Monday, 19 January 2015

Freezing spinach and kale for green juice smoothies!

freezing spinach and kale

The most commonly required ingredient for green juices and smoothes is spinach and kale. Pretty much 90% of smoothies recipes ask for these. Fine, not a problem. But keeping it fresh is a pain in my ass! Are you tired of throwing away over half a bag of kale every week? having to run out and buy spinach every other day? It’s such a waste of money and effort - I want my smoothies quick and easy dammit!

If you’re in the same boat, listen up! Turns out we can freeze kale and spinach, as well as most other leafy greens required for our juices and smoothies! There’s a few different methods but I like mine the best (duh!).

What you’ll need;
  • 1 bag of spinach
  • 1 bag of kale
  • cupcake/muffin baking tray
  • silicone muffin moulds
  • an easy pour jug

freezing spinach and kale

Start by blending your spinach and kale. I usually use 1 cup of water for every handful of kale and spinach. Once it’s all blended up nicely, transfer it into your jug. Make sure your silicone moulds are in the baking tray and ready. Once you’ve blended up around 3 lots of 1 cup to 2 handfuls, pour the mixture into the silicone moulds. This should be enough to fill 12 silicone muffin moulds close to the brim! 

freezing spinach and kale

Carefully transfer to the freezer and let it set. Mine took around 45mins - 1 hour to set. Once set, pop out the kale/spinach disks and transfer into a freezer bag - job done! 

When I’m making a single serving smoothie/green juice, I use 3 - 4 of these disks. Not only does it keep my kale and spinach from going to waste, but they act like ice and make my smoothie nice and chilled!

freezing spinach and kale

These should keep for around 6 weeks. I get around 18 - 24 disks from one bag of kale and one bag of spinach. 

Have you tried freezing your smoothie ingredients? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. I LOVE THIS TIP! I always throw away fruit and veg because it's gone off.

    Corinne x

    1. I got so fed up of throwing fruit and veg away, so much more of it was going in the bin instead of being eaten! What a waste! Yay for freezing! It's not messed with the taste or anything either! Win win!

      Sarah :)