Sunday, 8 March 2015

#FitnessRevolution 40 day Challenge - Week 3

Week 3

So ends another #FitnessRevolution challenge week! I'll admit, I've been so so naughty this week. I've let procrastination, laziness, tiredness and just downright CBA get the better of me. I'm human. It happens. Funnily enough, the first tip this week from one of DW Fitness' coaches, Lee, was, 

"According to our survey, only 1 in 5 women stick to their fitness resolutions. Falling off the wagon is fine, as long as you jump back on!"

I needed to hear that this week! I am one of those 4 women who fail to stick to fitness resolutions, it's like as soon as I make them my entire being becomes an opposing magnet for my goal! At least I know it's not just me this happens to! Let's take a look at my third week of the #FitnessRevolution challenge shall we?

Day 13 - 3 sets of the following;

20 chair squats
10 press ups (modified)
30 step ups

I got the giggles doing the chair squats because no matter how hard I tried, my backside kept hitting the seat! Come on! I know it's big but not that big! I also did a full 60 minute zumba class which included about 20 minutes toning/floor work. I love this class, the instructor is brilliant and we always have a laugh and a giggle. That being said, she works us until I want to cry and I curse her between dances, she doesn't mind! 

Day 14 - Ingridient of the week; Sweet Potato - I do love me a sweet potato, when I eat out I always opt for the sweet potato option if there's one. When it comes to home cooking it's something I haven't experimented with yet! I really should as regular potatoes leave me feeling really bloated and lethargic!

Day 15 - 20 minute interval: 2 min job/1 min walk - This tends to be how I workout on the  treadmill. Which I didn't do this week. No point getting into excuses, sometimes these things don't happen. 

Day 16 - 3x10 sets of press ups with 60 seconds rest in-between - I seriously struggled with this. I just can't do press ups, not even beginner modified ones. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, I keep checking videos on YouTube but I just can't get them right, they hurt. I have zero upper body strength!

Day 17 - Plank. Time held: 1minute 4 seconds. Thats 10 seconds less than last week! Seriously goes to show how your fitness can suffer in a short space of time when you fall off the wagon or go into a workout with little enthusiasm. 

Day 18 - 1 minute #SaturdayChallenge

Jump Squats: 32 (exactly the same as last week)
Sit ups: 33 (10 more than last week)
Star Jumps: 71 (23 more than last week)

I was starting to feel more myself on Saturday and smashed through the Saturday Challenge. I felt a huge endorphin rush after the workout and wished I'd done it earlier in the day as I would have gone down to the gym afterwards! 

Oh, and I lost went through the coffee table doing the jump squats, bad times!

Day 19 - Rest day

Seen as though most of my week had been a rest, I hit the gym and did a total body work out on the elliptical machine and a 20 minute interval jog/walk on the treadmill. 

I'm making plans to get right back on the bandwagon this week and kick some ass! What do you do when you fall off the fitness bandwagon? How do you get back on?

Until next time,


  1. You didn't do that bad! Just act like you did your Wednesday workout today instead :)

    My post will be up tomorrow. I'm glad you're still enjoying the challenge!

    Corinne x

    1. It's defiantly encouraging me to get up and move more than I have been, even just doing some rep sets early in the morning has been a good way to limber up for the day. Doing a little something everyday is a nice way to keep the exercise momentum going!

      Sarah :)