Monday, 29 June 2015

*Release your #BrighterSide with Zeo

zeo brighterside drinks

Nothing screams summer more than a brightly coloured soft drink, in a stylish glass bottle dripping with condensation as you sip in the sun. When Zeo got in touch about they’re rebranding for Summer 2015 and their #Brighterside campaign, I jumped at the chance to get my summer on by trying out a few of their new, low calorie, lightly carbonated soft drinks. With the sun shining, good vibes flowing and sing-a-long summer tunes playing in the background, all I needed was a drink in my hand and some oversized sunnies on my head. Perfect.

I know what your thinking, fizzy drinks don’t exactly have the best name on the block, with high calorie counts, boat loads of sugar and the power to clean a toilet better than bleach (I’ve witnessed this mortifying magic!). I rarely reach for anything that isn’t a brew or a cool H2o, occasionally pushing the boat out for a fruit juice or an iced tea. Fizzy drinks have just never been my thing. This is where Zeo come in, riding the carbonated rainbow of more tingly than fizzy drinks. 

With an average of 30calories per bottle and only 2.2g of sugar, that's less than the ever famed coconut water - a whopping 5g of sugar and Coke Life at 6.8g! My teeth hurt just thinking about those numbers! 

Zeo kindly sent me a few of their summer refreshers to try out for myself and report back to you lot. Ain’t you a bunch of lucky duckies!

zeo brighterside drinks

Mixed Berry

The first I chilled and tried was their Mixed Berry.  I always reach for the Summer Fruits when the sun starts shining and this certainly didn't let me down on the taste test. I reminded me of a less fizzy version of summer fruits Rekorderlig minus the alcohol content too. It’s really tart and crispy! With a That being said, it was probably my least favourite as it got a little sickly after a while.

zeo brighterside drinks

Peach & Grapefruit

Next up, Peach & Grapefruit, I love both individually and nothing screams a summery cocktail more than these two flavours. Combined, they didn’t disappoint! It tasted much more grapefruit than peach, so a little bitter kick but I actually really like grapefruit juice for this reason so it’s a winner for me! Sweet and citrusy, what’s not to love?

zeo brighterside drinks

Zesty Lime

Last, but certainly not least was my favourite from the taste test; Zesty Lime. Could anything be more summery than a soft drink that tastes like a mojito? You can all have your Body Shop mojito body butter, but I’ll take Zeo’s sharp and tangy Zesty Lime over it any day! It was so limey, I loved it, the most refreshing by far and with the sun shining down on you, nothing else will thirst your quench quite as well!

There are 6 flavours in Zeo’s new summer range, along with the above, there is also; cloudy lemonade, blood orange & citrus and spiced cola. I really want to get my hands on a bottle of spiced cola, that sounds so interesting! Cola with a twist of cinnamon and vanilla, how could I not love this? 

Made with 98% spring water and a blend of natural botanical fruit extracts, you can sip them in the sunshine guilt free. Any BBQ I go to this summer, I’ll be bringing a crate or two Zeo’s soft drinks along, that’s for sure! Available in 250ml cans, 275ml glass bottles or the party sized 750ml. 

Have you tried Zeo soft drinks? What’s your favourite summer thirst quencher? Let me know in the comments below!

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*These drinks were kindly sent to me for review but all opinions are 100% my own. See my disclaimer policy here.


  1. The amount of sugar in coke makes me squirm inside, so these are definitely a great alternative! I love cloudy lemonade so will definitely keep an eye out for that! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    1. I love cloudy lemonade too and pink lemonade is delicious too! Anything that involves coke just doesn't work for me at all!

      Sarah :)
      Saloca in Wonderland