Monday, 6 April 2015

#AtoZChallenge: ESPA

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At a North West Bloggers event last year, I was introduced to the brand ESPA and have been in love with their luxury skincare spa products ever since.

ESPA pride themselves on their pioneering know-how behind the science of natural beauty. Their products aim to deliver instant, lasting results that will keep you skin confident the whole day through. Initially I was introduced to their bath and body spa products, which are amazing and gave me instant love for this higher end brand. After trialling some of their skin-care products that love has only grown.

I’ve always been skeptical of higher-end beauty products. Am I just splashing cash for a pretty bottle and a fancy name, or is there something really worth paying out for in that jar? I honestly believe you get what you pay for and ESPA was one of the first higher end brands to show me that sometimes, paying a little more does come with rewards and benefits. 

A highlight for me has been their Optimal Skin ProCleanser (£30). This multifunctional cleanser acts as a deep, pore clearing cleansing treatment but also doubles up as a skin loving, nutrient boosting mask. You’ve got to love multi-functional products! This instantly brightened my skin and tightened pores. 

The 24 Hour Replenishing Moisturiser (£42 and Eye Cream (£36) are a hangover fighting duo that instantly livened up morning-after-the-night-before skin so that I didn’t scare little children too much on the way home after a wild night out. Both rich and creamy in texture, they nourished my skin without leaving behind a greasy residue. 

Their Hydrating Floral Spafresh (£23) packs a whopping punch in the scent department, instantly making you feel as though someone has snuck in and turned your bathroom into a luxury spa (if only!). Perfect for oily skin and sensitive skin, it freshens skin, ensuring all traces of dirt and grime are gone without being drying and harsh. 

Hands down, one of the best products I’ve used from their skincare range has to be their Optimal Skin ProSerum (£48). This was one of the first serums I used religiously and it looked after my skin so well, I don’t think my skin has ever looked so supple and full of life. The serum was absorbed instantly into my skin, leaving it radiant and with an even complexion. 

High end? Yes. Worth it? Yes. When I’m looking to give myself a little reward for attaining a goal or I really feel like giving my skin a treat, ESPA is my go-to. From luxury bubble bath to top-quality skin serums, there’s something for everyone. I especially love their gift sets, in particularly their Introductory Collections (£10 - £78). These are a great way to get a taster for a luxury brand without paying out too much money in the first instant. They often do great offers online too and send out 2 free samples with every purchase.

Have you ever tried ESPA? What are your thoughts on luxury, high end skincare brands?

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