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Cau - Liverpool

cau restaurant liverpool review

When the creators of Cau fell in love with the vibrancy and spirit of Buenos Aires, they set out to make a restaurant that captured this, infused with fun, chaotic energy and a melting pot of flavoursome comfort food. Cau came to Liverpool - a city that can match Buenos Aires for all its vibrancy and then some, this had to be fate, no?

When my most indecisive buddy left the dining choice to me for our latest get together I went through my to-eat list and fell upon Cau. I was in the mood for good company and really good food. Everything I’ve heard about Cau has been nothing but positive and being famed for its Argentinian mouthwatering steaks I put on my most elasticated waisted dress and headed down there.

Saturday night, 6pm, no reservation, we chanced a walk up and used our best Bambi eyes on the hostess to get ourselves a table. Ding ding! We had a winner and were quickly taken through the already bustling restaurant to our table. From the minute you step in the door, not only is Cau bigger than it looks on the outside but so stylish. From its high gloss finishes to striking land/air decor - even the dining chairs are something special, just give them a whirl. It has that European modern decor that instantly takes you away from it all, you could be in a city anywhere in Europe and I like it!

cau restaurant liverpool review

As soon as we sat down we stuck our heads behind the menus and made some agonising decisions. Everything sounded so good. I sipped a Cau Cooler; raspberry, passion fruit, apple and grapes as I oohed and aahed over everything. Eventually, I settled on the Cau Classic Burger; I’ve always thought you can judge a place pretty well but something that doesn’t need all the bells and whistles, so a burger it was - and I really wanted to check out their infamous beef!

Before our mains arrived, we split a hummus and crisp bread slate: hummus with homemade aubergine caviar, chilli and roasted nuts. The crispbreads were crunchy and light, plain so as not to take away any of the flavours of the hummus. Oh, me oh my! There was do much going on in there I didn’t know where to start! it tasted fantastic, the chilli was there, just a hint of a kick but nothing too overpowering. It was easily enough for two to share but let’s be honest, I could have comfortably finished it on my own it was that good.

The mains come with a side option of chunky fries, skinny fries or sweet potato. I went for the sweet potato, how could I not? Boy, was I glad I did when it came out. Before I could even be impressed with my burger, the sweet potato stole the show; a simple baked potato cut into 3 thick chunks and garnished. Not what I was expecting but delicious and different none the less.

cau restaurant liverpool review

Now, let’s get to the juicy stuff! The Cau Classic Burger was a no muss, no fuss, no bells, whistles or neon lights burger, it was plain and simply an awesome on its own burger with a little salad and some side sauce. Handmade fresh each day with prime cuts and top notch ingredients, every bit was flavoursome, juicy and moorish. I’m not entirely sure what they cook it in but the seasoning brought out every inch of succulent beef cuts. Cooked medium, it was as juicy as you can imagine but without the overflow that usually causes your brioche bun to go soggy. Yum!

cau restaurant liverpool review

My buddy ordered the Cau Steak Sandwich; served on homemade jalapeƱo bread with lashings of double mustard mayo, salted onion and grilled tapa de cuadril. She was silenced (all be it briefly for this chatterbox!) by how good it was. She also had a side of the chunky sweet potato slices.

cau restaurant liverpool review

Our boots were getting pretty full but we managed to find a little more room in order to try dessert. We went for the Alfajores Ice Cream Sandwich to share. A classic Argentine cookie with a generous helping of ice-cream sandwiched in the middle, toped with coconut shavings and chocolate sauce. Maybe a little too small to share but it was tasty and a nice palette cleanser. I do have my eye on the Cau Cornflake Ice Cream Sundae, though, which gives you all the sugar rushes and the good feelings when you find out 20p of every sundae sold goes to a local hospice. nice one Cau!

Though they asked us to be at the table no longer than 1hr30mins, at no point did we feel rushed, they kept topping up our water glasses and asking how we were doing. The dishes came out with ample time in-between each course to digest them a little and make some room, and most importantly, my buddy and I got to have a great, relaxed, food fuelled catch up in what’s quick coming to be known as a hot spot in Liverpool. Next time, I will be sure to book a table!

cau restaurant liverpool review

Here’s a question; how do you pronounce CAU? Let me know in the comments below!

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