Friday, 31 July 2015

Paint Pots Ceramic Studio, Southport

paint pots ceramic studio southport

On Tuesday, my beautiful blogging buddies, Jackie and Hannah and I,  took a trip to Southport for a much-needed chill-up, a combination of a much-needed chill out and a catch up! Chill-up! Hannah had done some Googling and come across the Paint Pots Ceramic Studio.

Located just off the high street, Paint Pots Ceramic Studio is such a brilliant place if your looking for a more creative way to de-stress. You might think sitting down and painting a ceramic pig money box was something you did when you were 5, I should I know, I did do it when I was 5 and my Mum still has my oh-so-awesome creations. That being said, it’s fantastic whatever your ages and artistic capabilities, or in my case, lack thereof!

paint pots ceramic studio southport

After a quick hello and an introduction to the studio we set out the pick our blank canvas. They have so much choice, we must have spent 20 minutes just trying to decide! From traditional money boxes and tiles, to teapots, bowls, plant pots, Disney princess figurines, Superheros and Superhero pigs, you’re spoilt for choice!

We all opted for tiles after being so impressed by the display of pre-made ones, and on the promise we could pick from a catalog of designs to give us a helping hand.

paint pots ceramic studio southport

We suited up in our aprons, grabbed our paintbrushes and got to work on our masterpieces!

paint pots ceramic studio southport

I was torn between the above two designs but in the end went for this funky gecko design, wanting to keep it simple, aka something it would be impossible to mess up! The blogger in me really wanted to paint my blog logo on the tile, but there was no way I could have pulled that off free hand! 

I started by sponging on my background, pink, obviously. Once that dried and the brews had been brought over - did I mention unlimited tea, coffee, water and juice? I traced my gecko design onto the tile. 

paint pots ceramic studio southport

There was around 25 colours to choose from, so I tried to pick out the brightest and went ahead and did my three layers of paint. They said three layers was key for strong, bold colours to come through after the glazing/cooking in the kiln. 

We ended up spending almost three hours in the Paint Pots Studio! Three hours! By the end of it we were all thoroughly relaxed and feeling all kinds of creative! I mentioned I don’t know how long ago that I’d bought myself Johanna Basfords Enchanted Forest (£6.97)  and have found colouring the pages in to be extremely relaxing - well, painting the ceramic tile was just as relaxing, only I got to do it with friends.

Paint Pots Ceramic Studio is ideal for catching up with friends, entertaining the kids (large groups welcome!) and they even have more grown up evening sessions that involve food and wine - I can only imagine some of the creations I’d come up with after a glass or two of wine! It costs £4 per person (studio fee) which includes all equipment and drinks, then you pay anywhere from £5 - £25+ for the piece of pottery you wish to paint - all abilities welcome!

When was the last time you tried your hand at some pottery painting? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Mitchum Ultimate 48Hour Protection

mitchum ultimate for women

When it comes to beauty essentials, nothing is as essential than deodorant. It’s a staple in the beauty drawer but quite possibly, next to the perfect match foundation, one of the hardest things to buy! Insert Mitchum Ultimate 48 hour solid antiperspirant & deodorant.

Why do I struggle buying deodorant? I either find a scent doesn’t last, smells different on me, white marks, chalky texture, spray vs roll on, it’s a minefield! You’d think be nearly 30 I might have figured it out by now, but no, I’m still playing around in the au d’body aisle. 

Mitchum Ultimate is a solid antiperspirant and deodorant that comes in specific formulas for men and women. It’s designed for maximum strength and protection against odour and wetness, keeping you and your skin feeling and, more importantly, smelling great all day long. 

michum ultimate for women

Created with oxygen odour control technology, (no, I don’t know what that is either), as your body heat rises pure oxygen is released, helping to eliminate any and all odours. It’s specifically designed for times when you know you're going to get your sweat on.

Scent wise, I love it. It smells very clean and fresh and the scent does last all day long. I have to wear a pretty heavy lab coat in work and when we do actually see some sunshine in this country, it get’s hot under that coat, so I need to know I can take it off without offending my colleagues! The solid formula has a very creamy consistency that leaves your underarms feeling silky smooth too.

The downside? Once it dries, it leaves behind a chalky residue that leaves white marks on everything. If you’re wearing white or sleeves, you’ll be fine - I wear lots of sleeveless, black dresses - so any white marks are seriously unwelcome.

Do not despair! All is not lost. It might not be an ideal companion for a night out but, it is perfect for the gym! I’ve been going to the gym a lot more recently, and for longer, more gruelling workouts. That’s the time I need the underarm protection the most! No matter how hard I push or how sweaty I get, all I can smell if I get anywhere near my armpits - is this deodorant! 

michum ultimate for women

It might not be the best everyday deodorant (Mitchum, if you ever lose the white marks let me know!), but if you're looking for some serious protection - or wearing white, Mitchum Ultimate could become your new best friend!

Do you struggle with finding the perfect deodorant like I do? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

*I received the Mitchum Ultimate 48hour potation deodorant as part of a BzzAgent campaign. Love trying out new products and sharing the with your friends? Check out BzzAgent and sign up for your first campaign today!

Monday, 27 July 2015

ESPA Summer Beauty - Beauty Bazaar, Liverpool

ESPA kindly invited me along to their #SummerBeauty event at the Beauty Bazaar in Liverpool this past Thursday. Myself and my lovely local blogging gals descended on the store at 6pm, having the WOW champagne bar exclusively to ourselves and a never empty glass of champers in hand, we embarked on our luxury ESPA spa journey.

Having been put into small groups of 4 (it was a very small, intimate event which I loved, there was only 12 people here in total!), we headed to our first ESPA experience. First up, I had a detailed skin analysis, based on aromatherapy. Turns out the scents we are drawn to can tell us a lot about what out skin needs. Letting my nose guide me, I ended up choosing the hydrating floral spa fresh (£24), and the replenishing face treatment oil (£56). My senses were gravitating towards the hydrating products. 

After my aromatherapy journey, I had my hands on skin analysis. The therapist smoothed her hands across my face, checking for bumps, congestion, elasticity, and overall skin condition. The results? She deemed my skin to have great elasticity (youthful win!), no congestion or puffiness, a few bumps near the hair line but overall, very well exfoliated, and, which was the biggest surprise to me - she said my skin was actually pretty dehydrated and not as oily as I’d previously told her. She said my forehead had some oil, but the rest of my skin was leaning towards a dry/normal combination. I was then gifted with the cutest little cosmetics bag filled with everything I would need for an at-home replenishing facial. 

Our little group headed back into the WOW bar where we were greater with more champagne and delicious, oh so fancy pants, canapes. As we sipped and supped another ESPA therapist talked us through their exciting new Summer Beauty collection. Their limited edition book of summer beauty (£24) contains their three top best sellers that allow you to create the ESPA experience at home; optimal skin proserum, 24hr replenishing moisturiser and their holy grail product, pink hair and scalp mud. I won’t lie, as expected about everything in this little collection as I am, the pink hair and scalp mud really had me intrigued. Not only is it an intensive hair and scalp treatment, it’s ideal for dry skin, stretch marks and the highlight of their prenatal spa treatment. This really is a multi-tasking wonder and I’m really excited about trying it out!

We also had a little play around with their new, gradual self tan (£34) -  which works with your skins natural ‘if you sit in the sun and get a tan’ colour, to give you a streak-free, nice smelling, natural looking tan. And the limited edition pink pomelo lip balm (£10) - this, I almost, almost went home with (and still might go back and pick up!). Not only was it insanely moisturising but it lasted on my lips well over 3 hours! That’s impressive!

Next up, we had an intensive hand and arm massage. I’d been having a pretty crappy week this far, so some serious, deep tissue pampering was very much appreciated! The therapist started by scrubbing my skin with their exfoliating body polish (£32). There are no words as to just how divine this was, I could instantly feel the stress being pulled from my skin. After a thorough scrub, she then applied the cooling body moisturiser (£34). I had to ask had this been kept in the fridge? It was that cold on my skin and the burst of soothing lavender instantly had me sighing with blissful relief! 

Holly, Jackie, Laura, Leanne, Me and Hannah!
Once all the groups had finished up their treatments we headed back into the WOW bar to find a ESPA goodie bag on our chairs and a final goodbye from the ESPA team. Then then left us to catch up, have a giggle, drink some more champagne and rummage through our goodie bags until well past store closing! 

I had an absolutely fabulous evening. The team took amazing care of us all from start to finish, and I really did learn a lot, not only about their products but about skincare in general. I’m very excited about trying out their spa treatments, especially the hour and a half back scrub, massage and full facial they offer for only £65 - which is then redeemable on purchases made at the counter! 

I’ve talked about my love for ESPA and their products before but the chance to have a more in-depth experience was one I couldn’t pass up and it has only strengthened my love for this brand. Thanks again to the ESPA therapists at the Beauty Bazaar for having us, you’ll be seeing me again soon that’s for sure!

What’s your favourite luxury spa treatment? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Sherwood Pines

sherwood pines

Not so hidden within the heart of Sherwood Forest, Nottinghamshire, yes, that Sherwood Forest of the legendary Robin Hood and his merry men is the Sherwood Pines Forest Retreat. At the start of the month, I went, along with Mr and his family to spend a long weekend deep in the woods in a luxurious cabin.

The site itself opened back in 2012, with just over 3,300 acres of the forest you're encouraged to escape the every day get back to nature, in a little style of course.

The cabins are dotted amongst the pines so you don’t feel as though you’re being overlooked as you frolic in the hot tub and burn the sausages on the bbq. From the minute we drove onto the site, I was taken aback by how peaceful and still everything was, nothing but birds and rustling leaves.

sherwood pines

sherwood pines

Our cabin, numero uno, slept 8 in two double bedrooms, one with ensuite, two twin rooms and two extra bathrooms. There was a large family room with a log burning stove that lead onto an open plan kitchen. The floor to ceiling windows overlooked our private decking area, complete with furniture, hot tub and bbq stand, and was a prime viewing spot when it came to bird spotting and watching two squirrels fight over a Pringle. Yup. Happened. Staff also told us that that side of Sherwood Pines was popular with the deer, but we didn’t manage to spot one!

sherwood pines

From hot tubbing to bbq-ing, Pimms making, gin drinking, movie watching, Doritos Roulette and several cut-throat games of Articulate, our weekend was a long, laid back, escape. 

Sherwood Pines has all kinds to offer for the nature walker to the more adventurous amongst your group. They have tons of activities for kids too, including forest exploration and crafts. They run a quiz twice a week in the main lodge which we went to on a Saturday night and had an absolute ball - we ended up coming second place and won an archery lesson for the following day. 

If you’re looking for some real adventure they specialise in bike rentals, with long winding cycle paths meandering through the site, to more off road rugged terrain if you’re up for it! Seen as though we were taking it easy over the weekend we passed on the cycling but I did give the archery a try! They also have a Go Ape experience and horseriding. 

sherwood pines

Early Sunday morning after having bacon sarnies delivered fresh to the cabin door, we headed on up to the main house and signed a few more of us onto the archery lesson we’d won the night before. Archery costs £20pp and the lesson lasts an hour. 

sherwood pines

I’ve never fired a bow and arrow before! Len, our instructor was brilliant, so patient and funny. After a couple of practice rounds, we had a competition - which I promptly lost. Though I felt like a cross between Katniss Everdeen and Merida, I was crap - even managing to fire an arrow off into the fence! Oops! It was so much fun, even if I was the worst in our group!

sherwood pines

Food. Where there’s me, you know I’m going to bring up the food, right? Though we had a full kitchen filled with utensils and cookware, the idea was to sit back and relax as much as possible so on the Saturday night we ordered a load of pizzas from the main house and had them delivered to the cabin - they were so good I forgot to take a picture!! I only realised the morning after when I was sat munching on the cold leftovers! 

They offer a couple of meal deals too, including a pizza night and a curry night. Everything is brought piping hot to your cabin and you pay when you check out.

sherwood pines

What more could you want? Nature on your doorstep, good food, great company and endless hours in a hot tub? Our weekend was fantastic, I don’t think I’ve slept that well in months! 

If you’re looking to escape for a few days, be it with loved ones or friends, Sherwood Pines is picture-perfect. With cabins for 2 - 10 people there is something for every party size, some even have these amazing tree houses attached to them! I would go back in a heartbeat, just to get away from the city for a while and really chill out. Blogging on that back deck with the birds and deer for company? Sounds idyllic to me! 

sherwood pines

Do you love to get away from it all or do you prefer an all action packed weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Friday, 17 July 2015

Blog Events - tips and tricks for attendees!

blog events tips and tricks

From seasoned event goers to first-time blog event attendees, we all have that familiar tingle in the pit of our stomach, that unease as we walk into a room, sometimes alone, not sure if we can match up Twitter handles to real live human faces. Those epic pre-meet conversations you’ve been having online could drop like a lead balloon in real life, and you turn back and look at the door, one last chance to escape.

Yes. Blogging events can be that scary. Even if I know half the people who are going and have met them before it still ties my stomach into knots as I head into the venue. 


I’m not trying to talk you out of going, not at all! I just want you to know that the nerves are normal and from the minute you make eye-contact with your first fellow blogger, those nerves start to calm down. No having to explain what a blog is or why you’re not quite the next Zoella yet. No-body giving you a quizzical look as you snap several pictures of your cheese and ham toastie, angling the plate just right. You can talk about hashtags, SEO, plug-ins and PR and everyone in the room understands. It’s bloody fantastic.

If you really want to make an event easier on yourself and to get the most out of it, here’s a few tips I’ve picked up along the way that have really helped me out when attending blogging events!

1. Business Cards

Make them yourself on Publisher, use or any other site you come across online, just have at the ready some business cards for your blog. Name, Twitter Handle, Instagram, YouTube, blog link, email address, everything anyone needs to find you online. Not only are these great for handing out to businesses and sponsors at the event, but when the wi-fi is down or you’ve run out of data, it’s a great way to find those lovely bloggers you have just met after the event is over.

2. Pen and Paper

Kickin’ it old school! From scribbling down notes from speakers to recommending sites and other bloggers to the people you meet, you will find yourself scribbling away all through the event. I’ve even found myself coming up with several blog-post ideas during an event that I really don’t want to forget! I also think using pen and paper to take notes looks a pinch less ignorant than making them on your smartphone, especially during talks. You know you’re making notes, but others might think you’re just on Twitter!

3. Snacks - sharable ones!

Unless you’re at a more formal, sit-down dinner event, it could be a while before you get fed - and nobody likes a room full of hangry bloggers! Whipping out a packet of Haribo or Percy Pigs is also a great ice breaker if you’re unsure of how to start a conversation with someone you might have only talked to online. 

4. Smile

Bring your smile! There is nothing more inviting to another nervous blogger than a smiling face. It goes a long way to making you and everyone else around you more comfortable. I swear, bloggers are some of the friendliest, chattiest people I’ve ever met and once you’ve met someone once, you have a familiar face to look out for at other events. We’re all happy to take you under our blogging wings and bring you into the fold! 

5. A little recon

We’re all guilty of stalking our favourite bloggers online. So feel free to do the same (not the creepy stalking!) with those attending your  blog event. Chances are there will be a hashtag in use prior to the event for everyone to find each other and say a little hello online. After that hello, go and have a look at their blogs. Have a look at their most recent posts. If you find something you like, voila, you have an instant conversation starter when you meet them at the event. Look through their Instagram, have they been on holiday recently? To another event? These are all great ice-breakers, and let’s be honest here blogging buddies, we spend how much time talking about ourselves and our lives online? We’re going to love to carry that conversation on in real life too!

Bonus tip

Ding ding, bonus round! Bring your blogging story. It doesn’t have to be long, but a brief intro to yourself, your blog and why you blog. If you can throw a little humour in there or a funny story of how you Nan found your blog then go for it. Lots of events when ask this at the start as a little ice-breaking exercise to get everyone in the room involved. 

Shout out to the lovely bloggers featuring in the header image! Loves and Loathes, Ancas Lifestyle, Codiekinz, Seeing Spots, Scampi & Chips, Just Add Ginger, Empfire, Handmade & Hitched, and Hannah Jane Beauty!

How do you feel before a blogging event? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

#NWBloggerEvents - The Goodie Bag!

#nwbloggerevents goodie bag

Let’s not beat around the blogging bush here folks, as soon as you here bloggers event you just know that there will be a goodie bag in there somewhere. And who doesn’t get excited about a goodie bag?

This past weekend I attended my first #NWBloggersEvents organised by Jenny & Katie and it was brilliant! The girls did a great job at putting together a really professional, fun, meet-up, so read all about it here. One of the hardest things about putting these events together is getting sponsors and boy oh boy did the girls pull the rabbit out of the hat when it came to sponsors. The sponsors were SUPER generous, so without further ado, let’s dive right into the goodie bag and check out our blogging booty!

As soon as I got home I dumped the bag contents out on the bed and started to ooh and ahh over everything. The bag was jam packed and a few gems really stood out to me…

#nwbloggerevents goodie bag

Crabtree & Evelyn Verbena and lavender hand therapy - Who doesn’t love a purse friendly hand cream? Crabtree & Evelyn hand cremes are so luxurious and this one smells absolutely divine! 

Earthnicity Minerals Velvet HD Finishing Powder - I love discovering a new brand and with an overly oily skin situation, I’m always on the look out for a mega-mattifying powder. This 100% mineral finishing powder is paraben free, vegan-friendly, no talc or bismuth (which I’m allergic to!) and even has UV protection! Talk about ticking all the skin loving boxes!

Manuka Doctor samples  - I’ve been super curious about bee venom beauty ever since I read about Kate Middleton going for a bee venom facial (c’mon her skin is just gorgeous!). This little sampler pack from Manuka Doctor contains their apiclear treatment serum, apirefine wrinkle filler and, their apinourish face mask. I can feel a pamper night coming on!

Sweet Cecily’s Rose Body Butter - When you’re presented with a personalised box on the door, you know it’s going to be something special! Inside was this gorgeous full sized body butter from Sweet Cecily’s. Made with all natural ingredients and essential oils, it smells delicious and sinks beautifully into the skin, it’s so nourishing! I’ve already checked out their website and I’ve got my eye firmly on their ‘make your own’ kits!

Greener Cleaner Pot & Pan Scrubber - Yes, I got excited about a pan scrubber! Ever since moving into my own home I’ve become obsessed with everything home related, even things that can make dish washing more exciting! I don’t think I’ve ever had a homeware/home cleaning gift in a blogging goodie bag before so yes, I am excited. 

Virtue Ice tea - It’s tea. It’s iced. In a can. Do I need to say any more? It’s me, it’s tea, it’s going to be a winner!

MelloMallo - I got two lime and coconut marshmallows to try and OH MY, I never knew the fluffy stuff could taste so good! I’ve already checked out their Etsy shop and am lining up several gifts for myself! These would also make great little stocking fillers around Christmas time! Yes, I’m thinking that far ahead already!

Thomas Tucker Popcorn - Tommy Tucker provided lots of tasty popcorn treat for us to try during the meets, then generously chucked a couple of bags in the goodie bags too! I received two bags of sweet popcorn in Frozen bags and a big bag of their lightly popped chilli & lemon that I’m trying to save until the weekend but the temptation it just too much! 

Boden Wallet - SQUEE with excitement! I love Boden! Their dresses are absolutely gorgeous and my wardrobe needs several of them so as soon as I seen the Boden brand peeking put from the goodie bag I immediately had to haul it out and see what was inside! They gave us these gorgeous summery wallet/clutch bags in a vibrant orange/cerise colour with blue polka dot lining on the inside. Oh, everything about it is oh so pretty, I’m going to be using this every opportunity I get! 

To say we were spoilt is an understatement, the bodies don’t stop with the above, other brands, including Lush Liverpool, The Little Macaron Shop, Passion for Natural, W7, Playboy make-up, Sweet Heart Wax Melts, Milton Lloyd, all gifted us with goodies that I can’t wait to try out!

So, a HUGE thank you goes out to all the brands who got involved, to Jenny & Katie for organising the event and to all the lovely ladies I got to meet on the day! I felt like I didn’t get a chance to really move around and chat to more of you - but there’s always next time!

Until next time,

Monday, 13 July 2015

#NWBloggerEvents - North West Blogger Event, July 2015

Liverpool Blog Events

Yesterday I attended my first #NWBloggerEvents, put together and hosted by the lovely Jenny and Katie Not my first Blogger Event but the first I’ve been to that these lovely ladies put together and I have to say I was blown away

Sweet Cecily's gift rose body butter

Situated in the Lime Kilm, Concert Square, we took over the top floor, with red-roped off exclusivity. Don’t you just love being a part of the gang in the VIP area? After being greeted with name tags and a very special gift from Sweet Cecily's, we all went about mingling, chatting, meeting new faces and catching up with familiar faces before the event got under way. 

First up, Lisa of Hollybobbs gave us a brilliant, and inspiring talk on growing our blogs, the importance of connecting with other bloggers (which included a mad 30 second dash to hand out our business cards!) and the easiest way to incorporate SEO into our blog posts! I took too many notes and she’s given me some great ideas I wish I had thought of sooner! 

motives cosmetics uk

My good friend Hannah, a Motives expert, MUA, beauty therapist and all round lovely lady gave us all an introduction to Motives Cosmetics, then, with my brows at her mercy, demonstrated the perfect brow using the Motives Essential Brow Kit (£24). I don’t really do brows, I can never seem to get them to look anything other than Sharpie-stripe-like but she had them both done in seconds and they looked amazing! I’ll be getting my hands on that brow kit very soon! 

myshowcase uk

Melanie, a MyShowcase representative, was next up. I’ve never heard of MyShowcase before but she explained it’s a relatively new company which was set up by the beauty editor, Kate Shapland of The Telegraph. Stocking 30+ independent beauty brands, each with their own unique story and kick ass packaging, everything they sell just oozes class and sophistication. Melanie hosts events, either in your home or workplace, showcasing their fantastic range, which includes brands; Balance Me, Dr Lipp, Magnitone, Mio, and Wild About beauty to name a few! After her talk I spent most of the afternoon at her stand trying out some of the products on offer, oh they do they have some goodies I just need to get my hands on, especially this Liquid Yoga bath soak (£26) from Mio!

mio yoga bath soak

Last, but certainly not least, Skinny Tan gave us a brief introduction to their self-tanning lotion that not only tans but cares for your skin too. The Dragons Den fans out there might remember this one, the girls having received 11 separate offers in the den when they pitched Skinny Tan a few years back! Skinny Tan not only gives you an orange-free, au natural sun-kissed glow, but it nourishes the skin and visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite. They even came with the full kit and tanning booth, offering us generously discounted tans and a goody bag - I’m starting to think I should have stripped down and got one as it looked amazing! 

After the presentations, we were all left to our own devices, getting to know the brands a bit better - and the other bloggers! I got to know the amazingly creative Robyn of The Little Woman Pretends, I’m in love with her blog and after chatting to her about sewing I am this close to investing in a sewing machine and learning to use it with her advice and tutorials in mind! I also had a great chat with Lisa, about all things, blogging, the good the bad and the ugly! I couldn’t thank her enough for some of the advice she shared with us during her presentation!

tommytucker popcorn

The dinner bell was called and we stuffed our faces with a great spread put on by The Lime Kiln, from paninis to curries, there was something for everyone! If you ever want to get a room full of bloggers to move in 3 seconds flat just promise them food at the other end of the room! Big shout out goes to TommyTucker for providing us with some seriously scrumptious popcorn - caramel summer fruits anyone? 

liverpool blogger events

All too soon the event was over, we collected our goodie bags (I'll give you a peek inside this week!) and said our goodbyes. I had a fantastic afternoon and, after all the frustration and down-heartedness I’ve been feeling about blogging lately, this afternoon really did remind me just why I blog. It was the pick me up I didn’t know I needed and already, I can’t get my fingers to fly across the keyboard quick enough to write all the posts I suddenly feel inspired to write! 

These events, these people; this is reason enough to blog for me!

Did you attend the #NWBloggerEvents? Does attending a bloggers event change how you blog, good or bad? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

June Favourites 2015

june favourites

June has come to an end, Summer has officially begun and July is bringing with it lots of outings, adventures and sunshine, sunshine, sunshine (here’s hoping I haven’t spoken too soon!). 

So, here’s what I’ve been loving in June!

summer skincare for oily skin

SeroZinc - La Roche-Posay (£8.50)

You know me and toner, we’re not exactly they best of friends, but this little blue canister is fast becoming my best friend. SeroZinc reached ‘cult’ status within weeks of it being launched and since getting my hands on a can I can see why. A spray on zinc sulphate solution for oily, blemish prone skin, it ’s hypoallergenic and does a wonderful job at soaking up any excess oil and keeping it a bay the whole day through.

Original Skin - Origins (£32)

I tried a sample of this a while back and was hooked after just one sachet. Infused with skin renewing willowherb, Original Skin is targeted at skin going through a quarter life crisis. Transitioning from the mid to late twenties, it’s hard to know what skin care line to go down, but this ticks all the boxes. Brightening, smoothing, tone correcting and de-stressing, it’s perfect for skin that’s not quite ready for full on hardcore anti-ageing products.

Night - a - Mins - Origins (£34.50)

Want to wake up looking like you’ve had a full 8 hours undisturbed beauty sleep? Here it is, oil free, packed full of skin loving nutrients and vitamins; a look of pure radiance and refreshment awaits you in the morning! This has been a skin saviour this past month as sleep has been seriously hard to come by! 

no7 high shine lip gloss spf15

No7 High Shine - Tangerine Twist (£9)

Summer in a lip gloss! I am in love with this No7 gloss, it glides on but doesn’t leave too sticky a residue behind so my hair doesn’t get all stuck and caked in it. Though it looks like a bright coral it actually goes on super subtle, with just a hint of colour. It’s shiny without being a tube full of glitter too so it does feel like a more ‘grown up’ lip gloss. The big bonus? It’s SPF15 - this will be going everywhere with me while the sun is shining! 

money saving tips for summer

You’ve been loving…Money saving tips for summer!

You’ve all been loving my money saving tips for summer post this past month - and I can’t say I blame you! The sun is shining, we want to spend those hard earned pennies on beer gardens, floral maxi dresses, trips to the sun when our heat wave comes to an abrupt end. By making a few small changes here and there, we can quickly save up the money we need to make it a summer to remember!

I’ve not been loving…

Blogging. OK, that sounds like a biggie I know but it’s not, I’m not going anywhere or anything, I promise! I’ve just been getting myself bogged down with it lately, beating myself up over missing posts, putting up crap that I’m not proud of because I feel like I have to post something, anything, to stop my blog vanishing into the blogging black hole. There’s a lot more to it than that, but maybe that’s something I could cover in a separate post? I’ve taken a tip-toe back from it all over the last couple of weeks and it’s been pretty refreshing. Posts are planned, scheduled and I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve that I want to try. 

What’s been the highlight of your June? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,