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Mr Miyagi - Liverpool

Mr Miyagi Liverpool review

From the fomb (food-womb) that gave us Lucha Libre, comes Mr. Miyagi - a fusion of Japanese and Asian food; buns, skewers, tapas style small plates, sushi, ramen and more, all to a Motown soundtrack. Is there any box they haven’t ticked so far?

I met up with the Bro midweek for a catch-up and insisted we headed on up Bold Street to check Mr Miyagi’s out! After all the pictures I’d seen floating around Instagram, my mouth was watering!

We arrived close to 6 pm and got a table no problem. The decor, so stylish and swanky hit us both; I’d been in work for 9 hours, looking somewhat frazzled, and the Bro was all comfy casual in jean shorts and Converse. We both felt a little underdressed for a casual tea but thankfully not everyone who arrived was dolled up to the nines. We did sit right in the back though…just incase. 

Mr Miyagi Liverpool review

From low hanging traditional lanterns to Ghetto graffiti over Victorian fireplaces, art adorning the walls, traditional imagery in the chairs and a funky newspaper covered corner, the clash of tradition vs modern was spot on. Side note; real wooden chopsticks, not those throwaway jobs you get in Wagamammas! This really won me over - what can I say, it doesn’t take much haha!

Mr Miyagi Liverpool review

Drinks! I ordered a Kyoto Cooler; fresh melon, lychee, lemon juice, coconut water and jasmine tea. It was delicious, so light and refreshing. Bro got himself a Ghetto Geisha; pineapple, coconut water, lychee, Havanna 3 year and coconut rum. Not the manliest looking of drinks but it was really good! Heavy on the rum which he liked, me, not so much.

We got a little lost in the food menu but our waitress was able to help us out. Though I’d gone in fancying sushi or the small plates, I ended up perusing the big plates side of the menu. Greedy guts much? In the end, I settled on the Karate Katsu with pineapple and chilli egg fried rice and the Bro got a Chicken Satay noodle bowl. 

Mr Miyagi Liverpool review

A katsu is a katsu wherever you go it turns out, but what made the Karate Katsu stand out for me was the rice. Fried rice mixed with pineapple, chilli, candied peanuts, spring onion and whatever else they had on hand by the looks of it, and damn, if that wasn’t the best rice I have ever tasted! The chicken was fine, nice and crispy coated, the katsu was katsu with a hint more kick than I’m used to, but the rice really was something special.

Mr Miyagi Liverpool review

Bro was bowled over by his bowl, filled to the brim with satay chicken and veggies, more candied peanuts and pineapple. There was an option for an egg too which I think would have gone great but he refuses to eat eggs (and mushrooms, he’s weird!). He worked his way through the yellow noodles to the broth which he said tasted great too. 

Though we skipped out on dessert, I did have my eye on their Round the campfire - smore's, marshmallows, campfire, all at your table? I really want to know how that works! There’s my excuse to go back to Miyagi’s sorted. 

All in all, the guys have done an amazing job on this place, formally a not so hot buffet spot, they  have well and truly put a unique mark on the building and brought something new to Bold Street. Service was top notch, the girls couldn’t do enough for us and the food was piping hot, full of flavour and something we haven’t really seen around Liverpool. 

Mr Miyagi Liverpool review

I’ll be sure to do some extra wax on - wax off training to build up more of an appetite for next time! (C mon, you had to see that coming, right?!)

What’s your favourite Japanese or Asian dish? Let me know in the comments below!

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