Friday, 13 February 2015

Lush: Heart Throb Bubble Bar

Love is certainly in the air this week and if you're looking to show that special someone in your life or even yourself a little more love this week, look no further than the Heart Throb Bubble Bar from Lush. They released a whole line of Valentines Day inspired goodies this year to really get your in the mood over the loved up season.

When Lush release their seasonal selection I can’t help but pop in and pick up one or two to try. I’m a huge fan of their limited edition collections, that way I can’t get too used to something and will more often than not, always be trying something new!

The Heart Throb bubble bar immediately caught my eye, wait for it, for it’s lack of glitter. I know, I know, I can’t believe less glitter is a good thing but, if I’m having a little love-in pamper, I don’t want to get all sweaty afterwards cleaning the bath! There’s still glitter in the middle of this one, but nowhere near as much as on the Lonely Heart bubble bar!

The bubble bar itself is so cute and small, and you can get a bubble-rifficly filled bath out of just one half of the heart. It crumbles up so nicely and melts under the hot tap quickly - so no non-dissolved pieces will be floating around in there with you. It’s main ingredient is organic shea butter which not only smells amazing but left the bath water feeling so silky smooth. It was like bathing in silk. 

You really get a strong hit of the vanilla - which you won’t find me complaining about, and it lingered lightly on my skin after I got out of the bath too, as well as the glitter. The glitter like all Lush glitter is very fine and twinkles under the lights, this bubble bar paired with some candles, a little wine, soft music…cheesy, but perfect! Though the vanilla was strong, the frangipani came in a close scent-cond. It’s such a heady, almost spicy sent, I could smell it in the bathroom and in the hallway for hours after the bath had drained! It’s different to the lighter, more fruity/floral scents I’m used to from Lush.

The water turns this really great red/pink shade which I was beyond worried about staining my bath, but luckily there was little residue left behind and I didn’t have to get too sweaty cleaning it off! Having a white bath suite and loving Lush products is living on the edge! I’m so hardcore…not.

All in all, it’s a winner. Not my favourite but it did the job. I left feeling more chilled out, relaxed and smelling great. My skin felt silky smooth, so much so I didn’t have to follow with a top to toe moisturising session!

I don’t believe you should have a specific day in the year to play show and tell when it comes to someone you love, and being single around this time of year can be damn well annoying when there’s cupid and gimmicks and roses being pushed underneath your nose every which way you look for the coming week - so how about we cut the Valentines crap? How about, whether we’re in a relationship or not, we make a promise to show ourselves a little love this week? Let me know in the comments below how you will be showing yourself a little extra love this week!

Until next time,


  1. The bubble bars are my favourite but I didn't get a chance to try the heart throb, the valentines day collection seems to come and go in a flash. I missed out this time, so I'll have to remember to be quick next year! x

    1. I love their seasonal collections, but you're right, you have to get in there quick to get your hands on them, they seem to disappear overnight! I wonder what they do with the ones they don't sell (can't imagine there's many!)?

      Sarah :)