Thursday, 16 April 2015

#AtoZChallenge: Nighttime Skincare Routine

nighttime skincare routine tips

You've got your pjs on, your fluffy socks and your just about to get under the sheets...STOP!...have you gone through your nightly skincare routine? If you want to make the most of that beauty sleep, you need to get yourself an effective nighttime skincare routine!

Did you know that during the night, as we sleep, our skin goes into night shift mode. As we’re catching zzz’s our skin is working through the night;
  • Overnight, our skin cells regenerate and repair any damage caused during the day by harmful UV rays, free-radicals and the toxins and impurities we come into contact with during the day.
  • Blood vessels in the skin dilate, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to flow, removing impurities. 
Our cells are going to try and repair themselves whether we use products or not, but things like age, and an un-healthy lifestyle can slow the regeneration down. Not only do we want those little cells to keep on regenerating, where's the harm in giving them a helping hand?

During the day, our skin has come into contact with all kinds of crap and toxins. Environmental damage, dry, over-air conditioned offices, pollution, as well as whatever grime and dirt it's picked up from being touched by our own hands. For these reasons, I prefer to use a deep cleaning, heavy duty cleanser, there's a lot of grime to get through! Right now, I'm loving Lushs' UltraBland (£7.25), which works rally well with a coarser hot cloth, for a really deep down clean. I then follow with The Body Shops Nutriganics Drops of Youth Concentrated Serum (£24), and, I've just started trialling Philosophy Miracle Worker Overnight but I was loving Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturiser (£23) until the pot ran dry! For eyes, I use Simple Kind to Eyes, Soothing Eye Balm (£3.99).

What you're looking to do overnight is feed your face, take it to the buffet and fill its plate to the brim with everything it needs to wake up feeling and looking like a whole new you. Just like you would with day time products, you want to target specific problem areas and skin types. I've found the difference between a day time product and a night time product (much like a day/night make-up look) is the intensity. Nighttime products are much more intense, usually thicker in consistency and packed with a few extra nutrients and vitamins for our skin to munch on as we sleep.

For an all-rounder nighttime moisturiser, I love Clarins Extra Firming Night Rejuvenating Cream (£53) or, the ever so more purse friendly, Simple Vital Vitamin Night Cream (£5.99). If your skin is extra dry and in need of an intensive overnight treatment, Oqibo Intense Moisture Defence gets my vote. And if your skin is getting too slick with oil, The Body Shop Seaweed Night Treatment (£12) has been my go-to nighttime t-zone treat for years!

You don't have to change up your entire routine, if you're looking to save a few £££ then just invest in one or two products specifically to use at night. You'll be using them sparingly so they should last you a while too. Just switching out your regular moisturiser to a nighttime specific one will make a world of difference to the face you wake up to in the morning! the first thing I ever bought specifically to use at night was a moisturiser and I noticed a difference, well, over night!

Do you have a nighttime routine? What's your holy grail evening product? Let me know in the comments below!

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