Sunday, 1 March 2015

#FitnessRevolution 40 Day Challenge - Week 2

And so ends the second week of the #FitnessRevolution 40 day fitness challenge. Back in the start of February, I challenged myself to workout every day of the month, and it was a resounding fail. I didn't do too badly to begin with, but it turns out when you miss a day, it's easier to miss the next, and the next. 

Then #FitnessRevolution happened. I might not have exercised everyday of February, but I've managed to stick to the daily challenges set so far! This week hasn't been my best, I've been feeling really tired and blah. Yes, blah is a feeling, I've felt it. But I'm getting myself out of this rut and getting back on track! 

Without further ado, let's have a look at how I got on this past week!

Day 6 - 3x10 sets of tricep dips with 60seconds rest in-between - I opted for the bent knee version as I just didn't feel stable enough holding my legs out straight as I dipped! 

Day 7 - Ingredient of the week: Substitute Milk - I try to keep my dairy intake to a minimum anyways, I have a slight sensitivity to lactose so I don't have much of it! That being said, I do pick up almond milk and soya milk from time to time, it makes my morning porridge much sweeter. 

Day 8 - 25 minutes cardio - I missed my gym session but I did walk a little quicker to and from work which takes about 20minutes each way, and I went for a short 10 minute walk on my lunch break too so I'm going to tick this one off.

Day 9 3x30 sets of squats with 60seonds rest in-between - No matter how often I do squats they never fail to kill my upper thighs! The first set was a doodle but about half way through the second set I really stated to feel it in my upper thighs, and the third set left me breathless! I did it though, that's the main thing!

Day 10 - Plank, Time held: 1 minute 14 seconds.  I really wanted to hit 1 minute 30 seconds but I lost my balance and fell! It still beats my time last week of just 1 minute.

Day 11 - How many of the following can I do in 1 minute?

Jump Squats: 32
Star Jumps: 48
Sit Ups: 23

A little better on the sit ups and jump squats, but fewer star jumps this week compared to last. I was already tired when I started so didn't really give it my all if I'm honest!

Day 12 - Rest Day

And rest I did. It's been a long, tiring week and I just haven't been feeling it at all! But a long weekend has perked me up and I'm ready to get back on track next week!

You can see how I got on last week here!

How did you do this week? Let me know in the comments below!

Until next time,


  1. Woo! Here's to another week! I'm looking forward to the challenges this week.

    Corinne x

    1. Yay us! I'm hoping to do much better this week!

      Sarah :)