Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Yukti: The Art Kitchen

Yukti Indian Liverpool Review

When Ginger told me she was putting together a girls night out for her birthday and she was starting the night with a meal at Yukti I was beyond excited.

I’ve been just once before for her fiancees birthday, the meal was great but I was coming down with something horrid and couldn’t give my food the attention it deserved. This time, things would be different! I was lurgy-free and ready to fill my boots.

Ranked fifth on TripAdvisor for restaurants in Liverpool, before you even sit down, you can see why. The restaurant itself is beautiful. After walking through the front door and down the blue-lit entrance way, you step away from the everyday and into the world of nouvelle Indian cuisine. From its decorated ceilings, chandeliers, pillars and dark wooden furniture, to John Lennon glass panels that lead off to more intimate dining, you feel wrapped in luxury and already, food expectations are high.

After a celebratory glass of Prosecco in the bar, we were seated and given menus to look over. Everything sounds delicious, and the menu itself is extremely varied; so if you’re not in the mood for a regular ol’ curry and rice job, they have a selection of signature menu dishes that include the likes of; duck breast, spiced chicken breast, braised lamb and mushroom malai kofta (which I really want to try!), all of which are cooked with an Indian flare. 

We were given a small taste of what was to come when the waiter brought out a tiny little bhaji for each of us, which came with what we think was a prune dressing. The baby bhaji was delicious, not greasy and had a real crunch to it. My starter was going to be more bhajis that much was certain.

Next came the obligatory popadoms and dips; mint, mango and something that was sort of spicy but mostly tomato based. The mango is always my favourite and I certainly had more than my fare share of that one - sorry ladies! 

Yukti Indian Liverpool Review

Now, the real meal begins. For my starter I chose the bhajis. I love em, can’t get enough of em! Deep fried onion and potato flavoured with roasted caraway seeds and served with a tamarind chutney. The portion size was more than generous and just look at that presentation. Again, crunchy, not greasy like the ones you get in a take away. I could have eaten another plateful without even thinking. 

Yukti Indian Liverpool Review

For my main dish, I chose the Chicken Biriyani. Chicken supreme with basmati rice, browned onions, mint, rose water, freshly ground Indian spices and saffron, all under a poppy seed pastry lid. Yes! Pastry! Most biriyanis I’ve seen have come with some sort of vegetable side, but not at Yukti. It was like having one giant Indian infused pie being put infront of me - two people could easily share this and still leave feeling full to the brim! The pastry is nothing like pie pastry though, which surprised me and delighted me at the same time, it’s more like a very thin naan bread, and who doesn’t have naan bread with a curry? 

Yukti Indian Liverpool Review

The biriyani was huge with great big chunks of chicken inside. It also came with a fresh yoghurt sauce that I was told to mix into the rice a little at a time - oh wow. It tasted even better with the yoghurt sauce mixed in! Do what your waiter tells you folks, especially if he turns out to be the manager! 

We didn’t get to try a dessert off the menu as Ginger was surprised with her very own Olaf birthday cake - but I do plan on getting some Yukti desserts the next time I go! 

Overall we had more than a good time, we had an experience which is what Yukti is all about. It’s not just about stuffing your face and eating nice food, it’s about taking locally sourced ingredients and years of experience and putting all of that together to create art cuisine. We received the warmest of welcomes from the staff, were individually seated like real princesses and looked after from the minute we walked in. It’s not just the food that keeps this place climbing in popularity, it’s the service too! 

Have you been to Yukti? What’s your favourite Indian meal? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. It looks delicious! I never manage to eat a full curry at once, so filling!

    Corinne x

    1. I did gear myself up all day for this - I tried my best but I just couldn't finish my main! I should have took the leftovers with me! It was SO good!

      Sarah :)