Sunday, 15 March 2015

#FitnessRevolution 40 Day Challenge - Week 4

Week 4. 

Blimey when did that happen? We’re officially past the half way point in the #FitnessRevolution challenge! Yay us! I mentioned last week that I’d fell off the wagon somewhat but I’m happy to report that I’ve jumped right back on the track and this week has actually been pretty good! I’ve done a couple of gym sessions, and been working out much more at home too! Let’s crack on and see how week 4 went then shall we?

Day 20: Stairs only! (Minimum 10 flights) - I admit I didn’t take the stairs every chance I got today. I live on the third floor and work on the 4th floor, and today was the day I chose to wear new shoes to work. I also have to walk 20 minutes up hill to get to work in the first place. My feet were ruined from the start, blistered, rubbed raw and killing me, so much so I couldn’t even go to my Zumba class. Lesson learnt: break the shoes in first! I took the stairs a few times, mostly once I was home and could take those damn torture devices off! 

Day 21: Quinoa - Never tried it! I was suppose to add it to the shopping this week and completely forgot! I’ve seen lots of lovely Pinterest meals involving quinoa, though I have no idea what it tastes like, it looks pretty photogenic. 

I went to the gym tonight. 20 minute glut blaster on the cross trainer, then 30 minutes interval on the treadmill, walking at 3.5mph and running at 6mph, both for a minute each. 

Day 22: 30 minute interval training - See yesterday! I like going to the gym on my set days as it keeps me in a routine, so I did a 30 minute interval last night! 

Day 23: Ab Challenge; 10 sit ups, 10 crunches, 10 bicycle crunches and 20 Russian twists. - I love crunches. I used to be addicted to them years ago, crunching out 200+ a day but I was deterred when I saw zero results. I didn’t know diet and regular exercise went hand in hand back then, ah if only I knew, i could have a 12 pack by now!

I didn’t struggle too much with the crunches but the Russian twists were pretty intense! I’ve also started doing 10 crunches during the ad breaks if I’m watching tv.

Tonight I went to the gym! 20 minute total body on the cross trainer, working at level 5, then a 30 minute interval session on the treadmill; 3.6mph walking, 6.1mph running at 1 minute each. I set my incline to 1.5% too. 

Day 24: Plank! Time held: 1:23! Last week I held for 1:04. Finally some progress! After the #FitnessRevolution challenge is over I think I'm going to try and do a 30 day plank challenge to really build on my time. During the #FitnessRevolution chat this week someone said the record for a plank was 4 hours! Right now I'd be over the moon if I could hold for 4 minutes!

Day 25: #SaturdayChallenge 1 minute challenge;

Jump Squats: 41! Blimey I think that's a fluke! (32 last week)
Sit ups: 33, I seem to have reached a peak with my sit ups! (33 last week)
Star Jumps: 73, it's more than last week so I'm happy with that! I was aiming for 80. (71 last week)

Day 26: Rest Day! I do plan on doing some Yoga tonight, just a slow 20 minutes or so, but at the time this post went live, I'd had a pretty restful day; I baked cookies!

How did you all do this week? Have you started to see an noticeable difference in your fitness levels or physique? 

Until next time,


  1. How on earth do you get 73 star jumps? I find they take quite a while with all the crouching down. Tips please.

    Corinne x


      Since when do you crouch doing a star jump? That's not how I was taught to do them in school??

      I think I just had an EPIC fail. Dammit.

      Sarah :)