. Retail at Christmas is a terrifying circle from Dantes Inferno and no-one, from workers to shoppers, get's out unscathed. From start to finish, December is a nightmare all wrapped up in a sparkly bow.

So why do we continue to torture ourselves come January? 

I'm starting to think January should be less about change and more about rest. After forgoing ourselves in a bid to make it a magical season for others, we have let our eyebrows grow wild, our nails to chip, our waistlines to expand and our sanity to waiver. Why the hell would we then decide to go on an all singing, all dancing, month-long endeavour to keep up with that insane momentum? 

I'm as guilty as anyone. If there's something new I want to do, a challenge I want to accept, a habit I want to start, you will find me saying;
  • I'll start that in the New Year
  • I'll start on Monday
  • I'll start on the first of the month
Sound familiar? I'm not one for starting a 30-day habit in a 28 day month, and I have this insane urge to start anything and everything I attempt at the beginning.

On the 1st January, I was determined to get back in shape and kick my own ass. I jumped into three fitness challenges and went all out, go big or go home. By day 6 I was injured and by day 13 I've given up on half the challenges. 

I need to rest. We need to rest. January should be about rest. 

So from now until the end of the month, I want to take things slow. I want to hibernate indoors, only going outside for work or to let the online food shopping in. I'll exercise, but it will be gentle. I will socialise but it will be chilled, over tea and cake. I will make more time for myself and I will not beat myself up over goals or resolutions that have already gone down the pan.

If I don't rest up now, how the hell will I survive the rest of 2016?

Anyone else just feel like putting their feet up this month?

Until next time,


  1. I loved reading this post ♥

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    1. I'm really focusing on calming down for the rest of the month, getting enough sleep and putting stress on the back burner for once. I just want to focus on me and already I'm feeling a lot better!

      Sarah :)

  3. This is an extremely interesting read. I've never really been one for New Years' resolutions and IF I want to do a 30-day challenge, I make it a point to do it when I feel the most passionate about it, not on the day that makes the "most sense." That being said, I started off a 30-day challenge schedule for myself starting on January 1st this year just because that's when I thought of it. I purposely picked an easy, restful challenge because I didn't want to start myself off on an impossible challenge that I immediately regretted.

    I hope your January has been comfortable and peaceful!

    1. I have really been taking the resting so seriously so far this month and it's been wonderful. It still feels weird to not have plans and to 'stop' so much but it's doing me the world of good and getting me ready for the year ahead!

      Sarah :)