Friday, 11 September 2015

Pinterest - the personal trainer

pinterest personal trainer

For anyone who stalks follows me over on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll have seen a few more fitness updates of late. I’ve really been getting my thang on in the gym and loving it. But for a while, that wasn’t the case.

I would go the gym, I would run a little on the treadmill, maybe cycle for 10 minutes or so on the bike, do a couple of weighted squats or mix things up with a class every once in a blue moon. This wasn’t bad, but it was boring. I’m not one for making gym buddies to launch a medicine ball at and my pennies don’t really stretch to regular personal trainer sessions so I needed to figure out not only how to get fitter but to have more fun in gyming solo!

Hello Pinterest. Is there anything Pinterest doesn’t solve these days? Heck, I find myself searching for visual answers on Pinterest more than I type into Google these days. Infographics of quick, easily digestible information, visual guides, and gifs, and if I like what I see, I can delve a little deeper and click right to the source to learn more.

So there I am in the gym, I’ve worked up a sweat with some warm up cardio, my blood is pumping and limbs limber - do I work legs? Arms? Abs? Let’s say it’s a leg day… 

So, we’ll just have a little search for leg workouts for the gym

pinterest personal trainer

Scrolling through legs, asses, more legs, more asses, dumbbell squats, kettle bell workouts for stronger thighs, long and lean ballerina legs workout, 30-minute dumbbell workout for your legs…

pinterest personal trainer

I’m spoilt for choice. I haven’t worked on the leg machines in a while, so let’s go with this one! 

Clicking it blows up the pinned image and if I click through it takes me to the original site where I can learn more about the moves, pick up some tips and even watch a video. Away I go with my workout.

Don’t get me wrong, this is no substitute for having a personal trainer and if you're new to fitness don’t just jump in at the deep end - you’ll hurt yourself! But if you’re already relatively fit and healthy and know how to use the gym equipment safely then using Pinterest as a personal trainer could be the key to more varied, fun workouts. I know by doing this I’ve picked up new moves and done workouts I would never have known how to do before. I pin workouts I’ve enjoyed or want to try to my own board so I can quickly find them the next time I’m in the gym!

All gyms generally offer free inductions and all staff will be trained in the safe way to use all equipment on site - and asking for help or a demo won’t cost you anything so if you find a workout you want to try but are unsure about the equipment, check with a trained member of staff!

And on days I don’t want to workout at the gym? Well, I’d simply search for leg workouts at home! :)

Have you ever used Pinterest to inspire your workouts?

Until next time,

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