Thursday, 3 September 2015

Kindle - FREE poolside reads

You’ve bought your sunscreen and a new floppy hat. You’ve checked your passport is in date and convinced a neighbour to pop in and keep your plants alive. Your bags are packed, over the allowed luggage weight and there’s only really one thing left to do - sort out your poolside reading material!

I’m not one for magazines, so I opt for books, filling my Kindle with whatever takes my fancy at the last minute, usually spending a fortune and only reading 1 out of the 6 or 7 books I end up buying. With a holiday on the horizon I’m trying to be a little more organised and thrifty. My goal was to get myself at least 4 books for free on my Kindle.

Just go to the Top 100 free list I hear you say…well, I did that. Having to trawl through the the ‘part 3 of 15’ epics, or ‘first in the trio’, erotica to XXX erotica, horny housewives and samplers is just a pain in the ass and not exactly flying out the door frenzy friendly! So, if, like me, you’re looking for some light, fewer than 50 shades, poolside reading, here’s a few I’ve popped on my Kindle that should keep you entertained over your breakfast colada in the sunshine. 

All Over the Place - Serena Clarke

Humiliated on reality TV, Livi runs away to London, as far as she can possible get (or so she thinks) from flashing bulbs, paparazzi and the man who broke her heart. Brushing up against a mysterious American on the underground sends Livi on a journey across Europe, following a trail of living and dead rock stars, a family falling apart at the seams, a childhood friend who looks good in bikers leathers and a magical night in Paris. Will Livi keep running or find something, or someone, to stop for?

Tick to the Tock - Matthew Turner

21 year old Dante has an inoperable brain tumour. He’s going to die. He has three months to do anything and everything he can possible think of in order to battle his tumour and get the most out of life - including answers to the question he has for Danii - the one that got away. With the clock ticking, his family urging him to fight, his friends arguing about what’s best, Dante has to decide what he wants to do with the time he’s got left. A journey that will take him half way around the world and back again, it’s about time he discovers what life is all about, and what makes him truly happy before his time runs out. 

The seven steps to closure - Donna Joy Usher

Tara wakes up the morning after her 30th birthday and realises that her life really hasn’t moved on since having her heart broken by her ex. Her marriage is over, her ex is moving forward - with her cousin and poor Tara has been left in the dust. Friends, always coming to the rescue at times like this with wine and Galaxy, find a 7 step guide to getting closure from a break up in a magazine and urge Tara to take on the challenge. From a new haircut to an exotic holiday, meaningless hook-ups and more, will Tara finally mend her broken heart and move forward with her life?

More Ketchup than Salsa - Joe Cawley

True story. When Joe and his girlfriend pack up their fish stall in drizzly Lancashire, they think it will be all fun in the sun as novice bar owners with no catering experience. The sky might be bluer but the grass isn’t always greener, from homesickness to cockroaches, crazy locals and a lesson learnt or two, it’s all out laughs as these two ex-fish mongers try to make it on the beaches of Tenerife. 

What will you be reading by the pool this year?

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