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Things I miss about working in customer service!

working in customer service

I bet about half of your out there who might work in customer service think, yup, I’ve lost the plot for saying it, but it’s true, I really do miss a few things about working in customer service! If you’d have told me 3 years ago I would have uttered those words I’d have laughed so hard I’d have probably peed just a little bit. 

Pee free and I’m saying it, there are things I miss about working in customer service.

Incase you don’t know, I worked in customer service for almost 10 years, from my days as a checkout chick to parading around the shop floor as a clothes horse on the clothing department, to even spreading a little pixie dust magic in the Disney Store. Blimey, could I tell you some horror stories (maybe we’ll save that for another post) but let’s stick to the positive, shall we?

These days you’ll find me wrapped up in a lab coat doing something that sounds much more exciting than it really is, involving blood and other fluids that the human body contains *shudders*. Instead of dealing with the glorious British public face to face, I deal with their bodily fluids, talk about a turn around!

I can honestly say, I loved working in customer service and some of my closest friends were captured met racing down the aisles after 4pm on a Sunday when we had the store to ourselves. 

The regulars

You know the ones, they do their shopping on the same night every week, they start stopping by, saying hi, suddenly they know your birthday and appear with a card and a balloon whilst you’re battling with 5 minute to closing shoppers (true story). You get to know them, the older ones even bring their grandkids by to say hi. I loved it, I loved hearing their stories, catching up with them, and the weirdest part? I usually didn’t even know their names - if it wasn’t for my name badge, they wouldn’t have known mine. 

Face to face

I loved dealing with people, good or bad, on a face to face basis. Sure, sometimes it was bloody terrifying and I wanted to run and hide in the back where they couldn’t get to me (which I did, several times), but usually it was pleasant, even side splitting funny at times. From the underage kids trying to buy alcohol, waving car keys on my face and claiming that was good enough for ID, to the customer who dropped an entire washing machine load worth of wet washing at my feet and told me she changed her mind half way through the cycle and wanted a refund. You really couldn’t script some of the stuff people came out with and learning to keep a poker face came in pretty handy!

Plastic Turkey day

Not everyone enjoyed working over the holidays, especially on Boxing Day, or as we liked to call it, plastic turkey day. The day on which many customers would could back into store with half eaten joints of meat, partly cooked spuds, a pulled cracker or two and some not so twinkling fairy lights, all spending an inordinate amount of time telling us how we, personally had ruined their Christmas for *insert wild reason and day old meat smell here*. I never knew how inventive people could be when it came to getting a refund, and this entertained me to no end, as well as giving me some great material for my creative writing classes!


OK, so this is probably something you can only admit to after leaving the job, but blimey did we get up to some roaring antics, from trolley races to cage races, bouncing aubergines and making a whole family of box heads which we then tried to wear whilst serving on the check outs (I bottled it at the last minute but my till-buddy managed to successfully serve 2 customers with said box on his head!). From locking each other in the fitting rooms to hanging off the fixtures in the warehouse, we knew how to keep ourselves entertained and if we could involve some of the customers, then even better!

Happy to help

As cheesy as it sounds, I really was happy to help. From finding you your dress in your size to taking the partially sighted around to do their shopping, I really did enjoy helping people out and sending them on their way with a positive experience and a smile on their face. Let’s face it, supermarkets on the weekends are trolley crashes waiting to happen and I swear, aisle-rage is a thing. Anything I could do to make your trip to the store easier certainly made my day a whole lot easier!

When I worked in the Disney Store, I loved putting a smile on the kids faces, from handing out colouring pages and stickers to giving the parents more information than a Google could about a trip to Walt Disney World - having them come back to show me their photos, it gave me all the feels! *cheese*. 

Every job has its ups and downs and not every day is going to be great, let’s not fool ourselves, but could I go back to working in a customer facing roll? Yes. I love meeting new people, I love helping people, and if we can all have a laugh along the way then why the hell not?

Have you/do you work in customer service? Tell me one thing you love/d about it in the comments below!

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  1. I fully relate to this post! I've worked in retail since I was 16 and I've come across some of the most amazing/bizarre people! I'm currently the manager of a local charity shop and one of my favourite things is getting to know the "regs", some of which I know by name and some of whom I can identify clothes that they would like! You also come across some unique people with their strange requests which makes for stories to tell people in the future! Not forgetting the fun times with the staff! Obviously it's not all hunky dory in retail - you can come across some horrible people but they are few and far between and don't outweigh the pros of working in customer services. I don't intend on working in retail forever however I know I would miss it if I was to leave!