Wednesday, 15 April 2015

#AtoZChallenge: Multi Face Masking

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Multi-masking is the secret weapon when it comes to happy, bright, refreshed looking skin. Our skin is a fussy eater, and what one part craves, the other pushes around the plate. Multi-masking ensures everyone gets what they want and need all in one sitting.

Example; I love using charcoal masks, they’re brilliant for oily skin. They draw impurities and excess oils out of the skin and tighten pores, preventing more oil and dirt building back up. When it comes to my skin, my oily areas are my t-zone and chin, so why would I use a charcoal mask on my cheeks? 

Example; my skin is normal/oily, so when it comes to my cheeks, they’re pretty much a problem free zone, but that doesn’t mean I should ignore them. They could always do with a little love and nourishment, so a hydrating, moisturising mask will keep them cheeks in check!  

Chances are, your skin is like mine, it’s a combination of two or more skin types. Using just one mask at a time was only beneficial to one area at a time! Single masks are a thing of the past for me!

Granted, this wouldn’t work as well for sheet masks, the process is ideal for lotion/cream based masks. 

One of my favourite combinations has been to use Origins Clear Improvement (£23) on my t-zone and chin, then apply Origins Drink Up (£23) to my cheeks. Afterwards, my entire face looks and feels fresh, loved and rejuvenated. I also love pairing GlamGlow SuperMud (£44.99) and Liz Earles Intensive Nourishing Mask (from £6)

Not sure where to start?

For oily areas, go for charcoal based basks. Acne? Look for something with tea-tree or witch hazel in. Dry patches? Moisture boost! Pallid, lack-lustre skin? Choose something brightening with caffeine and oats. 

Yes, it might sound a little fussy, but I swear, it’s not! If you’ve took the time to apply one mask, it takes a few seconds to rinse your hands and apply the second mask where it’s needed! And then they all get washed off at once - if, like me, you use masks that take roughly the same amount of time to dry.

We’re only talking two masks here, but if you wanted to really pamper every inch of your face, you could get yourself an eye-mask too! I’m not a huge fan of them, I’ve yet to find one I really like, but wearing a gel-mask (think sleep mask but with gel inside) that’s been kept in the fridge a while feels luxurious as the face masks are drying!

Do you multi-mask? What are some of your favourite combinations?

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  1. Such a brilliant post, I love doing this too. Charcoal or clay masks followed by Origins overnight drinkup intensive mask is my skin's best friend ;)


    1. Drink Up Intensive is a wonderful product! I've tried the cream but not the mask and loved it! Such a great all rounder, ideal for combination skin!

      Sarah :)