Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Pre Holiday Skin Prep!

holiday skin prep

I’m in full-on holiday countdown mode right now, with just over two weeks to go until I am having some serious fun in the sun! With booking a holiday comes all kinds of wonderful things, from new clothes, to new swimwear, those extra sessions at the gym we never admit to but gruelling put ourselves through, to the oh so intense pre-holiday pampering sessions and purchasing of very miniature toiletries. 

I love the pre-holiday prep. Let’s face it, we all want to look like a Bond girl every time we climb out of the pool - the reality is that our hair will be in a knot, our waterproof mascara turns out to be very not waterproof and our bikini bottoms are up our ass somewhere. We’ve all been there, but if our skin is glowing, our eyes bright and our swagger just right we can pull it off, panda eyes and all as we make our way back to the safety of the sun lounger. 

Starting at the top 

I’ve been deep cleansing and exfoliating my face every other day, boosting circulation, removing dead skin and creating a sun welcoming base to soak up all that vitamin d. As I’ve been exfoliating more often than usual I’ve been sure to use my ESPA Optimal Skin ProCleanser (£30); it contains soft, pearly jojoba beads that melt into your skin as you exfoliate, meaning it’s very gentle and not too abrasive. 

holiday skin prep

On the nights I don’t exfoliate, I’m cleansing with my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser (£14). A nourishing and thoroughly deep-cleanse that leaves skin hydrated and soft, thanks to the eucalyptus and cocoa butter. My skin has been getting quite dry lately, but this will butter it back up without causing breakouts or excess oil.

Twice a week I’m multi-masking with my most trusted duo - Liz Earle Intensive Nourishing Mask (£15) and GlamGlow (on sale for £35.99). GlamGlow pulls out any excess dirt and reduces redness and inflammation while Liz Earle moisturises the areas suffering from dryness. Together they make one amazing skin clearing team - and both are on their last legs *disaster*. They should see me through until the holiday but after that I’ll be on the market for something new! Any suggestions?

And down to the bottom

Like the face, the body needs a good scrubbing too. I’m keeping up with my daily body brushing (£7) to boost circulation and cell regeneration, a pre-scrub to my scrub. Every other day I’m using a body exfoliator in the shower before my shower gel, usually Soap & Glory's Scrub Of Your Life (£7). Not only does it smell great but it’s jam-packed with tiny exfoliation beads, so much so it’s almost sand like. 

It’s no secret that well-hydrated skin always looks better with a tan, and we want to help our skin keep its elasticity lest we end up looking like a Bull Dog in our 40s. I want to give my skin an extra helping so I’ve gone for the most moisturising body butter in my arsenal; Sweet Cecily’s Body Butter (on sale £12). Keep your eyes peeled, a review is coming up very soon, so I don’t want to give too much away! Suffice to say it’s giving my skin a damn good drink and helping to store up that hydration like a camels hump. 

holiday skin prep

Sometimes I think I’m like one of those giant tin foil tanning boards, the sun quite literally bounces off of me. I’ve never really come back from any holiday with any kind of bronzy all over sun-kissed glow unless it’s come from a bottle (and that’s never ended well). So, when my friends came back from their latest poolside adventures all tanned au natural they let me in on a little secret; Elemis Tan Accelerator (on sale £18.40). It’s designed to prep your skin for the sunshine by stimulating your skin's natural melanin production before you hit the sun lounger. Used every other day for 2+ weeks before your trip, daily during and back to every other day post trip, they say it will not only get you a gorgeous tan, but it will prolong it too. Now this I really have to see for myself! 

Touch your toes

A combination of all of the above really, I use my body brush on the soles of my feet, some Soap and Glory body scrub all over them and then slather on the body butter and pop on some socks for a while before bed to help my feet absorb all that goodness and stop me sliding Risky Business style all over the living room. 

The holiday is so close now I can smell the sunscreen and the sangria!

What are your pre-holiday prep tips? Let me know in the comments below!

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