Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Saloca Reads - One Day by David Nicholls

one day david nicholls book review

Though I filled my Kindle for my recent trip, at the last minute I found myself in the library and One Day by David Nicholls made its way from the library shelf to my hand luggage. I remember seeing the film adaptation of this book when it came out and I always meant to pick it up and see how they compared - I always find the books are better than the films, don’t you? It’s rare the adaptations are better than the page!

Every now and then a book comes along that completely floors you. This, was one of them. I couldn’t put it down and devoured it in just a couple of days. 

“This is where it all begins. Everything starts here, today”

Emma and Dexter. Dexter and Emma. Em and Dex. Dex and Em. On the 15th July 1988 they had a moment and this book follows them on that exact date for the next twenty years. The angst of being a twenty-something, searching for your place in the world, the ritual of the thirty-somethings weddings and the horror of other people's babies, never for once moment realising that that could be you one day, pushing 40 and wondering how the hell did it happen.

Emma is the artsy, going to change the world once she finds her place in it, one step forward - two steps back, with a literary quote for every occasion. Dexter is the arrogant, Jack the lad, who plays hard, parties harder and wouldn’t know responsibility if it smacked him in the face. Two very different, very independent characters who are almost the oxygen the other needs to breathe - not that they'd ever tell you that.

“Just kidding' was exactly what people wrote when they meant every word.”

Nicholls does and amazing job at capturing the raw emotion of relationships, the good, bad and ugly of it all. The way he captures a persons entire personality in their dialogue alone without it being cliche or overdone is amazing and keeps the story moving forward, quickly but without feeling like it’s rushing towards the end. He really captured how it’s the events in our lives that create the person who we become, but we don’t always realise we’ve changed so much unless we could see it down on paper like this! 

Though this book wasn’t my generation, I found it completely relatable. From their uni days to their late twenties, early thirties, I could relate with every thought, every crap job, break-up and drunken adventure, it was eerily accurate! 

“Better by far to be good and courageous and bold and to make a difference. Not change the world exactly, but the bit around you”

This book is filled with lessons, some we have already learnt and prepares us for the ones we know are to come. It’s easily the most quotable book I’ve read in a long time and some of those struck such a cord with me that I won’t be forgetting them anytime soon. Again, it’s littered with these little snippets, these life lessons and mantras, but not once does it feel forced or tongue in cheek - it’s just two people going through life, showing us that maybe, no matter how different we think we are, we’re all going through the same shit - just a different day

Have you read One Day by David Nicholls? Let me know in the comments below!

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Monday, 21 September 2015

Social Media Detox

social media detox

As I write this post I have YouTube playing in the background, my blog dashboard open in one tab and my phone to the right, flashing up notifications from here, there and everywhere. Since I woke up at 7 am my phone has never been more than a hands reach away from me, and more often than not you’ll find it in my hand, reading, tweeting, pinning, I’m sure most of you reading this knows exactly where I’m coming from - you might even be reading this on your phone!

A week ago, it was all really different! Like, MEGA different. I was in Fuerteventura with my Mr, on an all you can do on your ass in the sunshine trip with very limited, practically stone age access to WiFi. I won’t lie, I freaked out just a little bit before going on the trip. What the hell was I going to do without wi-fi? *insert horror movie shrieks*.

A few thoughts that crossed my mind…

  1. How would I know what was happening in the world?
  2. What would happen to my blog?
  3. My precious DA score will go down the pan!
  4. I’ll lose all my followers!
  5. What if someone really awesome tweets me and I lose my moment to fangirl tweet back?

Let’s face it, blogger, or not, most of us live our lives out online in some way or another. From Facebook updates to Instagramming every meal and coming up with #kickasshastagsnobodyelsewilluse. It’s a way of life now. So not having access to it was kind of scary.

We arrived at our lack-of-WiFi destination and from the minute I took in the endless, uninterrupted view of the ocean, the mountains of volcanic rock, the space all around us, the sun in the cloudless sky…it was like someone had flipped my vision to 1080p HD with 360degree panorama. 

Our wi-fi was slow, spotty, often cut out and more often than not, more hassle than it was worth trying to connect to at times. 

See, when you’re forced to go without something you quite simply, have to just get on with it. I had no choice, I couldn’t access social media half as much as I normally would, so I was forced to take a social media detox.

And guess what?

  1. The only English channels on the TV were News channels - and I knew more about what was going on in the world than I have in a very long time.
  2. My blog was still alive and kicking, getting hits and comments when I was nowhere near it.
  3. My DA score has stayed nice and put like a good puppy.
  4. I gained followers across all my platforms.
  5. Better late tweet than never tweet!

The world kept moving, I slept better than I have in a long while, and I discovered a few pastimes that I really enjoy that I haven’t made time for because of all the time I spend online. Believe it or not, there was a time in my life when we didn’t live our lives out online and I guess there’s still a part of me that remembers that life and liked it.

From enjoying the simple pleasure of reading, uninterrupted for hours on end to just talking with my Mr into the small hours, no notifications or 'likes' pinging off and distracting me in the background - everything about being away from the online world was nothing but positive

Have you ever taken a social media detox? Did you survive or cave? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

TAG: Interview with a blogger

tag blogger interview

I love a good tag! it feels like it's been a long while since I last did one! Anca tagged me in the bloggers interview series, you can read her answers here! Without much further a do, I present to you, my interview!

How did you get into blogging?

I actually started blogging around 10 years go! Incredible, but blogging back then was nothing like it is today - in fact, I don’t even think it was even called blogging! I had a LiveJournal account where I poured out all my late teenage angst, living a very Dawsons Creek kind of online life. That blog eventually fizzled out, weird things happened and I couldn’t go back to that blog anymore so I deleted everything and closed the account. But the blogging bug had got me and I was determined to make something in this new medium. I ended up making several blogs over the years, but none of them every really got a chance as I got fed up of the niche I had penned myself into every time. I took a break from the blogging world and took to writing on other platforms, mostly product review websites and article pages like Hubpages. 

Then, one day, I got fed up of my writing being in all the places online. I had accounts and passwords coming out of my ears, I would forget what content was going where, and I didn’t have one unique spot online where I could direct people to my writing. So, I came back to blogging. Saloca in Wonderland originally started out as a Walt Disney World travel blog, which at some point I decided that making each post 500 words or less would be an amazing idea - it wasn’t and once again I felt too restricted by the niche and closed the blog. I didn’t delete the content though so if you scroll back far enough you will find it!

After another hiatus, I came back to the blog (I’d actually remembered my account details!), and turned Saloca in Wonderland into a lifestyle blog - a way to incorporate everything I could possibly want to write about. It’s easily my longest standing, most active blog to date and I can’t see me giving up on this one anytime soon!

What advice would you give to a blogger starting out?

Blog because you have a passion for it. Be it a passion for your subject, your photography, for writing or for the ever-growing blogging community. Don’t be one of these five for a dime bloggers who have come into it because they think it’s all freebies and product launches, events and cupcakes. For those of us who live and breathe blogging, it’s not easy. Sure, it might look that way on the surface but so much goes into each and every good blog post - and you have to make sacrifices, be they social or financial. Nothing is free in the blogging world, not even those freebies people seem to think come flooding through my letterbox - they don’t. For me, blogging is like having a second full-time job - but I love it, so it’s worth it!

What would be your dream campaign?

I would love to do something about the City, be it covering a food event or working more closely with local businesses. That would be pretty amazing. 

Do you have a plan for your blog?

I just want to keep blogging. I want to see my blog grow and to see myself continue to grow as a person. Blogging has changed me in so many ways and I can't wait to see what changes are yet to come. Like I said before, I've stopped and started lots of blogs in the past but this is the one that has struck. I'm eager to sit down after a long day at work and work on my blog, on the content, take pictures, engage in the community, read other blogs etc. Just enjoying doing that and continuing to do so is my plan right now! I also want to keep working on my writing process. I feel this is something that evolves with every post!

What do you think about rankings?

I think it's interesting to keep an eye on them and to understand them but for me, it's not the be all and end all. I know when I post more, am more active on social media, Pinterest etc, my numbers go up, I see more page hits, people staying on my page longer etc and my rankings, domain authority and anything else I can find go up - when I don't do these things, they go down. The numbers are not my success story. Creating and engaging in the community are success enough for me. Just knowing one person has read my blog, took my thoughts on board, maybe even changed a habit or a thought process themselves, or has simply left with a smile, that's a job well done from me!

I tag - 


Can't wait to see everyone else's answers! What are your thoughts on blogging?

Until next time, 

Monday, 14 September 2015

Things I love about Autumn

autumn things

Autumn is such a beautiful time of year. Don’t get me wrong, I love Summer sunshine (when it actually shines!) but Autumn is just all kinds of pretty. From crunchy leaves under foot, to extra layers, fresh and chilly mornings, dark and cosy nights. Candles burning, heart warming foods and wearing fluffy socks to bed. There are so many things to love about Autumn, here’s a few of my favourites;

Halloween - Be it a fancy dress party or a night of gorging on sweets with the lights out and as many scary films as you can get through, I love halloween. I really want to decorate the house for the festivities and I’m dying to actually, finally, for the first time in my life - carve a pumpkin!

Bonfire Night - I love fireworks! I’m not sure what display I’m going to this year but I’ll be there in the middle of the field, wellies on, wrapped up warm, munching on some treacle toffee and looking for someone to light my sparkler!

Cosy nights in  - Nothing beats wrapping up in a thick blanket and curling up on the couch when it’s cold and blustery outside. The wind whistling past, the rain against the windows, I’d take a night in over traipsing across town bar to bar at this time of year!

Warm everything - No more cold breakfasts of cereal, or lunches of salad sandwiches. I love having a good, hot breakfast, usually porridge with lots of fruit, cinnamon and seeds, and a extra big mug of green tea. Lunches of soups, leftovers and jacket potatoes, whatever warms me up from the inside out!

Autumn Walks - As much as I love being all wrapped up and warm in doors, nothing beats a refreshing Autumn walk. Boots on, hat on, scarf wrapped twice around and hands buried deep in my pockets. I love walking through parks through Autumn, watching the changing of the leaves, hearing them crunch under foot. Who needs to wear headphones when the natural sounds around you are so good?

Fashion - I’m no fashionista, but I love Autumn wear; skinny jeans, boots, extra long sleeved jumpers. And scarves! All the scarves! I love being able to warm up summer dresses too; thermal tights, knee high boots and waterfall cardigans - and more scarves! I’m all about the layers!

Spiced everything - from lattes to candles, nothing screams Autumn more than spiced flavours and scents. I can’t wait to pick up some cinnamon stick Yankee Candles and get them burning! I even go for more headier, spiced perfumes too, who doesn’t want to smell like Autumn?

Christmas is coming - All the decorations, gift sets, cheesy jumpers and decorations are slowly starting to appear in the shops and I'm loving it! I love all the hustle and bustle in the build up to Christmas - from events to markets, new lines and limited edition seasonal specials, it's all so exciting!

What do you love most about Autumn? If you’re looking for some events and films to look forward to this coming season you can also check out my Autumn Events guide over on Prompts by Dee! 

Until next time,

Friday, 11 September 2015

Pinterest - the personal trainer

pinterest personal trainer

For anyone who stalks follows me over on Instagram or Twitter, you’ll have seen a few more fitness updates of late. I’ve really been getting my thang on in the gym and loving it. But for a while, that wasn’t the case.

I would go the gym, I would run a little on the treadmill, maybe cycle for 10 minutes or so on the bike, do a couple of weighted squats or mix things up with a class every once in a blue moon. This wasn’t bad, but it was boring. I’m not one for making gym buddies to launch a medicine ball at and my pennies don’t really stretch to regular personal trainer sessions so I needed to figure out not only how to get fitter but to have more fun in gyming solo!

Hello Pinterest. Is there anything Pinterest doesn’t solve these days? Heck, I find myself searching for visual answers on Pinterest more than I type into Google these days. Infographics of quick, easily digestible information, visual guides, and gifs, and if I like what I see, I can delve a little deeper and click right to the source to learn more.

So there I am in the gym, I’ve worked up a sweat with some warm up cardio, my blood is pumping and limbs limber - do I work legs? Arms? Abs? Let’s say it’s a leg day… 

So, we’ll just have a little search for leg workouts for the gym

pinterest personal trainer

Scrolling through legs, asses, more legs, more asses, dumbbell squats, kettle bell workouts for stronger thighs, long and lean ballerina legs workout, 30-minute dumbbell workout for your legs…

pinterest personal trainer

I’m spoilt for choice. I haven’t worked on the leg machines in a while, so let’s go with this one! 

Clicking it blows up the pinned image and if I click through it takes me to the original site where I can learn more about the moves, pick up some tips and even watch a video. Away I go with my workout.

Don’t get me wrong, this is no substitute for having a personal trainer and if you're new to fitness don’t just jump in at the deep end - you’ll hurt yourself! But if you’re already relatively fit and healthy and know how to use the gym equipment safely then using Pinterest as a personal trainer could be the key to more varied, fun workouts. I know by doing this I’ve picked up new moves and done workouts I would never have known how to do before. I pin workouts I’ve enjoyed or want to try to my own board so I can quickly find them the next time I’m in the gym!

All gyms generally offer free inductions and all staff will be trained in the safe way to use all equipment on site - and asking for help or a demo won’t cost you anything so if you find a workout you want to try but are unsure about the equipment, check with a trained member of staff!

And on days I don’t want to workout at the gym? Well, I’d simply search for leg workouts at home! :)

Have you ever used Pinterest to inspire your workouts?

Until next time,

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

*Jacobs Cracker Crisp - What's your flavour?

jacobs cracker crisp review

Snack time is possibly one of my favourite times of the day - anytime I stick my head into a cupboard or hand into a drawer I come out clutching some glorious snack to tie me over until my next meal. So when BzzAgent sent me over some of the new Jacobs Cracker Crisp to try I got ready to get my snack on!

With three flavours to choose from; Thai sweet chilli, salt and balsamic vinegar and sour cream and chive, there is a little something for everyone. The bags are big enough to share (if you’re feeling generous!) or perfect for a solo Netflix-Vampire-Diaries marathon weekend in your pj's. They also make great table snacks to have out in fancy ramekins for people to nibble on over drinks and a catch-up. 

jacobs cracker crisp review

Salt & Balsamic Vinegar

Don’t eat these if you’ve got an ulcer or an irritated mouth that’s for sure! They are bursting with flavour and the balsamic vinegar is really strong - which I like but I know it can be an acquired taste! They’re so moorish but you need to keep a drink on hand as they made me super thirsty!

Sour Cream & Chive

These had a really strong cheese & onion-esq flavour about them and were the most addictive of the bunch!  They made great little bases for toppings too as the crackers themselves are pretty big! Topped with a little cheese and ham, or a dollop of chutney - delicious!

Thai Sweet Chilli 

If there’s Thai sweet anything its the first thing I reach for but out of all three favours, these were probably the most disappointing. They didn’t have much of a kick to them and compared with the other two lacked some serious flavour. If you prefer a milder flavour then these would be great but I was really hoping it to pack a little more punch!

jacobs cracker crisp review

What’s your flavour?

Until next time,

Monday, 7 September 2015

Small wardrobe organisation - the wish list!

small wardrobe organisation

When I moved out of my parents almost a year ago, one thing that I really struggling with was the downsizing of my wardrobe! I went from a double, 4 door wardrobe, with shelves and drawers and poles, to a single, two door, one shelf, one pole rabbit hutch. Those of you who might have recently moved out for university will know exactly what I’m talking about! 

I’ve survived just, so far, but with another year in the flat ahead, I think it’s about time I did something about my wardrobe space as it’s really starting to grate on me and getting things in and out of it is becoming a bit of a squeeze.

All my shoes are currently dumped into a big ol' crisp box at the bottom of my wardrobe - it was only supposed to be temporary, but I've yet to sort them out! I love these clear shoeboxes, not only would I be able to actually find the shoes I'm looking for, but they don't run the risk of getting scuffed or squished (when ballet flats get that squished there is no saving them!). I actually have a hanging jewellery organiser for my costume pieces and love it, but what I want to do is hand it on the back of the wardrobe door, all the better to display my pretties! The cotton storage boxes and cedar cubes go hand in hand, I figure the boxes will be great for storing seasonal pieces and the cedar cubes will stop them smelling all musty until their time comes around again! The roll out bin is designed to be used in a kitchen/pantry but I think this would be a great way to utilise the bottom space in the wardrobe and c' mon, it rolls! I have space-saving hangers and they are a life saver but I need more and the hanger hook holders will be a great way to get 2 for 1 on pole space! 

What tips and tricks to you have for organising a small wardrobe space? 

Until next time, 

Friday, 4 September 2015

Things to smile about... (1)

reasons to smile

Over the last 7 days there have been a few things that have put a smile on my face. Life isn’t always easy and there’s not always something to smile about so it’s great to be able to look back on what’s been really good and use those good times like little magical beans when times are tough. So grow my little magical beans of happiness, grow!

  1. Getting my hair cut all purdyyy!
  2. Realising that I’m going on holiday next week!
  3. Seeing one of my closest friends get married <3
  4. Having a sleepover in my parents house - nothing beats waking up to a cooked breakfast and a brew with the parents!
  5. Hitting a DA score of 25!

What’s made you smile this week?

Until next time,

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Kindle - FREE poolside reads

You’ve bought your sunscreen and a new floppy hat. You’ve checked your passport is in date and convinced a neighbour to pop in and keep your plants alive. Your bags are packed, over the allowed luggage weight and there’s only really one thing left to do - sort out your poolside reading material!

I’m not one for magazines, so I opt for books, filling my Kindle with whatever takes my fancy at the last minute, usually spending a fortune and only reading 1 out of the 6 or 7 books I end up buying. With a holiday on the horizon I’m trying to be a little more organised and thrifty. My goal was to get myself at least 4 books for free on my Kindle.

Just go to the Top 100 free list I hear you say…well, I did that. Having to trawl through the the ‘part 3 of 15’ epics, or ‘first in the trio’, erotica to XXX erotica, horny housewives and samplers is just a pain in the ass and not exactly flying out the door frenzy friendly! So, if, like me, you’re looking for some light, fewer than 50 shades, poolside reading, here’s a few I’ve popped on my Kindle that should keep you entertained over your breakfast colada in the sunshine. 

All Over the Place - Serena Clarke

Humiliated on reality TV, Livi runs away to London, as far as she can possible get (or so she thinks) from flashing bulbs, paparazzi and the man who broke her heart. Brushing up against a mysterious American on the underground sends Livi on a journey across Europe, following a trail of living and dead rock stars, a family falling apart at the seams, a childhood friend who looks good in bikers leathers and a magical night in Paris. Will Livi keep running or find something, or someone, to stop for?

Tick to the Tock - Matthew Turner

21 year old Dante has an inoperable brain tumour. He’s going to die. He has three months to do anything and everything he can possible think of in order to battle his tumour and get the most out of life - including answers to the question he has for Danii - the one that got away. With the clock ticking, his family urging him to fight, his friends arguing about what’s best, Dante has to decide what he wants to do with the time he’s got left. A journey that will take him half way around the world and back again, it’s about time he discovers what life is all about, and what makes him truly happy before his time runs out. 

The seven steps to closure - Donna Joy Usher

Tara wakes up the morning after her 30th birthday and realises that her life really hasn’t moved on since having her heart broken by her ex. Her marriage is over, her ex is moving forward - with her cousin and poor Tara has been left in the dust. Friends, always coming to the rescue at times like this with wine and Galaxy, find a 7 step guide to getting closure from a break up in a magazine and urge Tara to take on the challenge. From a new haircut to an exotic holiday, meaningless hook-ups and more, will Tara finally mend her broken heart and move forward with her life?

More Ketchup than Salsa - Joe Cawley

True story. When Joe and his girlfriend pack up their fish stall in drizzly Lancashire, they think it will be all fun in the sun as novice bar owners with no catering experience. The sky might be bluer but the grass isn’t always greener, from homesickness to cockroaches, crazy locals and a lesson learnt or two, it’s all out laughs as these two ex-fish mongers try to make it on the beaches of Tenerife. 

What will you be reading by the pool this year?

Until next time,

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

19th Century advice for the 21st Century Woman (Part 1)

19th century advice for women

Nowadays if I want to know how to be a girl I can take to Google, pick up a glossy magazine or trawl through infographics on Pinterest. I can find blogs and Facebook pages, Twitter chats and YouTube gurus all at the click of a mouse to teach me how to be a woman. How did women - well, become women without all of this accessible information?

Back in the 1890s a young woman would be presented with The Lady’s Book of MANNERS. Everything from love, courtship, marriage, conversation, composition and what was or was not appropriate to wear to bed. Move over Cosmo and your guide to finding the G - I’ve got me some courting to brush up on first!

19th century -

“Attention to the person is the first necessity of good manners…make your own person the first lesson”

21st century - 

So like you own Instagram selfies, Facebook posts and re-tweet yourself! You’ve got to show yourself the love first!

19th century -

“You have a right to go about with unwashed hands and face, and to wear soiled garments…you have no right to offend the sense of others by displaying such”

21st century - 

That’s what Instagram filters are for. And the reason there is no such as ‘Smellagram’ (Imagine the horror!)

19th century -

“Those who have refined manners should pity those without”

21st century - 

So no more ‘liking’ drunken selfies. A polite, comment about their inability to hold alcohol will suffice. Poor dears.

19th century - 

“You should wash the whole body with pure soft water”

21st century - 

So a bath full of Evian? Serena Williams, you are one high-class lady!

If you could go back and be a lady in any century - which would it be and why?

Until next time,

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

University, the future and YOU

I’m sure a bunch of you reading this now have got your bags packed, your places on your chosen courses secure and have already been out and bought a Sharpie in every colour you can find, two planners (because you just couldn’t choose between them) and more document wallets than you will ever use. You’re either off to uni, or college, for the first time, or maybe you’re a returning student.

Either way, have the thoughts about your future come creeping in yet? For me, it was always in the dead of night, just as I would be drifting off to dreamland, the little voices would pipe up and start questioning everything. Am I on the right course? Will I cope with the coursework? Will my thesis be the greatest toilet roll ever created? Will I have an idea as lucrative as Harry Potter on my morning commute?

The thing about uni is this, it has us questioning our choices, our sanity and our ability to down several steamboats 15 minutes before happy hour ends (just me then?). Growing up, I was always made to believe that the choices I made in education would set out my career path for the rest of my life *insert thunder and lightning*. The REST of my life. I don’t plan on bowing out anytime soon so realistically speaking, that’s a really long time - how the hell at 16, then 18 am I supposed to know what I want to do with the rest of my days?

Truth is, most of us don’t know. I was always made to feel like because I didn’t know, because I didn’t have my life plan, hell I didn’t even have a 5 year plan, that there must be something wrong with me.

Growing up, I wanted to be a vet - then a science teacher told me I didn’t have a cat in hells chance of making it in the sciences so to think again. When I went to college I studied English, ICT and Media, I picked two subjects I was kick ass at at school and a wild card - media. Fuck you sciences, I never liked you anyway! The whole time I was at college, I decided I wanted to be a teacher of either English or ICT. Then I did really well in media. It was decision time.

I went to university, flipped a coin and chose English and Creative Writing. I was going to be an English teacher. Sorted.

3 months in and I dropped out of English and took up Media Communication. As you do. I was going to be a journalist. Who would teach media on the side. 

Three years later, graduation was fast approaching, I was still working part-time in Tesco and the whole teacher/journalist career path was wavering. I had to think fast, I had to find a career based on my studies or all will have all been for nothing. Oh the drama. Then I was offered a two years part-time placement on the Creative Writing MA course. YES! That gave me another two years to figure out exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. 

Over those two years I worked hard on my thesis, I looked at a million and one possible jobs I could do with my qualifications. I went from wanting to be a journalist to a teacher, to a lecturer, to a writer, then a scriptwriter, back to being a lecturer and a writer, dabbled with the idea of running away to Florida and working in Disney, dipped my toes into Freelance writing, turned down a job in a call centre and somehow found myself finishing my masters and working as a Laboratory Assistant

Fucking science!

Now? I’m a Laboratory Technician for Clinical Biochemistry by day and a blogger by night (I can say that, it’s on my cv!). Years I spent freaking out and panicking over what I would do with my qualifications, nights I spent sleepless wondering if I was doing the right thing. Hell, I even considered going back to university at one point and doing something entirely different to get me on a career path.

I guess what I’m going all around the houses to say is this; it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what you want to be when you grow up. If you have a subject you enjoy, something you are good at or that fills you with passion, then pursue it. Don’t worry about where it might or might not take you. Who cares if people don’t understand why you’ve chosen a particular subject or institute, it only has to matter to you

Your education does not have to define your future career path. Sure, it can help, and if you know exactly what you want to do for a career than go ahead and do it. But it’s ok to not know, hell I still don’t know. But what I do know? Is that it doesn’t scare me anymore.

How do you feel about the choices you have made for university? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,