Wednesday, 5 August 2015

St Lukes Bombed Out Church Beer Festival 2015 - Liverpool

st lukes bombed out church beer festival liverpool

It’s that time again folks, Beer Festival time! The folks over at Liverpool Organic Brewery are churning more and more of these festivals out now at varying locations across the city and I seem to be on a mission to attend each and every one of them, my last was in April

Side note: I don’t actually like beer!

From what I can tell, this was the first time the beer festival has been held at St Lukes, or as it’s more affectionally known, The Bombed Out Church. The church itself is an exquisite building with some amazing stonework, memorials and just downright photogenic corners. For a smallish space with no roof, I was intrigued to see how they would pull off a festival they usually hold in doors!

st lukes bombed out church beer festival liverpool

For starters, they erected an immense greenhouse ceiling that covered the majority of the church interior where the beers, ciders, wines and Liverpool Gin could all be found. The exterior was covered by lots of marquee tents, under which sat the picnic tables, Liverpool Cupcake Company, Delifonesca and a pie/pastie company that I can’t find the name of - but I can highly recommend their sausage rolls! All food and drink are from locally sourced places, hurrah for keeping it local!

st lukes bombed out church beer festival liverpool

The day itself was pretty much a washout. From the minute we finished our groups traditional pre-festival breakfast at Leaf on Bold Street, the heavens opened and the rain rarely ceased until the very end of our session (11.30am to 4pm). As usual, I hadn’t dressed for the rain or picked up an umbrella! It wasn’t so much of a problem once we were inside, but you had to go through an uncovered section to get to the drinks and the toilets were not covered at all - and beer makes people pee! A lot! 

st lukes bombed out church beer festival liverpool

I bought myself half a card - promising myself I wouldn’t become a disgusting drunken mess - so limited myself to just 4 half pints of cider and bought an oh so cheeky Liverpool Gin to finish too! Once again without realising, I ended up hitting the 7.5% cider before midday! Damn! But they had this amazing passion fruit cider that I just had to keep going back for a little more of! I also had one of the infamous blueberry electric blue ciders! So naughty but so nice!

st lukes bombed out church beer festival liverpool

Much cake munching, glasses clinking, nasty beer face pulling (I had the odd sip of others to try but no, beer is just not for me!), and getting soaked in the rain, we had an absolute ball. Because of the location, the company and the fact we had a nice big table to all sit round, it was probably one of my favourite festivals so far!

st lukes bombed out church beer festival liverpool

A little birdie tells me another festival is on its way in September and there’s going to be a GIN festival in October! An entire festival dedicated to gin! Just take my money and gin me!

Beer, cider or wine? Let me know in the comments below!

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    1. Oh I did! It was so much fun, I love the beer festivals we have here!

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