Sunday, 29 March 2015

#FitnessRevolution 40 Day Challenge - Week 6

Week 6

One week left folks! I cant believe it! It feels like we only started the challenge yesterday and now it’s all but coming to a close. We’ve got just one week left! I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do with myself without the daily exercise prompt, I need to start thinking about what comes next after the challenge is over!

Week 6 wasn’t my best week, I ended up buggering up my ankle then working a couple of late shifts that meant I couldn’t hit the gym or do as much as I wanted at home. I gave it the best with what I had so let’s see how I got on this week…

Day 34 - Stairs Only! - Working on the 4th floor and living on the 3rd floor means I have plenty of opportunity to take the stairs. More often than not, I jump in the lift so I’m trying to consciously head towards the stairs instead. No matter how many times I do take the stairs, it never seems to get any easier! But it’s better than not taking them, that’s for sure!

Day 35 - Ingredient of the week; chilli powder - I’ve been adding chills to more and more of my home cooking, especially pasta dishes. More often than not, I add too much but I’ve either gotten used to the kick or burnt off the nerves on my tongue! 

Chillies are great for giving your metabolism a kick and can help you burn off a few more calories, but above all, they just make your for taste pretty great!

Day 36 - Intervals - I took myself off for a walk on my lunch break, a good 25 minute walk in the sunshine and fresh air. it’s something I used to do a lot but for some reason, stopped. I’ve recently downloaded the Map My Walk app to keep track of my lunchtime wandering workouts, I’m hoping to make this a thing as long as it’s not raining!

Powered through a 30 minute total body yoga session and managed to twist my ankle. I pushed too hard through pigeon pose and screwed it up! Yoga can be dangerous!

As for the intervals…see day 40!

Day 37 - 3x15 sets with 60 seconds rest in-between; modified press ups - I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, my body is not made for press ups, even modified ones! My wrists and shudders always start to complain whenever I try! I made it through two sets but that was it!

Day 38 - Plank: Time held: 1:40 Last week I held for 1:40 too. I twisted my ankle on Wednesday and it hurt like hell, I’m surprised I even held for this long. 

Day 39 - #SaturdayChallenge; 1:30 of the following;
Sit Ups: 45 (previously 33)
Star Jumps: 68 (previously 73)
Jump Squats: 40 (previously 41)

I missed last weeks challenge and this week, thanks to a buggered ankle, I was reluctant to really throw myself into the moves. OH and it turns out, my star jumps are not, I repeat not star jumps. Since the first Saturday challenge I’ve actually been doing jumping jacks and didn’t realise until Corinne asked me how I’d managed to do so many, after some YouTubing and beating my head against a brick wall, I realised I’d be doing the wrong bloody move the whole time! 

Day 40 - Rest! My ankle was feeling much better today so I headed to the gym for what was suppose to be a light workout! I set the treadmill to time me to 5k, the first full 5k run I’ve done since sometime last year! I managed to hit the 5k mark at 35:59. It’s a starting point I’m hoping to improve on. I also did a 15 minutes total body on the cross trainer!

How did you do this week? What are your plans for after the challenge?

Yes, I realise this post hits the 40 day mark but the days have fell funny or something so there's still one week to go people!

Until next time,


  1. Woo well done on the 5K! Hopefully you can start to see your time slowly decrease. I'm dying to get under 30 mins.

    Doom on the star jumps. They're awful.

    Corinne x

    1. Under 30 is exactly what I'm aiming for with the 5k! I've always been around the 35-45 mark with little training so now I'm actually putting the effort in I want to see that time come down! I'm thinking to be down to 20 minutes by the end of the year at least!

      Sarah :)