Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Bee Good Honey & Propolis 2 in 1 Cream Cleanser

beegood honey and propolis cream cleanser review

I used to run a mile from cream anything when it came to skin care, convinced that it would only make the oily skin gods angry and cause the pores to erupt with more and more oil as punishment, a never ending flow, of sebum. The threat is real folks, but thankfully, the oily skin gods don’t actually mind cream cleansers all that much, especially when they come in honeylicious Bee form. 

The honey & propolis 2 in 1 cream cleanser from Bee Good is an absolute dream - and it smells like pink lemonade, just to top off how amazing it is. Suitable for all skin types, their paraben, synthetics, mineral oil, silicone, SLS and SLES free formula delivers a rich, creamy cleanser that melts away dirt, grime, pollution and make up without drying out your skin - meaning oilier skin won’t get oiler when using this. All I’m left with is silky-smooth, clean, soft skin. I’ve noticed my skin isn’t as oily during the day (but blotting and powder still required) and redness appears reduced. It does have some antibacterial properties so it’s also a gentle way to help treat and clear up breakouts.

beegood hone and propolis cream cleanser review

Applying a 20p sized splodge to dry skin, massage gently all over the face and neck in light circular motions. The only downside to this cleanser and this is more about personal preference than the cleanser itself, is that I don’t like using cleanser on dry skin. I feel like I’m pulling at my skin all too much, especially around the eyes. I tend to remove my make-up first with my Body Shop Camomile make-up remover, then cleanse. That way I don’t have to work it in so much, especially around the eyes! Remove with a hot cloth in gentle circular motions, then give your face a quick splash with cold water to close the pores. My skin feels so smooth and has an instant, healthy-looking boost, even if I'm feeling super tired. I’ve been using this twice a day and my skin really does look healthier. I’ve got to say, I actually think I prefer this to my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser - and I never thought I’d say that!

I’m new to the Bee Good skincare line, this being the first product I have thoroughly tried and tested but everything I have read about the brand, and experienced in this little tube, has me looking all the more into Bee Good. I know Hayley raves about them, and let’s face it, that girl knows her shiz. I had a peek on their website and ended up making a wish list of goodies I would love to try including their raspberry and white chocolate lip balm, and the honey and wild mint cleansing water. 

Everything is natural and made by British bees, what’s not to love? I shouldn’t, but I think I might have to put an order in soon. After all, I’ve got to give myself a gift or two this Christmas!

Have you tried anything from Bee Good? What would you recommend?

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