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#AtoZChallenge: Face Mapping

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Face mapping is an excellent starting point when it comes to understanding why you're having skin problems / acne breakouts on certain areas of your face and body. It's believed that certain sections on your face actually correspond with specific internal organs. I started looking into this years ago when I was trying to understand my acne and it helped me to make some serious health revelations that when addressed, actually improved my skin and acne breakouts. 


Your forehead is linked to your digestive system, poor water intake and a build up of toxins in your body. Eating a lot of take outs? Lots of oily and greasy food? Drinking too much coffee or alcohol and not enough water? Do you have any food allergies or intolerances you're ignoring? These could all be reasons why you're persistently getting acne on your forehead (having a fringe/bangs can be a reason too!). 

I suffered from breakouts on my forehead (no fringe!) and one of the first things I did when learning about face mapping was to start cutting fizzy drinks out of my diet and replacing them with lots more water. This helped, but what really helped was when I started to drink warm water or green tea with a slice of lemon in, every morning before having breakfast. The lemon water helps to kick start start your digestive system and removes toxins and impurities - which means you're going to go for a really big wee afterwards!


Your nose is linked to your heart and the top of your t-zone is linked to your liver. Look after your heart by reducing your salt intake and keeping your cholesterol low. If you drink a lot of caffeinated drinks, especially energy drinks, they can be causing acne on your nose! Acne on the top of the t-zone an be caused by eating a rich diet, so things like pastries, lots of dairy, take-outs, even just eating out several times a week on rich, restaurant food can cause fat to build up in your liver. Let's be honest, if you're having alcohol with those meals several times a week too, this can be what's causing your acne in this area.


The top of your cheeks are linked to your lungs. Smoker? Or hanging around people who smoke? That could be the cause. Also, if you're a side sleeper, dirty pillowcases can be the cause of cheek acne. The lower section of your cheeks are linked to your gums and dental hygiene. If you've got any mouth infections, or you're not looking after your teeth properly, this could explain our breakouts!


Ah, my chin, my acne breakout nemesis! My chin has always been my biggest problem zone. If you're female, a lot of breakouts on your chin can be linked to hormones and periods. The area on your chin is also linked to your small intestine. I discovered that food allergies, especially intolerances and sensitivities can cause you to breakout on your chin. I've been suffering with a lactose intolerance for years but only over the last 18 months or so have I really been trying to deal with it and sort my diet out. Since cutting dairy around 80% out of my diet, I have notices a massive difference to the breakouts on my chin, most notably that there are fewer breakouts in this area! 

Have you ever heard of face mapping before? Do any of the above ring true for you, or give you something new to think about when it comes to where your breakouts are occurring?

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