Friday, 4 December 2015

Christmas - Gift guide for him 2015

I love doing gift shopping for men. I find that most (my Mr not included!) are very easy to buy for. I don't know why but I much prefer buying men's Christmas gifts to women's so I had a ton of fun putting together this little gift guide for you all! If you're looking for something special to pop in his stocking this year I've got you covered!

(from left to right)

Personalised whiskey tumbler £15 I bought Mr one of these for his birthday this year and he hasn't stopped using it. It's his go-to glass and he loves it. The personalised etching is spot on and the glass is really great quality. You can choose any name, message, year and even have their age put on it - great for any special birthdays you might have this time of year. Pair it with some whiskey rocks or his favourite bottle.

Steam Controller £39.99 I asked the Mr what he thought would be top of a man's Christmas list this year and he instantly said this, the Steam Controller. If your guy is into gaming and plays most of them through his Steam account then this controller is sure to be a winner. It's cheaper than most console controllers and other PC controllers of a similar calibre and is ready to play hundreds of games from the Steam store. If you do give him this, you might not see him for the rest of the holidays!

Lounge pants £25 Practical gifts for men are always a winner, and what man wouldn't love some luxury lounge pants? I love the men's loungewear from Next (I pretty much love all of the Next men's wear), they're so comfortable (so I'm told!) and soft. This two pack is amazing value, you could pick up some lounge tops to go with them too.

iMusic Pillow £10 If your guy likes to fall asleep listening to music, podcasts or audio books then this pillow is a godsend! Not only will it let them drift off to sleep to their favourite tune, but you won't have to listen to any of it! The speakers are embedded deep in the plush pillow so only the head on the pillow can hear it.

Plectrum Punch £13.49 I bought my brother a guitar a few years ago, if he actually bothered to play it I would be buying him one of these plectrum punches to go with it! It can turn anything into a sturdy plectrum, a great way to re-use old bank cards or id cards without having to fork over the cash for fancy plectrums.

Portable Charger £15 I bought one of these back in September and it hasn't left my bag since. Technically, not a gender specific gift but I needed another for my list! This Anker charger can full charge my iPhone 5s six times before it runs out of juice! It can charge up to two devices at a time, as long as you have a cable with a USB connection it will pretty much charge anything and everything! Perfect for the gadget man in your life...or someone who spends a little too much time on Reddit or YouTube on their phone whilst out and about!

Dressing Gown / House Coat £45 Again, something practical but so plush, I don't know a man who wouldn't want to wrap themselves up in this housecoat after stepping out of the shower during the winter! This, paired with the lounge pants will make for some cosy cuddles this Christmas!

Up to snow good t-shirt £15 From Christmas jumpers to novelty socks, I love fun and festive clothing for men! This t-shirt is great, it's Christmassy enough without being too cheesy for the semi-serious man in your life. With a long winter ahead he's sure to get his wear out of this, a laugh on casual Friday and it's a pretty good price too!

Daniel Wellington Sheffield Watch £159 I love the simplistic stylish designs of the DW watches. No fuss, no look at me bling bling for attention. Just a simple, well-crafted design that really is timeless. It will go perfect for both formal and informal wear and you could always have it engraved too!

Dancing Groot Pop Vinyl £10.99 I've been seeing these Pop Vinyl figures everywhere this year and I don't know a guy who hasn't got at least one! Ok, maybe I picked the dancing Groot because, well, look at him! How cute! But any Avengers fan will love him, I'm sure!

What will you be putting under the tree for the men in your life this Christmas?

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  1. What on earth is groot pop vinyl?! I love the sound of the pillow, is there a timer on it so that is switches off after a certain period? I like listening to music in bed but then end up waking up to switch it off! xx

    Amy at Amy & More

    1. Haven't you seen Guardians of the Galaxy? Shame on you! Get it watched and then you'll understand haha!

      I'm not sure if the pillow has a timer but I am sure there will be an app on your phone to do the job!

      Sarah :)

  2. The Plectrum Punch is interesting, I had no idea there is a thing like that. You made a lovely selection. x